Divine Mother: There Is A Pink Fog Over Syria

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDo not mistake wars, conflicts and military aggression for the kinds of war, conflict and military aggression that used to occur even a decade ago. There is a vast difference between the energies of then and the energies of now.

Let me explain, the energy of aggression is becoming more polarised. Those who create wars and send dear souls to fight, are no longer acting from a place of power and right. They are now commanding from terror and desperation. They are hot-headed, panicked and their strategies are not as calculated as they used to be.

Those who are being sent to fight, can no longer ignore the growing feeling that war is futile and that they no longer have a ‘taste’ for it. They are carrying out their orders, but not with the conviction and dispassion they previously had. They are confused because they do not understand where these new mis-givings are coming from, or why they no longer wish to wage war. They remain, but doubts and confusion are bubbling up within them, creating an internal pressure cooker.

Between the two – those commanding wars and those fighting wars – a gap is emerging that never existed before. There are those who were born into this time specifically to move into this gap, the White Hats.

So when see wars and uprisings reported on television, be assured that although they may look the same on the outside, the energy dynamic within them is crumbling because that negative vibration is no longer sustainable. Yes, the dynamic must play itself out, but there is much you can do to speed the process and create healings on both sides.

Continue with your prayers, your light work, your love, your service… continue to see the wounded child within every adult on all sides of the conflicts now popping up. Continue to acknowledge the soul growth of each and every precious child of mine involved in this most painful drama. And continue to love the parts of you that fight within yourself, and with others…

The time for peace is upon you. There is a pink fog of love over Syria, because there is a pink fog of love enveloping your planet. You are creating your realities, focus on peace while sending forgiveness and love to those still at war.


» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert



2 Replies to “Divine Mother: There Is A Pink Fog Over Syria”

  1. Cheri

    Yes we already have a cease fire and peace agreement in the works between Turkey and the Kurds! We no longer have a deep state war monger in the White House! We are negotiating and using economic sanctions to achieve peace not bloodshed. ABC got caught showing fake videos of the supposed Syrian fighting which was from some annual pyrotechnic shoot in the US last year. Supposed dead bodies lined up covered in shrouds started moving when the camera panned them lol! It was amazing to see all the failed politicians and pundits whi have sold us out for decades line up against our POTUS for pulling US troops out of harm’s way. These are ancient tribal wars and the people have to step up and heal their land. We are no longer in there manipulating regime change and chaos! The fake news media has played such a deceptive role in all this which is truly disgusting to behold as all the machinations and lies are being exposed! Such a beautiful confirmation of the new energy structure we have put in place! Yay light warriors! This is just the beginning of peace and prosperity sweeping across the land!