Archangel Zadkiel: Embracing the Present Moment

archangel zadkiel eraoflightdotcomGreetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss embracing the present moment.

The energy is moving very rapidly. As the higher vibrational frequencies reach your planet and interact with frequencies of a lower vibration, the lower vibrational energy will adjust to accommodate that of a higher vibration.

When this adjustment occurs, situations change. People may change. You may even find yourself changing.

In orer to determine how you can more easily incorporate the new energy, we would like to emphasize the importance of remaining in the present moment.

When you embrace the present moment, you are aware of yourself, those around you, and your surroundings. You are aware of how you feel. You notice your family and friends, and you are aware of situations.

You may find that you are no longer attracted to activities that you were previously drawn to. You may find that you no longer want to eat the same foods. You may feel yourself wanting to explore new topics.

Your energy has shifted to a higher frequency, and what feels right for you has changed.

For example, when you are selecting your clothes for the day, you may notice that they no longer feel like you. Even the items that you wore last week may not call to you. It may be the color, the style, or any combination of things. They just don’t feel right for you.

As you review your activities, you are able to notice when situations have shifted. Activities that previously made your heart sing may fill you with a sense of dread as you consider participating in them. You want to do something entirely different, or you may want to just be and not do anything.

By embracing the present moment, you are aware that something has shifted.

The activity itself may have changed, or others involved in the activity may have changed. Or, your perception of the situation may have shifted.

You can notice the subtle nuances that tell you that you are moving to a higher vibrational level.

When this occurs, you are not making a judgment. You are simply making an observation. You are honoring yourself by acknowledging that you are incorporating the higher energy and that you are moving forward on your ascension path.

The energy is always moving, especially as the higher vibrational energy is being incorporated. It can affect you, those around you, and situations. Because you are shifting your energy, your perception is changing.

When you embrace the present moment and are aware of the energy it contains, you are being offered an opportunity to move forward on your ascension path.

You can evaluate what you want to keep and what you want to change. You become more aware of others around you and how the energy is affecting them. You notice if situations are different.

By being aware of the subtle nuances of the changing energy, you are able to observe these situations from a higher perspective. You realize that the energy is always moving and flowing.

As you remain in the present moment, you are viewing things from a different, and often higher, perspective. Recognizing this distinction allows you to observe the change without judgment. You recognize that it is just a situation that can have a different appearance as you incorporate the higher vibrational energy.

The more you embrace the present moment, the more you can be aware of these shifts. Then you can make adjustments that feel compatible with where you are on your ascension path.

This allows you to move higher more easily.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are embracing the present moment and using this awareness for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst,

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.


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