Judas Iskariot: Sun’s Rays

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I look forward to talking to you today. Today is once again a great day for humanity. The sun’s rays have reached their crescendo for this time and its effects are now beginning to rock the Earth. A great multitude of people now have their lives thrown over and an end and a new beginning begin.

The earth has reached its peak of karma and it is slowly descending. Calmer times are waiting at the door of the world’s people. Some of you have already felt the winds, but for many of you life has intensified slightly. Expressions like fatigue and confusion can be heard a little everywhere on Earth today and in such a shift now happening on Earth, it is a natural process and there is nothing strange about it. It takes some time, dear Earthlings, but life must have its way, it slowly urges you forward in your development. It is a process that is happening within you and it also tire you out a little bit. If you also allow the external expressions to take up too much space, you will be easily confused. The outer expressions are a collection of the expressions of all humanity and in these times they can become too much to take in, while pushing your own development forward at a faster rate. The higher vibration has a higher speed and that is the one you need to adapt to. eraoflight.com Your bodies also get a higher vibration so they can be in line with Mother Earth. Mankind needs to be stable in the midfield in which they are located between Earth and Heaven. Too much soil can cause you to get stuck, too much air can cause you to flutter away and miss the transformation of your Earth. It is always a weight one way or the other, but it is good if the wave strikes as smoothly as possible.

Be loving and permissive towards yourselves. Give each other an encouraging pat on the shoulder. See the light and love that has begun to establish itself on Earth. Look at your Earth with forgiveness and love in your heart. Look at yourself with forgiveness and love. As soon as you do, you have also forgiven your brother and sister. So life is set up so that what we do to others we also do to ourselves and vice versa. Now be the wise men and women that you are in the midst of, and put everything judgmental aside and let forgiveness and love take its place instead. They are your inner transformation into free, open and loving people. They give the Earth a new life force of higher energy and joy.

It is the sun that has given you the first rays of purifying light sent from everyone’s Our Father, the Supreme Source of light. It is the light that has affected the vibration of the Earth and is now reflected up to the surface. It is therefore important that you have contact with the Earth so that you can match your vibrations with hers. It may stir up your world a little bit, both physically and mentally, but it is transitory and a better life awaits you behind the curtain of the old world’s heavy drapery. The curtain has begun to fall for the old world, leaving only a thin curtain. You can already see the light flashing in and it won’t be long before the sun rays dance at home on your mat. 🙂

Now take a deep breath, dear Earthlings, and join in the new wave’s energy of love and light. A clean, bright and beautiful world awaits you beyond your wildest fantasies and desires.

Our love follows you for every step you take. Now forever and forever.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg