Saul: Love Accepts What Arises

saul the venetian eraoflightdotcomThe world is changing, and it is changing for the better as ever increasing numbers of people reclaim their divine power, the power integrated within them at the very moment of their creation, and are using it to change themselves, and in this way they are changing the world! You are all expressions of Source, and as such you are beings of Love, you are Love. And, as you have so often been told, your nature is Love, and it can only be Love because you are each One with God Who is perfect Love. What is not loving is unreal and has to be continuously rebuilt, reimagined, and reconstructed because it has no foundation or underpinning.

There are none among you who have not experienced fear, anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment, unfairness, victimization, etc., at some, or even, many times in your lives. And you build stories about these experiences, stories that you tell to yourselves, to loved ones, and to friends, and each time you retell these stories they become more convincing and real for you. If you stop telling them – and you normally do stop telling some of the older ones when they are superseded by newer more interesting or dramatic ones – they fade from your memory. The stories that you hold onto and repeat, sometimes endlessly to yourselves, become who you believe yourselves to be – someone who has been overlooked, ignored, mistreated, unfairly and wrongly judged. When you identify with a story like that you become depressed and unhappy. Your stories are very confused, limited, and judgmental ideas of who you believe yourselves to be, and they are, for the most part, completely invalid. There are very few among you who do not judge yourselves harshly, while comparing yourselves to others, some of whom you jealously and resentfully imagine to be better than yourselves, and others who you are pleased to imagine as being worse than yourselves.

Love does not judge. Love accepts what arises and deals with it lovingly, thus peacefully resolving issues or disagreements that arise in daily life. Love does not dwell on old painful stories but lets them go, because they are unreal,and because they prevent you from living and enjoying each moment with which life presents you. The main thing is that you are ALIVE! If you were not alive you could not even be dreaming about a painful and unsettling unreality. You chose to incarnate as humans at this moment in order to assist in the collective awakening process – which is inevitable and essential – and you do this by choosing to wake up yourselves. Your initial stage of awakening is to become consciously aware that the way humanity engages with daily life is insane!

For the majority of humans life is an ongoing and endless struggle in which they work to obtain the basic necessities that your human form needs for its survival, and because the vast majority of humans identify totally with their bodies, their human forms, for many this appears to be the sole purpose of life.

Of course it is not, and when you awaken you will see most clearly that you have indeed been lost in a dream world of your own making, a dream world from which you can awaken instantly when you choose to do so. BUT, for the vast majority, that statement seems meaningless, if not utterly insane, as they continue dealing with the issues, often very painful, with which life in form is constantly presenting them, and which appear to them to be utterly and completely real.

Yes, you can awaken, and throughout the eons a few have. It used to be very difficult to do so – a little like struggling through chest deep mud to reach a destination, offering complete relief, that could be seen only vaguely and unclearly a long way away in the distance. Now it is far easier to move forwards towards that destination – REALITY, SOURCE, LOVE, ALL THAT EXISTS – and it can be far more clearly sensed because you are receiving so much assistance from those guiding and watching over you in the spiritual realms, and from the many in form who are now choosing to be only loving whatever arises.

When just one person sets the intention and makes the choice to be only loving whatever arises, the energy of Love available to all of humanity intensifies enormously. Everyone presently incarnate, before taking form as a human, set the intent to be only loving whatever might arise during their earthly lives. But once in form amnesia sets in very quickly because the body into which you settle yourselves needs almost constant loving attention, which is rarely available to the extent that the newly born desires and needs. It was consciously at One with Source until shortly before its birth, but afterwards it seemed that it had been completely and utterly abandoned, even though this divine being knew it would experience this sense of abandonment and had prepared for it. Nevertheless, this sense, this feeling is so intense that all memory of Oneness, of being One with Source is lost.

The human body is tiny in comparison to Source, in fact there is absolutely no meaningful comparison that can be made between them! For instance if the full power output of a nuclear power station was piped directly into one house it would instantly and utterly destroy it. Well, the power of Source is immeasurably greater than that of a nuclear power station. Therefore when as humans, you open fully to Love, to Reality, and allow It to empower and guide you, Its power has to be enormously reduced, otherwise your bodies would instantly disintegrate.

You have all heard of, read about, or even met someone who is only loving and who willingly and beautifully shares that Love with all completely unconditionally, and you have felt the power and joy emanating from that person. Well that person, that saint, that holy one, just like you, can only channel, extend,and share an incredibly small amount of that infinite power, which is always available to you all. The main difference between you is that the holy one is aware, knows that she is doing this, and so she is far more effective at using the Love that flows so easily through her than you are. Make no mistake, each and every human is a channel through which love flows, there are no exceptions, it is just that some feel so lost and so abandoned that they severely block and diminish the Light that does flow through them, making it very, very difficult for others to perceive, and thus they are often judged as criminal or even satanic. But there is no one who does not transmit some Love, because Love is the Life force and It is present in and flowing through every living form.

As you know, Love is the infinite field of divine energy in which every conscious and sentient being has its eternal life. There is no beyond It or outside It, and all that It contains is divine, is of God. Therefore do not judge – you can have no idea of another’s path – instead just set the intent to offer Love and compassion in whatever form the one you are tempted to judge may be able to receive It. All are on their path Home, and you are incarnate to assist them, whoever they may be, and wherever you may interact with them. Only God has the right and the power to judge, and when He judges He does it positively, lovingly, kindly, and compassionately, offering the lost one total acceptance! This is because all are His beloved progeny who, in TRUTH, can do no wrong. This is extremely difficult for most of you to accept, and it is certainly beyond your understanding. So trust your Creator in every way and in every moment, knowing, as you do deep within yourselves, that His Love is utterly beyond unconditional, because there is only Love, and there is absolutely nothing that can be added to It or taken from It.

You are One with Source, because there is only One You and One Source. Therefore take joy in life, even if at present it is not as you would wish it to be – that is to be expected because you are experiencing it in an extremely limited form – and CELEBRATE! Your awakening is drawing nigh.

With so very much love, Saul.


» Source » Channel: John Smallman