Judas Iskariot: A New Era

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am Judas I. and I want you to think a little today about the world you think you have built. Is there anything in this world that is permanent? If that doesn’t happen, your world is constantly changing. Sometimes the changes have been slow and sometimes they have escalated for a certain time. Today, the changes happen so quickly that you can see them with the naked eye, whether you are conscious or not.

A new era has entered Earth with rapid change for everyone living here. The changes occur within each being, and it occurs in different and different ways based on where the being is at the moment. The good thing is that you all absorb more light and open up your own inner light source. Your own source of light that from time to time has been completely hidden from yourselves. Now you light flutter expectantly as it feels like the time has come for humanity to wake up to themselves.

The voice of God is getting stronger and clearer and many of you have chosen to follow His inner voice. Follow that voice and you follow the gift you intended to give to the world and thus yourselves. You are your own gift while you are everyone else’s gift. What you get, you give out, and it comes back and it grows in strength all the time. It is in this way that you bless your world and change its structure into a world of love and blessing. It is when you have found the light within yourself that you can become a blessing to the world. You then follow the voice of God and become the servant who saves the world for himself. The light that radiates from within you radiates everything and everyone on your way through life. Its strength is intensified as you rest in your own source of light and love. Of course, it requires that you acknowledge that you carry the light within you. It has always been there but you have often closed the door so that the light is not visible. Sometimes the light has managed to create a light burst, but it has often been neglected due to other tasks and conflicts with which you have been involved.

Now, however, the light has begun to shine a little stronger, so that more people have been able to discover their inner source of light and love. Some have stayed up a bit in life and have begun to question what is really important to themselves. Everything chasing after gadgets has started to feel pointless and they are looking for a deeper meaning with their lives.

The winds of these changes blowing on your earth affect each of you in different ways. Each one of you gets to examine his relationship with everything that comes to mind, it can also be an influence from outside or events that you are exposed to. They are all a clue as to where you are going and where you are supposed to go. There is a message for you in everything you experience. Take a moment to think about that message. I think you all understand and know that it is for your own development that things happen around you. What you give you may receive, but if your development has exceeded what you gave, then you can no longer receive it if it is below your current development and understanding of how to relate to life and yourself. This may be a little tricky to take on, but life will solve it for you in the end, because compassion grows in everyone’s hearts and it becomes bigger for every change that occurs in your life.

Yes, my dear friends, I think we end here and I let you decide for yourself if you want to receive and give of yourself and the light that is burning within you.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg