Judas Iskariot: The Clock Is Ticking

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcom newI am Judas and I want to thank you so much for the attention you have given me over the years. The most important thing, however, is that you give yourself the attention you need. You may need to rest a little extra, eat healthy and good food, move on, or be out in nature. It is important to take care of yourself now in these turbulent times with the solar energy streaming down your heads. It is not easy to find balance and foothold in life if you do not look at yourself a little neighbor. Many people are on their knees today burdened by everything that seems to have hit them. There are also many who rise up strengthened by their new experiences. With the gift comes wisdom and with the wisdom comes the truth, for they both belong together.

Now the clock is ticking for the Earth’s population, it is ticking faster and faster and urging you to wake up to the light has come to a halt. Only the strength of the light will vary and there will be a gradual increase over time that is already predetermined. No one can prevent light from increasing its power on Earth. It is easier to follow the flow now dear Earthlings, it is easier to go upwind instead of headwind. Which wind you choose is up to you, dear friend, but I would probably stay up a bit and know from which direction it is blowing. If you find that you have chosen the wrong path, it is no worse than being able to choose again. There is no end to the choice, it is only your own journey that can take a little longer, whichever route you take to arrive. The final destination for your trip is the same as for Mother Earth. She has chosen to rise in the light and on an inner plane it is also your choice. It is up to each of us, what pace we are prepared to make this trip. Some of you want to speed slowly others prefer to take big steps. Anyway, the end goal will be the same. The world of love and light awaits your arrival and you are all equally loved and welcomed.

How do you get there? How should I do to make my trip easier? These are questions that come up for anyone who has just woken up and wants to start walking towards the light. Yes, dear children, first and foremost you need to be honest with yourself and thus be honest with others. You need to understand and realize that you are valuable and loved just as you are right now. You need to recognize yourself and get to know your own inner voice. The voice you call intuition. It is not the same as the thoughts that constantly vibrate in your head. This voice is a little quieter, a little more insightful and shows you the truth that resides within you. The truth about yourself, your choices, your path and what it is you need to learn. Meet yourself and you have stepped well along the path of light. The hardest part is always touching yourself, when you understand it, you understand the way to the light as well. They belong together, so to speak. Now it is true that many have already begun to walk on this road and some have come really far on their path in the service of light. It is a joy to see that you draw your brothers and sisters with you.

We are all humble servants in the service of light, and we are so grateful that the Earth has now begun its return journey into light with humanity and the planet’s other inhabitants. It is a great honor for me to convey this. I am deeply grateful for this my task.

The earth and humanity have always been in my heart and my love for you is true and eternal.

Your servant and brother

Judas Iscariot.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg