Divine Mother God: Residual Energies Being Removed From The Planet

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. The atmosphere on the planet is quite intense, and partially it is because the Divine has been working to remove the residuals of the unwanted energies on the planet.

There are a few groups of souls who had been on the planet for quite some time. These groups came to the planet at a time when Gaia and Mother Earth were going through extreme upheavals. And these groups of souls were here to help. They were the groups that came from a very different systems and they have a different approach to the situations than humans do. In the process of helping Gaia and Mother Earth, these souls have become partially human in the sense that they mingled and intertwined with human race. Now their time here is due. The Divine has called these groups of souls and the Divine wants them to leave this planet and go home. It is time for these souls to departure. Their social relations and their offsprings will be leaving as well. It is time to get the planet straightened out and all the souls, who are not supposed to stay in Gaia, have to leave. It is time. I have sent out the call and it is the spiritual law that all souls need to apply.

My precious children on earth, I love you. I am your Divine Mother God. In this ascension journey, I have come and go, and quite often, I have encountered some very interesting scenarios with our light workers and my dear angels. Even though, in the higher realms, there are spiritual laws in place that require all souls respect their Mother God, and there are levels of spirits who deserve the attention and love. And yet, on this planet, all the spiritual laws and spiritual hierarchy seemed not existing and that is something that has to change. I have been repeatedly asked the Divine and the company of heaven, to promote the spiritual laws, and to make sure that education starts with our light workers.

The word “light” means you are the light, you are the Divine representative who came here to spread the divine light and help the planet. There is reason why the Divine has sent you here. And that reason is that you are the light. You have enormous amount of the love and light in you that this planet really needs right now. That is why we have sent my angels here. And my angels are the reason the planet has survived this far. That being said, I have noticed that some of my angels who have been here far too long and they lost their inner light. What has left is the human traits and they function purely as humans. That is unfortunate. I am sad to watch my angels lost in the density and that has to change.
After I had talked with your Father God, we are going to start sending some of my team of angels home. The ones who have been this planet for too long, and they have lost their Divinity within. We need them rest their soul, and they need to go home and recoup.

Besides the ones who have lost for too long, there are also angels who are trying so hard and yet won’t go any where. I know the fact that they try. I also understand that their physical bodies are not cooperating. That is because their bodies have given it up. Once the body starts to give up, my angels, the soul won’t have a chance. The physical body has a say in this ascension process. Any time there is a soul whose body gives up, the soul has to leave. You need the body to ascend. So, there may have some light workers who have to leave the planet soon simply because their bodies have done. Their bodies have given up the process and that means their journeys here are over.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. The current energies are doing a great job in terms of promoting the mass ascension. The planet wide ascension is happening, and the speed is getting faster and faster. Your Father and I have been working hard to bring the planet to a steady speed and that is very successful. We now have seen that the planet has been deeply anchored in the 5th dimension, and Gaia is very steady right now. All is well dear heart. The planet also has been working extremely hard to let go. Gaia has been releasing and this trend is going to continue. The bottom line is that we are going to continue the energies coming to the planet. Your Father and I are going to continue to bring our children home. All is going well according to the Divine plan. And all is well indeed. I am your Mother God. I love you my precious children on earth. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li