Boris Johnson Has No Real Deal For The EU

top news article eraoflightdotcomThe EC and EU is happy, under the illusion that the bullet is through the church. The new Deal only has to be approved by parliament. Since this Deal is the same as Theresa May’s, it will not be accepted, which means that there will be no Deal as of October 31st.

Boris Johnson has given the EC and his own parliament a stalemate where he can say, I have a Deal but you have rejected it, the EC – EU has no other flavors, Accept it or leave it, it will be your fault if we have no deal.

Q 09:59 : Rinus can’t call for a while.

Hold on tight.

My friend just apprehended me.

This week dollar back to gold standard.

And Tuesday the 22nd of October the exchange starts.

Q2 second source:

Expect something this week!

Paymasters, Buyers allow the acceptance of prices and procedures.

Saturday night is set as the time to go from fiat to gold currency.

Everything should start on Monday.

Finally there is an end to the Fiat money deception and the redemption of the world population will become a fact.

Source 3

Neil Keenan

Lagarde will not be able to take over the ECB, so the system will be finished before 1 Nov 2019.

Source 4

Dutch Central bank

Now the fact is that nobody realizes that with 6 billion in Gold you don’t have a real basis to introduce a gold covered system.

The tax surplus of 2018 was 12 Billion, which the population has been expropriated by direct taxation.

The gross national product of the Netherlands 901.9 billion Dollars based on purchasing power parity (2017)

So the Bilderberg Mafia is running out of money to support a new money system with their miserable 6 Billion.

Take the accrued pension assets of the Dutch € 140000 billion, then the 6 Billion in gold stock is a disgrace.

Nowhere in the world is there any legislation on how a government should be formed, so the announcement of the gold standard means that we can start with a clean slate.

The Globalists have lost and are facing increasing resistance from their own people.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Let’s bury the Deep State globalists along with Brexit.

As the Reset of the system is expected before the 31st of October, the Brexit Deal will no longer be relevant.

The central banks are side lined by the gold standard, their Fiat money deception will put an end to the ECB, and give the EU no more chance to roll out their fascist agenda for lack of legitimate gold-backed money.

Do you think that it is a coincidence that there are so many troops US movement in Europe, knowing that tomorrow the mass arrests will start.

With the start of these mass arrests, the RV will start, and the funds for the population will be released.

This can’t stop the politicians, as they themselves depend on the funds that are released for the 209 countries.

Their accounts will be frozen if they continue to betray their own people.


» Source » By Rinus Verhagen