New Portals, New Timelines & New Reality Foundations

we are one love eraoflightA weekend of change is upon us allowing a wave to flush through and allow us space in which to go deeper within.

Whilst for the collective and the physical world this may well look like separation and divide as relationships reflect the energy emanating out from within, twists and turns seem to appear from nowhere creating distorted realities that create the cracks to release from old karmic chains, to the opened eye there is a gift of transformation as the recent codes we have been receiving begin to activate and reject that which is vibrating at an old frequ1ncy.

New portals, new timelines and new reality foundations require a higher frequency to enter/stand upon.

Venus and Uranus are our visual aid if you like that highlights our Oneness with the All, our planets are much like our map that aid us in understanding the energetic shifts we experience together as we evolve and these two explain that whilst in opposition there are going to be some surprise shocks (Uranus) to what we value most (Venus) which until attachments are released it shows as physical relationships but as we progress into the heart awakening it becomes about Self and how we can do more for Self which leads into the Ascension process (whilst we are always ascending, yet we are also not, until we understand the process and what it means) which is an amazing self explorative mission diving into the depths of our love and reaching more of what has never yet been touched, once touched we bring it back, into the reality and it is shared with the All.

Venus and Uranus remind me of the alcohol hitting the pan and flaming, burning up all the alcohol, a flash in the pan….and whilst this energy is apparent stay observant regarding “ships” that come sailing in, no matter the purpose of the ship, a ship is always a mirror till you become a ship master.

The cosmic frequencies are now and especially as I write this report super high, super super high in fact the highest we have seen in many many years, this Grand Solar Minimum is pouring through the cosmic codes that are our new blueprint for the incoming solar cycle, a star map is now being created within our physical vessels that is “meant” to guide us through the next decade, however humans have the free will program running heavily and this is where the distortions lie, when we choose to exist outside of the star map we experience misaligned realities and with the importance of this phase of evolution the intricacy of the map means there is not much space to mess around, to step out, before dis-ease becomes very loud.

The more we have in the “know bank” our awareness, the more we are accountable for and will feel the pressure the moment we step out of line/alignment.

The codes pouring through our cells currently are simply Divine, the human experiences pain, suffering and chaos, the light pushes forward the transformation, and as we listen and take notice, paying attention, we realise that we are expanding/purifying our energy, our minds and our physical vessels, we are relearning how it all works and we realise in order to make it all happen we have to drop the way we thought this all worked and relearn how it happens, why it happens, what it is, how does it behave and how as the awakening human can we keep it flowing and release the restriction and defense to what is ultimately the highest frequency of love, providing the reality we only ever saw in dreams.

Heaven on Earth.

Moon conjunct Chiron stirs the wounding in the collective of where this all begun, the ability to connect with the inner child and ask the question of your life time, show me the root to the suffering, in which the inner child has relentlessly been trying to show you in the repeating reality themes it likes to kick up in your face, to get your attention for YOU as the adult version to finally validate and begin making healthful, conscious choices in your reality that don’t mimic, repeat the same old same old.
Too many humans in the 4th frequency have been playing around with this apparent inner child healing and yet the inner child has been screaming insults because until the human takes those blinkers off they still can’t see and that inner child makes a mockery of the reality being experienced, the inner child makes you feel crazy, unstable, playing on roundabouts, until sickness is the only way to make it stop.

Validation, raw truth, kindness, softness to self, and eventually understanding how it came to be, that all program installs have been the blind following the blind and there is no blame, and through this process THEN and only then can we dissolve the programming which ends the constant game being played.

The keys to unlock us from this “game” are shared in the Soul-Ar Alignment Program, assistance is here for those committed to the “light” way.

So whilst the collective moves through, gate keepers and gridkeepers, the cosmic surfers are sharing, surprising, contributing to assist, heartFULL acts of kindness, a smile, a touch, a hand to assist, extra love is given, within and it emanates out, no thought, just being and sharing and creating opportunities.

It’s AwesomeANDsome

Focus on the path, the evolution of our race.

It begins in the heart

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