The Collective of Guides: Dealing With The Influx Of Energies

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

A reader asks a question, which we are happy to reply to. They write:

“Is there a formula for dealing with the powerful effects of these energies coming in now? So many are feeling exhausted.

“A friend who is a brilliant psychic sat down in a dentist chair the other day, and her entire body went into muscle spasms for 30 minutes.

“She was picking up on the energies of those who had sat there before her. She is new to this dentist office, and she forgot to clear the energies of that chair before sitting down.

Is all this related to the energies coming in? Is it the energies themselves? Or are we handling them differently?”

THE COLLECTIVE: This is one of the prime issues affecting nearly everyone on the Earth at present.

This is because energy is constantly flowing through and around you.

At present, as an Earth being, you cannot avoid its effects completely, even if you are only observing the energy of a situation and not allowing yourself to be moved by it in any discernible way.

In the case of the dear one who is what people call “psychic”—one who sees beyond the veil that the conscious mind tends to think is still there—she was not so much grabbed and shaken by the energies, as caught up in the process of transmuting the fear, stress, tension, and worry left there by numerous patients over time.

She went quickly into the transmuting process—in this case, with her physical body, and not only her etheric and mental bodies, though these suffered no damage.

This is why, even though the dental office staff wanted her to see a doctor, she was able to assure them that all was well. She understood what was happening.

And indeed, the muscle spasms stopped after 30 minutes, because at that point, the energies had been rinsed clear from the chair by this dear one’s higher self.

Generally, as your friend noted, it is easier to do a clearing before one enters a situation (or sits down where others have been frightened or in pain).

You can use higher Light to cleanse any situation before you fully enter it, in the sense that you are transmuting the energies there to a much higher level.

Whether or not you see a shift occurring in the people, animals, weather, or mechanics of a situation, we can assure you that as soon as you call in Divine Light, you are shifting the energies there and assisting your and others’ integration of those energies in a higher way.

There is much your Earth finds difficult—conflict, dense emotions such as rage or fear, discord of all kinds, and destruction, to name a few, whether aimed at Her or at any of Her beings.

So that each time you transmute the density you find, in any situation, you literally assist the entire Earth, and all Her beings.

On a personal level, can you stay safe from intense energies, before they reach you and draw down your vibration?

Yes, most certainly—but as we say, only while you stand etherically and emotionally outside the situation.

Once you have entered that situation, and stand in a position of judgment of it, you lose the upper hand, one might say.

Our writer mislaid her eyeglasses once, just as she was about to leave for the airport, and was stressed and annoyed at not being able to find them.

She called out to her Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self to assist her.

She could hear them saying, “We can’t help you until you calm down,” as the density of her fear and aggravation was a block to hearing them.

Once she calmed her mind and emotions, the image came to mind of exactly where the eyeglasses were, and she found them quickly.

In a similar way, if you are upset, fearful, stressed, angry, or sad about something, the higher idea that will assist and lift you out of that seemingly stuck situation has a hard time coming to you.

At that point, you have already steeped yourself in a dense emotional response, because you have judged the situation to be difficult or painful.

Then the energies of that situation read where you are—they shift to meet the tone or frequency of how you have labeled and judged that circumstance.

And yes, that circumstance can snowball from there, steeping itself in more density, making it hard for you to receive the miracles of the Universe that desire to flow to you—help from friends or strangers, money suddenly coming to you “out of the blue,” a healing or form of assistance that shines through unexpectedly.

All because you refused to react with low expectations, and relaxed into the higher flow, allowing your higher aspect to do its job to flow the needed resources to you.

It is far easier to release the need to judge something as bad—to take that split second before panic or anger sets in, and ask your higher self, “How do I handle this?”

By giving it to them, releasing the need to jump in with a dense emotional reaction, you free yourself from feeling stuck in an uncomfortable or very trying situation.

You also realize how powerful you are.

You begin to see that things do not have to go perfectly for you in order for you to eventually reap Wisdom, Peace, and kindness out of nearly any situation.

You are most assuredly handling energy far differently than you have in the past, because the part of your subconscious that is connected to your higher consciousness is in the process of remembering how to work with energy positively, rather than only reacting to it and feeling helpless to direct it.

The higher energies pouring into the Earth are indeed being integrated now, but in the sense that they are assisting you in remembering the co-Creative Light Being that you are.

It is fine to say, “Here I Am, a human being affected by the higher Light coming in now—how do I deal with it, and integrate it with ease?”

This is similar to your having been asleep so many centuries, that upon awakening, you find you have forgotten your name.

When someone comes into the room and reminds you of what your name is, it seems strange to hear it again.

“Are you sure?” you ask this person, because this name doesn’t quite seem to belong to you. It feels too new.

And yet, it is you.

All of it is you—the ability to sense or see energy and its many interplays with objects, people, emotions, the breathing of the Earth Herself.

You have the ability to transmute energy that feels dense or uncertain, by calling in Divine Light to direct those energies to flow at a higher vibration.

In the process, you release yourself from any tendency to match a frequency that is lower than your own.

You can, in fact, in that moment, flow far higher than where your frequency was a moment ago, by concentrating on the higher Light you have called in—its essence, and its conscious presence.

That then becomes the reality you are living in.

You now see that all physical circumstances are far more changeable or solvable than they appeared a moment ago.

How are you both a Light Being, working with energy as if it were your kindest friend, and also a human in a physical body, apparently stuck in time and place?

In this process of Ascension, there are many paths, and at present, your path is the process of remembering what are, in the higher realms, an average occurrence, but which may seem to you to be a form of magic or manipulation of the quantum field.

Call it whatever you like—you are co-Creators!

Not subject to the whims of any energy, but independent and sovereign, regarding how those energies reach you, and how you feel at any one time.

This is both your path of Joyful rediscovery, and your challenge.

We are thrilled to see you growing stronger in it, day by day.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan