Climate Strike: Millions of People Across the World Demand Urgent Action to Save Our Planet

earth shining eraoflightdotcomKicking off what organizers say will be the largest mass climate demonstration in history, millions of young people and their adult allies flooded the streets around the world Friday to take part in the Global Climate Strike and pressure world leaders to confront the ecological crisis with bold and urgent action.

An estimated 400,000 people gathered in Australia alone as hundreds of thousands of others rallied across India, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, the U.K., and other nations.

“We’re here to reclaim our right to live, our right to breathe, our right to exist,” said youth climate activist Aman Sharma, who gathered with thousands in Dehli.

Demonstrations are expected to take place in over 130 nations on Friday, with more than 800 strikes planned in the United States. “I think it’s pretty clear this will be the biggest day of climate action in planetary history,” said founder Bill McKibben on Friday as images and videos began to pour in on social media.

The strikes, led by youth climate activists, have drawn enthusiastic support from diverse segments of society, including teachers, scientists, tech workers, labor unions, and lawmakers.

Vic Barrett, a 20-year-old plaintiff in the Juliana v. United States climate lawsuit against the American government, wrote in an op-ed for The Guardian Friday that he is taking part in the Global Climate Strike because “this decade is our last chance to stop the destruction of our people and our planet.”

“We have no choice but to act when the alternative is to sit and watch our world burn,” wrote Barrett. “We have no choice but to act when the alternative is extinction.”

On social media, #ClimateStrike photos and videos were flooding platforms like Twitter with an on-the-ground look from cities and countries from around the world.













In Lahore, Pakistan:

In Woerdern, Austria:

In London, England:


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  1. Eugene F Carney

    In the recent lawsuit victory of Ball vs. Mann, it was shown that the math professor Mann, famous for his pseudo-scientific “Hockey Stick” theory of unstoppable heat, was FALSE. This is because he refused to show it; thus keeping it hidden in the dark… where it came from. Deception abounds when small elite groups try to use science to further their stealthy domination agendas. We are more likely to have extreme cold on the earth than extreme heat, due to real science which predicts a Grand Solar Minimum.
    Era of Light, please refrain from the propaganda that is behind the dark!