Mira of the Pleiades: Much is Being Accomplished

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira. I gladly speak with you today.

As you can see,  we are actively assisting the earth. The Earth Council, of which I am a full-time participant, is fully engaged with decisions and choices for the future of your beloved planet. We are excited and pleased with the progress.

Please know that the Divine Plan is in place. We are competent in our work and our efforts are effective. Much has been accomplished since I last spoke with you. We have completed some important projects on behalf of the planet. Perhaps you might have noticed the absence of chem-trails in your areas? A large number of dark ones have been removed also. We are happy to provide you with this confirmation and please know that we have other assignments that will continue to make a huge difference.

Your planet sank too low to achieve freedom on its own from the darkness that has kept you enslaved and abused. We are around you and on the planet, to assure you of your proper place in the solar system and with your galactic counterparts.

Other signs of these changing energies are the opening of the secrets and the emergence of truth; the awakening of humanity; times of being in bliss and joy (5D); easier manifestation; increased solar activity; more ships in the sky; pressure from inside to release issues that no longer belong; the rising Schumann Resonance; volatility of energies impacting the physical body; new like-minded friends and the departure of those with whom you are not in resonance.

We understand that many of you have unmet needs financially and in other ways. One suggestion is to use the 5th dimensional energies to manifest what you need. This is what the 5th dimension is about. Let go of the struggle, worry and fear. Consciously reside in the knowledge that you are being taken care of and provided with everything that you need. If you are someone with extra, give to others with open hearts and know this is how to begin living in higher consciousness.

Take time to enjoy the increasing light-filled energies in nature and in all kingdoms. Every kingdom is rising in consciousness. Look deeply into a crystal, the eyes of a child or an animal. Feel the softening of the layers of protection that used to keep you from noticing the love from creation. It won’t be long before you will be continuously residing in the Golden Age.

We are grateful to you, the ground crew, for all that you are doing, for holding the light, and for being receptive to our closer contact. Without you, we could not achieve what is necessary for the Ascension Process.

With great love and admiration,

I am Mira!


» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner


4 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: Much is Being Accomplished”

  1. Era Of Light

    Sweet thank you. Ok I will not be able to watch Satan continue to be in my home he has my daughter and husband decieved and has brought his darkness into my home of the 3D and we’re in the 5D .He needs to go I have to go without in my own home while he doesn’t .There is a point of enough is enough he is just trying to use my daughter and Satan is a girl but is saying she is a boy.Just remember that I am about love and life and forgiveness you also need to realize I am in a human body with human ways that isn’t and I am remembering alot of things and I am very very disappointed in those fallen Angels and Satan for what and how they treated my human race and Me.In other words I can’t promise how I will react to those who are responsible for the pain and hate and taking advantage of those who are innocent.These are things I need to deal with for myself.I have embraced the evil in more ways than one and I have forgiven but it is evident Satan is the same and is in my home if he/she is not removed from me my home my family and he/she wears shirt and hat with KING and my daughter has QUEEN on hers that is insulting to me in my QUEENDOM.And I know why Satan is saying she is a boy because she is really theQueen of Harlots Jeezebel and is hiding and is trying to make my daughter be taken because her shirt says Queen when the original authentic Queen of Harlots is wearing her shirt that says King is disguised as a boy.Accept no substitutes TJ .Ok I feel better.I could use help with this situation I want the highest good for me and the highest good for Satan and my daughter.GOD BLESS Satan is not bright for getting me in a corner what happens when a animal is cornered? GREEN LIGHT he is not going to be in my life for the next 12 years hell no
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  2. Doug James

    And below the surface! Truly a monumental time to be on Gaia and be a part of this historic Event! Go 5D we are 1 with all!

  3. Marcus

    Multiple chemtrails near Atlanta. I see them several times each week. So, in big fail with that claim. Just more disempowering hopium. This is all up to us individually.