Saint Germain: First Wave of Ascension

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am Saint Germain. I have come at this time now to bring you certain news.

News that you might already be aware of. But many across the planet are not. News that these energy waves that have been coming into the planet are raising the consciousness across the entire planet.  And all that are experiencing this, ALL that are experiencing this across the planet, are also raising their consciousness.  Even though they may not know they are doing it, even though they may not even understand what consciousness is, as you do now.

But know that you are moving into those higher vibrations daily now, even hourly, and moment by moment.  And you are experiencing raising of these vibrations and the ensuing consciousness raising that comes with this.  You are feeling more and more of the blissful sensations that come with this.  Because all is opening up to you now.  All is opening up to you in those higher vibrations, in the higher fourth and fifth dimension.  You are finding yourselves there more and more.  And if you are not, you will.  Because it is all a process of continuing to acclimate to these energies, and to continue to intend that you raise yourself up more and more.

Simply by your intention of raising your vibrations, you do so.  You may not be aware of that, but try it.  Find yourself somewhat in the doldrums during the day, and simply say, “No more!  Enough is enough!” and raise your vibrations by your intention.  Think of something wonderful.  Think of a happy place.  Think of something beautiful.

Or even better:  go out and experience that beauty.  BECOME that beauty.  Feel it moving within you, resonating within you, the life force all around you.  That life force of the Earth, the life force of all of living things here on the planet is always there.

Just allow yourself to experience it more and more.  Touch a plant, a tree, a flower and feel the consciousness within that plant, that tree, that flower.  Put your hand in some water, preferably a running stream, or the ocean.  Feel the consciousness within it.  Even the water that comes from your faucet into a bowel or a cup has consciousness within it.  Feel that more and more.  Become one with it.  Raise the unity consciousness within you.  Become that unity consciousness.

That is what this ascension is all about.  Unify everything within you, within the limitless being that you are.  You are connecting with all of the life around you.  That is ascension.

And many of you have experienced at times those moments where you did ascend, but you could not hold the energies at that time, or there were various circumstances that drew you back down, just as those three sisters moved back down the mountain (visiting Mt. Shasta) and felt the descending vibration as they moved back down.

Just as those of you who journeyed to the crater (Search for the ancient records) felt the same thing when you journeyed down from the crater back to your camp site, not fully losing it, but feeling the difference both as you moved down and as you moved up literally, physically, feeling the energies rise and fall.

That is what this is all about now, as you are all preparing to be a part of that first wave of ascension.  Some of you are already in that ascension now.

Do not become cave dwellers.  Do not find yourself in solitude, for that is not what you are here for.  You are here to raise yourselves up, yes, but then to assist others in raising themselves up.  And you cannot do that from a cave.  You can only do that by coming back down and mingling with them again.

But while you do that, hold that force field around you, whether it is the Violet Flame or your merkabah, or whatever it might be—a tube of light.  Hold that around you and let that give you the protection that you need to hold you in those higher vibrations even when you are in the midst of lower vibrations.  You can do it.  But it is not easy.  This is why those of us who have ascended do not often come back down and mingle in those lower dimensions, in those lower vibrations.  We can, but we choose not to most of the time.

But, as you have heard many times, as you continue to raise your vibrations to meet us, we will come and meet with you.  That is a promise from all of us, all of those that are here mentoring to you, all of those that you have not yet met in this life.  It is a promise from all of us.  We will attune to you, and you attune to us.

I am Saint Germain.  I leave you now.  But continue to hold the Violet Flame all around you.  Feel it burning away all the old dross, the old programming.  Visualize this happening.  You becoming a flame, an eternal flame that burns brightly throughout all eternity.

Peace and love be with all of you.


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