October 2019 Monthly Forecast

earth the one eraoflightdotcomDo you love every aspect of your life? Do you love what is happening in the world, on our planet, with your friends and loved ones? Do you wake up every day and feel that everything is perfect and right and you would not have it any other way?

If you answered yes, you are a rarity, as most of us have aspects of our lives that could be much improved and there are parts of our personal story and what we see happening in the world that we would give anything to change.

This month we have the opportunity to shift the cycle of feeling victimized and imprisoned by our story and to put into action our dreams for a better future. This is not going to happen passively. This is an active time of releasing the old story, the attachment to suffering, blaming and complaining, and resetting the patterns to begin manifesting a new dream and living a new story. It seems simple when put into words. However, the attachment to the comfort zone, no matter how unsatisfying it is, can be an enormous challenge to overcome. We simply do not believe we have the power to rewrite our story. Our story is the product of a set of rules, some conscious and some unconscious. In order to rewrite our story, we need to change and rewrite our rules. (there is a good exercise about this on the monthly support audio)

Taking baby steps in the process is crucial. Your story is made up of the sum of many little habits and patterns, so take one that is manageable and work with it until it shifts. For example, if you constantly find yourself in less than desireable situations due to poor boundaries, then take “boundaries” as your focus and work on releasing the underlying pattern that keeps you saying yes when you should say no. It could be due to lack of self-esteem or a belief that you have to put yourself last in order to be a good person.

If we are to change the global story we have to change our personal stories first.  The patterns of negativity, fear, oppression and mistrust are rampant these days. Instead of focusing on what is “out there”, the key to rewriting the story is to focus on yourself and reflect on how the patterns of negativity, fear, oppression and mistrust show up in your own personal life. What about all those beliefs that the environment is not supportive to you and that the very things that are supposed to give life and energy, such as the sun, the air, the food, the water are so contaminated that they will kill you instead?

There is truth to this statement because it is what we have collectively created. So, let’s create something different. What if every time you drank a glass of water, you honored the spirit of water as an ally and had gratitude for its life-giving properties and focused on the power of that elemental instead of fretting about pollution? What if you honored air in the same way? What if you honored the sun with gratitude and invited that energy in instead of fearing its negative impact?

Changing your story is changing your relationship with your environment and changing your relationship with the past as well as the future.  Changing your story requires discipline, action, commitment and the support of others. Although this will not happen overnight, you may definitely see results in areas that are ready to shift. The discipline will be to observe where and how you are attached to the old story, and to take determined action to change it from a place of neutrality, compassion and inspiration.

This could be a very exciting month for some, especially those of you that love change, are comfortable with chaos, and are not attached to what others might think or how they may judge you. For most, this month will come with some challenges in dealing with the fear reactions and projections of others as you are rewriting your story. Boundaries will be an issue and that is perhaps the first thing to reset for yourself as a protection against the judgment of others. (recommended online course: Boundaries and Protection)

Successfully rewriting part of your story will have a ripple effect on those around you and collectively we can begin to influence the greater story on the planet as well. The more you can change your story to fit your dreams of a better future and a better life, the more it will affect the whole as we are all connected. This is your service, to yourself and the planet, and there is lots of support this month.

We are still in an artisan year for a couple more months. Take advantage of this creative energy that can help you both destroy and let go of the old patterns and attachments, as well as create that new story using your imagination, expansion, discipline and intention.

How the month shows up:


This is a perfect time to reflect on your personal story and observe what part of it needs to be rewritten. You may feel that it is a daunting task. If so, break it up into baby steps. For example, if your story includes a belief that no matter what you do, you cannot lose weight, that part of your story may include resentment towards your genetics or others that do not have that issue in their story. It could also include a sense of being victimized by your situation, a negative relationship with food including fear and a love/hate attitude with what you ingest and how it affects you.(there is good support on our monthly support audio)

Rewriting this story would include being fully present with your process and changing your relationship with what you ingest, seeing everything as nourishing and supportive and having gratitude for it instead of feeling bad about yourself. There are more aspects to this, but you get the idea.

You can do the same for any part of your story that has to do with your personal experience of life in terms of health, love, energy, satisfaction, prosperity, support, creativity, success, spirituality, discipline and overall well-being. It really is time to rewrite the story. We have all the tools. We know what we want. The key is to start small with baby steps, staying neutral and disciplined, keeping good boundaries, paying attention and not allowing your ego to take over when fear or despair comes up. Practice not taking things personally especially when those close to you react to your changes that may threaten their attachments.


This is a big month to focus on relationships and every personal story is intertwined deeply with relationships that each have their role in the story. Relationships are everything and your relationships form a big part of the foundation for your story. So, as you rewrite your story, you are shifting the positions and the roles of your relationships. Think of this as the grand play of life with you as the main character, and you are rewriting the script, giving those around you a different role, including yourself.

If your role is one of being rejected or not finding love or not feeling supported, then rewriting that script will give you a new role of a character that is much loved, highly successful and supported at every step. What does that do to the other roles? They are no longer the villains in your life that victimize you, but people who love and support you. So, this will change your relationships with those around you. You will need to start seeing them as having different roles and the more you see them in their new roles, the more they will actually manifest those new roles in your rewritten story.

If your current story includes an ex or a sibling that gives you trouble or a partner that does not understand or support you, begin to see them in new roles that fit your new story. If they cannot play the roles, you may need to let them go. This is where the challenge of attachment comes in. Are you willing to let go of a key player if they are unable or unwilling to take on a new role? You are the creator of your own like and the author of your story. You are not, however, the creator of someone else’s life or the author of their story. This is tricky business and you may need to be flexible, compassionate and generous in giving others their freedom at the same time as keeping your own boundaries firm and protected.


This is a big area of story rewrites as it is related to your relationship with yourself, your body, your health and your responsibility for what and how you have created the current story. This is also perhaps the biggest area of blame and feeling victimized by the environment and the actions of others. This is where many give their power away creating a great excuse for not taking personal responsibility for the current story.

Your relationship with your body is at the core of the aspects of your story that needs to be rewritten. Do you view your body as an ally, fully supportive to your life? Or do you view your body as failing or betraying you, being uncooperative, not performing, being imperfect and not functioning in the way that you would like it to?

You can change your story this month. But remember the baby steps. Take one aspect and work on that with discipline. Maybe you don’t love your hair and wish it were different. Start talking to your hair, giving it a different role in your story, one of being perfect for who you are. You may find yourself manifesting a new hairdresser with new ideas. That’s how it works.

Your body is an elemental and an ally and will take direction from you. So, if you are constantly giving it unconscious messages that it is sick, weak, broken, or compromised, you are only feeding your body those instructions. Begin to give new instructions and your story will change.


Business, partnerships and projects have an opportunity to be scrutinized and the current story to be evaluated. Where there are relationships involved that have an influence, challenges may occur as you change the story to for a better dream. The key is communication and getting everyone on the same page of a new story. Partnerships with significant others will definitely require clear communication from a neutral place that is not blaming or victimized. The good news is that everyone wishes on some level to rewrite their story, therefore your inspiration, discipline and determination will only help to support them in their own rewrite.

Look for radical changes in fortunes, business containers and projects as they adjust to a new story. Be flexible and see all change as a positive move in the right direction even though it may not seem like it at the time. This area will require trust. If you are truly rewriting your story and being disciplined about the action steps, your own boundaries and staying true to yourself and your own truth, then you cannot go wrong, and anything that is manifesting that seems negative or challenging should be seen as part of the greater plan and vision.


Your personal environment always supports your story and how you are living it. One way to support rewriting your story is to change something in your environment. What do you see that no longer fits the new story? Get rid of it. There is no need to rush to replace it until you have solidified your rewrite. What are you holding on to from the past that links you powerfully to an old story? You may need to look at your possessions and reevaluate your attachments to old dreams, projects, history, family, ancestry, identity, career etc. Who are you now? What is the new story?
Even if something is valuable it does not mean you have to keep it. Pass it along to someone who could use it as an upgrade to their story.

In terms of your relationship to the greater environment, this is a good opportunity to practice changing your story of how you view the environment as healthy, broken, polluted, supportive, powerful, uncooperative, destructive, or unpredictable. Focus on the positive aspects and include in your rewrite that the environment carries an instinctive wisdom that supports whatever our current lessons are as a human race. If we are to experience the environment as supportive to a positive story, then we have to create that positive story. What you feed will grow. That is the law of the universe.


October 1-7: Use this time to reflect on your current story, what works, what does not and where you have boundaries that are too strong, not allowing change (looks like stubbornness), and where they are too weak, allowing for energy leaks to occur. This is also a time frame where unconscious parts of your story will surface, beliefs you may not have been consciously aware of that are running your life in ways not supportive to you.

As these parts of the story surface, just observe them with neutrality, accept them, and then make a conscious choice to change. This is a time of reflection, observation, contemplating, truth telling, choosing, and planning for action. You will need to practice patience and take action more in the areas of letting go than of creating something new. In order to bring in something new you have to make space for it first. That space is the freedom from the old story. If you find yourself in the void, not knowing who you are anymore or what your future holds, that is a good place to be. Enjoy it while you can before the train takes off and you are called to action.

October 8-16: This is a challenging time for relationships. One day you are inspired by progress, another day may find you despairing over a loss. This is a good time to focus on your boundaries and to stick to your discipline. If things shift in a way that is challenging to your comfort zone, do something to nurture and care for yourself that makes you feel more comfortable. This is also a time frame that comes with the most projection, judgment, reaction and negative response. Don’t take anything personally and focus on your own intentions and truth, especially around the Full Moon on the 13th.

October 13: Full Moon is Sunday, October 13 at 3:07PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) This moon is full of action, courage, discipline and all things supported by the masculine. Be generous with yourself in allowing a celebration of your talents and contribution. Make that a part of rewriting your story and use the energy of this full moon to anchor it with power and purpose.
Do something and take an action step that represents your commitment to the new rewrite. It could be getting rid of something you have an attachment to but that represents the old, or it could be bringing in something new that represent the new. There is an aspect to this moon that calls for celebration, action, fun, and creative expansion. Be eccentric, quirky and a little outside the box. This will go a long way in supporting a new story. Those that are skeptical or judgmental, are not worth spending time with.

October 17-23: This is a time of highs and lows. As the container of what is possible is expanding, so are your experiences. As you make room for obscured parts of the old story to come to light, you are also making room for new inspiration, ideas and insights to become available that will guide you in rewriting your story. The discipline will be not to feed the negative, but to acknowledge, accept and neutralize it with the intention of turning your focus over to the inspiring and expansive experience instead. The discipline is also to keep your eye on the goal and not the process of getting there. Many things may not make sense and there may be situations that try and seduce you back into blame and judgment. Don’t go there. Focus instead on the magic that is occurring at the same time and continue feeding those baby steps of our new story.

The characters in your play are changing their roles and may forget their lines now and then. Be patient with the people around you but stay determined in your boundaries at the same time.

October 24-31: The flow loosens up and the universe is giving you exactly what you are writing as your new story. If you don’t like it you can change it. We can be inspired during this time with what is showing up that supports the new story. The discipline is not to believe that what is “out there” is set in concrete. It can all change but it has to start with the personal. Keep those baby steps going, keep reflecting on attachments and keep taking action with discipline and enthusiasm.
Get help and support when you need it. This is like that last mile in a marathon. You can do it. Don’t listen to the small limited ego voice that tries to diminish you and your new story. Keep your spirits high however you need to accomplish it through music, beauty, inspiring friendships, staying positive and feeding the successes and magic you see. This is also a good time to put some real energy into a project that is starting to show promise.

October 27: New Moon is Sunday, October 27 at 9:38AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) More about this moon will be sent as a Power Path Update to our email list (link to sign up above at top)

Have a wonderful month!




Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people’s lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the “Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within” and a contributor to “The Power Path”. Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism. » Source