Archangel Gabriel: The Refinement of Your Energy System

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcom newDear Ones,

In Spiritual Practice practice, you are refining your senses with Beauty. Part of the purpose of an altar is to open your higher energy centers to Divine Light. The light of the candles on your altar, the beauty of the flowers, the smell of the incense, the sparkle of the crystals or the inspiring pictures ~ all of these expand and stimulate your sensory impressions. These are openings provided for your upper chakras and allow the energy of God a space to work within you.

Your heart is also expanding through your devotion. It is a natural outlay of the Divine energy flowing through you when you dedicate your spiritual practice to the energy working in your life to bring the power of Balance. As your heart expands there is more room for love and healing energy to be activated in your body.

There is also a natural flow of energy being activated by the Kundalini Life Force in your spine through your practice. This stimulates Prana in your body so you feel a conscious connection to the natural descending energies that connect you with the Earth. Kundalini energy is an awakening of the Divine Feminine in your life as you become more sensitized to the flow of spiritual energy in your body.

The descending currents assist your ability to ground the flow of Divine energy from the heavenly realms through your body to anchor more Balance into your lives. These energies must be grounded into the Earth to be effective.

For some the Earth connection is like a great pyramid or mountain shaped energy. For others there is a point where the Earth Star vibrates beneath your feet. Some people resonate with the image of a giant tree root system that feels very expansive. All is sensitizing you to the feeling of the enlightening energy of Divinity mixing with the feminine nurturing Earth energy.

This may give you a sense of coming Home or a deep loving appreciation for the beauty of Nature, or even a greatly empowered connection to the heart of the Mother of the Earth. Here you may find a temple that opens you into the deep wellbeing so it becomes foundational and allows your energy system to expand. With this expansion you are able to hold the higher frequencies available from the Divine Light streaming on to the Earth at this time.

You are anchoring a powerful grounding force that enables you to stay in your body as you create greater access to the Ascension currents moving up your body’s energy field, connecting you to the Light of God.

In this empowering Equinox portal, the Earth resonates with Balance and Equanimity stimulating within you a sense of quiet joy for life. What we have described are natural energies that occur with your activation of the lower chakra system and alignment with the Divine energies flowing in the upper chakras.. All of these experiences happen naturally during a focused spiritual practice.

The Light of God is working through your Soul’s activating force during spiritual practice.. It stimulates your deep sense of opening to your Spiritual Resources and the ability to call forth your true connection with God, Goddess, All that is. You are being inspired in a way that will be in harmony with your Soul’s highest reality. This activates the power of freedom in your heart enabling Divine Love to prevail as the sensation of true Balance in your life. All is well and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Gabriel,


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