The Collapse of the Debt Money System

free world news eraoflightdotcomWhat is now unfolding with the collapse of the debt money system. The FED has started the REPRO program and puts every night between 60 and 75 Billion Fiat Dollar in the banking system to prevent the collapse of the bankrupt debt money system, this about 3 weeks to October 17.

This will cause a chain reaction of inflation which will be reinforced by the termination of the IRS.

The Interest Payment on the Government Debts of the US Inc. An amount of 1.2 quadrillion must be paid by 30 September 2019 to prevent the bankruptcy of the US Inc.

The amount of the intended 3 weeks REPRO is equal to the repayment of the interest of the U.S. Inc., would this be a coincidence?

Soberly, the US Inc. Bankruptcy and will not be able to get new loans without causing a fire acceleration of the implosion of the Fiat system.

This is a deliberate error in the current system to be able to replace it with a controlled world dictatorship by private bankers and the committee of 300.

Through awareness by the world population of this fraud and manipulation, the old rulers will no longer have the opportunity to hold the world’s population hostage in their power play of deception.

Unelected rulers are in a death struggle for their own existence, and are excluded from the QFS, which is the reason for frustrating the transition.

Thanks to the exposures of crimes and betrayals of the false Elite, for Pedophilia, Trafficking, Genocide, Migration Crime Program, Jeffrey Epstein’s Blackmail Organization to control the Elite among themselves and force them to suppress their own population, FISA and RICO reports, 9/11 Revealing, MH370/17 Revealing, all the false flag attacks will also wipe the Elite away by their proven involvement.

The new QFS supported system is ready to be put into operation, which must be done before the collapse of the Fiat Money system in order to limit the damage to the real economy.

The communist democrats have lost their grip on reality, indirectly supporting the 2020 elections of Donald J Trump.

What would Trump have achieved if he had had the cooperation of the Democrats in the past 2.3/4 years.

A DNC with an occupation of demented power-hungry psychopaths and stray left-wing communist chicks.

Yes, it took a very long time before the big clean-up became visible all over the world. And the RV can finally start safely, by eliminating the criminals who are to blame for this.


» Source » By Rinus Verhagen