Mary Magdalene: Energy Clearing

mary magdalene eraoflightGreetings Dear One yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come you on this most auspicious day and I bow to each of you, I thank each of you for your willingness to step into your soul purpose and into your soul contracts on an individual basis in this incarnation. We know how difficult it is to come into this earthly plane with all of the challenges and all of the struggles, and yet each of you have come forward with great courage and with great hope that you are moving through your own ascension process.

So we say to each of you at this time, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy of your own soul essence, begin to take a deep breath and begin to connect with your soul, once again as you tap into your third eye, tapping into your higher self, allowing yourself to begin to breathe in the energy of your higher self, and your soul essence. Begin to breathe in this frequency of divine love and divine light, breathing in the frequency of the soul essence, feeling the energy of love surrounding you as each of you are surrounded by all of your master teachers and guides, now as you call in the energy of your own over soul, begin to allow yourself to feel this energy of freedom as you move through the essence and the presence of your true divinity. So take another deep inhaling breath and breathe in the light and the love and the peace and the tranquility upon your soul. Letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God.

Today as each of you step forward on this beautiful journey, know at this time that the beautiful energy of your soul is awakening at a very rapid rate, with this new frequency that is now upon this planet. Yes, what we mean by this, is that your own soul and the contract that you have come in with is now moving forward very quickly. For in so many terms, your soul is moving through a trajectory of energy like the speed of light, so you may begin to find for your individual selves that your life is speeding up, that you are feeling a sense of urgency, you are feeling a sense of passion beginning to build within you, that you may not be able to identify, that your life is now moving forward and you are free to serve and free to be. As if you are simply now letting go of any constraints or blockages of your personality and any constraints and blockages that have been held within the energetic field of this planet, for what I mean by this is that there has been a consciousness over the earth plane that has held a restrictive energy on many individual souls’ pathways, for there has been a energy of heaviness and density, and many have felt like they are going through their lives like quicksand, as if they are not able to move forward into their soul purpose or pathway. This is the time now that many of you will be moving forward at a very rapid rate, as if the soul’s pathway, the soul’s trajectory, the soul’s purpose is now moving forward like the speed of light. So if you are beginning to feel this sense of restlessness, if you are beginning to feel this sense of urgency, if you are beginning to feel that time is moving quickly, that there is something that is elusive that you are feeling that you are to be doing, or experiencing, then know that your soul is calling you to move forward into alignment to your soul pathway.

We say Dearest Ones, that yes through the beginning of your incarnation you have been on the trajectory and on the pathway of your divine soul plan, and yet, there has been much energy that has been as they say stagnant on this earth plane, that has caused some to feel as if they are stuck, confused, and unable to move forward, and yet today we say to you that this energy has been cleared, and your soul pathway will begin to be in alignment with your personality if you so allow. So allow Yeshua and I now to place our hands over your heart and over your third eye, and over your crown chakra, so that you may align yourself with your higher self, with your oversoul, and with your soul divine plan, as if this energy is now coming through your crown chakra, awakening your third eye, so that you can begin to feel this passion and begin to build the energy around you with the excitement and the anticipation that life is moving forward in divine alignment with your soul. For many of you, you may have had moments where you had this sense of a push or pull, as if you are feeling that you are being jumpstarted in one direction and then you are stopped. And time stands still, and there is a sense of frustration, of what am I to be doing, what am I to be experiencing, am I doing something wrong? Yet there is nothing that is wrong, it is simply the soul is moving through these shifts of energy that are indeed heavy upon the planet. Just like going through waves and waves of energy, as if you are like a boat that is going on the ocean, and you are riding the waves, and perhaps you have become stalled. Do not become discouraged, do not become confused, do not become angry, simply allow yourself now to allow this new energy to assist you as if you are now floating, floating easily and effortlessly, like a boat upon the sea, as if you are able to go across the choppy waters and move towards your destiny and your desired focus.

So today Dearest Ones know that this has been a difficult journey for many, and yet now as if the floodgates have been opened, the veils have been released, and the energy of moving forward is now much easier, and you will feel less anxiety. So once again we ask you to take a deep, inhaling breath, as Yeshua and I stand with you opening up your crown chakra, your third eye and into your heart, breathing in the energy of passion and breathing in the energy of peace and tranquility. As you move forward into this time, letting go and letting God. Moving this energy once again from your crown chakra into your third eye, into your heart, feeling the energy now beginning to awaken within you, feeling the presence of your own soul now beginning to direct you, and you may say, I am not aware of what that feels like. We ask you to breathe into your heart and begin to listen to the still, quiet voice from within. Calling in your soul and asking your soul for guidance, asking your soul for permission to now move forward, that you, your personality, is making a choice to be in alignment with your soul and your over soul, and your higher self and your I AM presence, so that you can continue this journey in which you came to this earth plane to now complete. As if you have stepped on a roller coaster and you have gone through the ups and downs, and yet now, you are ready to move forward and to complete this journey with confidence, with strength, with awareness, with a clear sense of excitement and renewal.

Take another deep breath and begin to breathe into your heart, and begin to feel the love, feel the love, feel the love. Letting go and letting God. As you begin to feel this energy of tranquility upon your soul, Yeshua and I begin to clear the blockages that are held within your consciousness that are prohibiting you from moving forward. Regardless of whether you know or understand what they are, please allow us permission to clear the blockages, the mental and emotional blockages of fear that are prohibiting you from moving forward into your divine soul pathway. So take a deep, inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe, breathe, breathe and breathe. Breathing in the energy of your soul essence. Perhaps you are now beginning to feel this sense of alignment, as if you are feeling aligned to yourself, to your soul, to your higher self, to your I AM presence. Perhaps you are beginning to feel a shift of energy in your body, perhaps you are beginning to feel lighter and lighter and lighter. Perhaps you are beginning to feel this energy of restriction that has been placed around you now being released. As if a noose has been released from you, as if you now are no longer entrapped within your own fear, with your own confusion. So today as you allow yourself now to be free with this new frequency that is now upon the planet, and this new energy that is available to you, to be in alignment with your soul purpose, begin to feel this sense of celebration, begin to feel this sense of excitement, begin to feel this energy that your life and your divine purpose is on track, and on trajectory for your mission to be complete.

Each of you have individual and collective missions, and your soul has come together for the purpose of holding and bringing more light to this planet. It is of grave importance that you understand at this time, that as you begin to listen to the soul you’ll begin to feel the nudges and the urgings of your soul calling you. You will begin to feel this sense of awareness that is nudging you to move forward, it is simply nudging you now to start anew. Each of you have allowed yourself to move forward at this time, because of your love for this planet and for the love of all of creation. Each of you have served from the deepest place of your heart, and today as you align yourself with your soul, and align yourself with your heart, you shall begin to move forward with greater ease. Know at this time within your life, that each of you have deserved and have received so much love for all that you have sacrificed. Now Dearest Children it is time to move forward and to be in alignment as you move forward into your life with this great ease.

This may seem to be a concept that you may not be able to grasp, for many of you have struggled and struggled and struggled in this incarnation on the earth plane, and in previous incarnations, but now allow this energy of ease and grace to be upon you, as your soul completes the soul journey in this incarnation. This may seem a bit foreign to you, but we ask you to accept now the energy of Grace Elohim, Elohim Grace, to now be the guiding force that assists your soul in helping you to move forward. So today as you begin to feel this energy begin to build and build within you, know that the excitement and the anticipation of what each of you are to bring to this planet, and what each of you are able to create, is now available and awaiting for you to receive. You have all given and given and given, and it is your time to receive. For the energy and the essence of Dear Sununu the angel of giving is here for you, she is here to help you to receive and to let go of the past, let go of your human limitations and your own fears and struggles, now step forward into alignment with your soul, because it is time, it is time, for each of you to step forward and to claim the victory of that which you came to claim, the victory of your soul journey upon this earth plane.

So many have gone through their incarnation and have been lost, as many have been confused, being entrapped into the earthly realm, into their human consciousness, not identifying or understanding that there is a soul, that their soul is guiding them, that their life has meaning and purpose other than their humanness. For those who understand, it is not about separation, it is about unity, it is about allowing the human essence of your merge with your oversoul, that you may become in alignment with your true divine purpose. So today as you step forward into this energy and you say yes, and the veil has been lifted, and you will begin to sense this energy of freedom around you, as if life becomes easier, and all is in divine order, and all is as it should be. You are in divine flow with your soul, when one is not in alignment with their soul, it is there that there is chaos, anger, confusion, as they say, bumps in the road. When one is in alignment with their soul, then there is peace and there is tranquility, there is harmony there is joy, there is love there is excitement, there is passion and there is clarity. So today as we open up your third eye we assist you in opening up your all-seeing eye, so that you may have greater clarity as you move forward with your soul, so that you may psychically see, sense and feel the connection of that where your soul is guiding you. You all have been gifted with all of these abilities and gifts from the Great Creator, so that you may move forward into your life pathway, with greater ease. Yet it has been difficult for people have not understood, they have forgotten, they have been veiled, and then they moved into fear and separation, and many have believed only the humanness, the personality, the physical incarnation is all that is, so they have lived their life in separation from their true self, from their God essence, from their I AM presence.

So today we say to you that this energy is now being cleared around you and on the planet, so that all who choose to be in alignment with their soul and oversoul can begin to move forward with greater ease. In our day over 2,000 years ago the energy, as we have said many times, was heavy, and very dense, and it was difficult to stay in alignment. It is why we merged our energies into what we call the Cave of Creation, into the stillness and quietness of our being. That is why it is important to move into meditation and into quietness, and to allow stillness and calmness to be at the center of your life, moving into that still, quiet place as you begin to listen to your soul. So Dearest Ones, know that we stand with you we stand beside you, and we hold you in high esteem, as again you are brave souls who have chosen to come over and over and over again, in the incarnational soul journey, to reawaken your remembrance to your I AM presence, holding the light and the love for this planet and all of creation, so that all can return to their true divinity. What a sacrifice each of you have brought forward, and now you are gifted with this release. In some ways it is a deep relief, and there is perhaps a deep sigh of relief. I am connected to my soul and my oversoul, even more deeply and more profoundly than I have understood.

Yet this shall be on a conscious level, so every moment as you bring forward your consciousness into this new reality, you are returning to love, returning to that still point, the quietness of your soul, returning to love. And a place of peace and tranquility upon your heart. I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. May you live in the light and in the love and the holy grace, I remember union. Today you are now partnering with yourself, partnering with your soul, partnering with your oversoul, partnering with your I AM presence, as your heart, your third eye, your crown chakra all are in alignment. Feel this energy now expanding, into its divine perfection, as you live your life with more and more light, that is now being infused within your being. Each are becoming brighter and brighter souls, and living from a state of divine perfection.

May the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you feel this energy of divine perfection upon your soul. Feel the presence and the essence of peace and tranquility as you allow your heart to open to this beautiful frequency of your powerful soul essence, living in the expression of who you truly are, and once again may the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So feel this presence, and this excitement and this anticipation, that you can now allow yourself to be in alignment upon this most beautiful and auspicious day. We thank you Dearest Children for your time and your attention, we stand with you, we stand beside you, if you have difficulty please call upon us. We are here, we continue to place our hands upon your heart, your third eye and your crown, so that you may align to the essence of your being. Be not afraid, simply now call in the energy of Grace Elohim, that all be in divine grace, and your soul may move forward to complete its journey in this incarnation with love, joy, peace, harmony, unity and grace. Step forward and receive, be the light, be the love, be the joy and be the peace in which your soul was intended to be in this incarnation. Go now my children and feel the presence of love, as you allow this vibration to enter into your being.


Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.