The Angels: Opportunities

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Paths appear and disappear in your lives. Doors open and close. Opportunities come and go, and yet, never can you ever “miss the boat!” It is not possible to bypass your growth, for it shows up always in one form or another. It is not possible to bypass the essence of your desires, for if you miss one opportunity another will simply arise. You cannot lose!

How would you live if you knew you couldn’t lose? How would you live if you knew you couldn’t “miss the boat?” How would you live if you knew a “wrong choice” for the future was really a “right choice for the present” that would ultimately lead you to an even better future?

We know you would live with less fear. When faced with a decision you would ask yourself only, “What feels right, right now?” You’d trust that. You’d live in the moment. You’d stop strategizing, manipulating your own hearts, and trying to convince others that your way is correct. You’d relax, knowing that, in your human words, you cannot truly mess up your own life.

You are here to learn. You can learn quickly or slowly. You are here to grow. You can expand into greater love gradually or instantly. You are here to create. You can manifest your dreams with a single combination of pure thought and pure surrender to love, or you can manifest more slowly by trying to remain in control of how they have to look and when they have to occur.

Dear ones, there is no race in life. There is no finish line in eternity! There is only a gradual, beautiful unfolding of your awareness into love. Even in the heavens when you choose to graduate from your earthly incarnations you will find new opportunities to expand, grow, and learn.

So, relax. You can’t truly make a “bad choice” – you can only make choices, learn, grow, expand, and then make better choices.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers


5 Replies to “The Angels: Opportunities”

  1. Era Of Light

    Love you.I told Satan (TJ)that all the movies he/she brings into my home of love,life and light and keeping the vibration high and no low vibration of the 3D especially during this time of creating Satan(TJ) is polluting my daughter and Husband with horror and evil movies,music,and will not go away and will not let his grip from daughter he is taking money and food that is for me while I go without.I have tried everything to get him away from my daughter but he is just as snake that he is lying telling the Courts of Heaven that I am going to Kill him.Why would he think that about me?I am telling the courts of Heaven and all who are watching me to see if Satan is truthful about me killing him?Really Satan can not tell the truth and I have been observing him for over a year ruining my daughter’s soul.I have learned being human that a Mother has the most Authority to do whatever she has to keep her children safe from danger as long as I have the insurance .I am saving the souls of my children and I am allowing Satan to be put to sleep forever today and off the planet Earth.I have let my child die for all my children to save them .Now Ironically Satan is doing the same and his death will be sudden and fast and that door of what was his curse upon Adam and Eve and the whole Earth will be closed and sealed with Satan’s death.He has no rights for murdering a innocent person.His intent and him personally committing to kill me in Jesus Blood made me innocent .Let him reap what he has sown.ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita)Copyright©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved

  2. Cheri

    Yes the old “achievement” drum beat of the matrix. I am starting to remember it is all about experience rather than learning lessons which is what the matrix teaches us like we are inferior souls that need lessons to “get it right”. Source is all about experience. The only people that judge it is us in a state of limited consciousness. I still have some regrets yet here we are the ones that were heart based and soul led who showed up to create something that has never been done before!

    I often thought that without all my flaws and challenges I would not have turned out as compassionate and loving as I am rather just been another matrix led egomaniac or stepford person searching for fame, fortune and adoration from others for my so called achievements. The goal is to experience anything and everything. But this lifetime all that mattered was getting to this moment of now. The best of the team sent forward to break a false and programmed matrix that was never intended to be a part of our creational experience.

    God bless us all! Halo tipping to us all for what we have really “achieved” 😇

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      There is so much I hold within, that I wish to epxress. But I do not have much free “time” to sit and write. Especially some of the things in the so called spiritual community that people take as gospel, but in fact are meaningless, matrix lies.

      1. Cheri

        I know KejRaj! It is met with immediate resistance as the minds still try to construct something to know and believe in rather than just observe and take it in. The heart can be blocked and shut down but not programmed like the subconscious mind in this matrix. The stuff I have seen in this astral work I do is beyond profane that was put artificially into the consciousness of humanity and all of nature.

        Sometimes the lightworkers feel more shut down and resistant than the truther patriots, regular people and the religious community because at least with these people I can feel the love they hold within expressed. 😘

  3. EK

    I am reminded of what singer Willie Nelson said when asked if there was anything he regretted. If you went back and changed one thing, good or bad, about your past, would you be in the place you are at now, especially if it is in a good place?
    Many times I have had thoughts of how I wished I had taken a different path than I did, all the while thinking maybe I did royally screw up, partly based on the obligatory path I was taught to take, having one chance to get it right.