Anna Von Reitz: Calling Out Pope Francis and “the Republic”

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomSo, you boys, the Popes acting as Roman Pontiffs, and the members of the Roman Curia, have sat in secrecy for the past 1500 years like a bunch of old women, scheming to profit yourselves at everyone else’s expense, using the Church as a storefront for your evils, ignoring your actual responsibilities under Ecclesiastical Law, and basically, operating as a crime syndicate subject only to Roman Civil Law —- if you get caught.

This is the “System” you all grew up in. It’s the way things have been done for hundreds of years — a two-faced and double-minded system, reflecting all that is good on one side and all that is evil on the other, just like the old cartoons with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder, both whispering in our ears.

So also, you have run the Municipal United States Government under Roman Civil Law and under the Roman Maxim, “Let him who will be deceived, be deceived.”

And you even bought your legal insurance policy, the Disclaimer placed in the undisclosed Enabling Clause of every “Act” of the Municipal Congress from 1860 until today: “This Act shall not effect any right thus previously established.”

All this and much more has been done to “legalize” all the crap you’ve pulled here, but in the end, you have caused incredible misery and destruction, misused and abused our country, lied to our people, and are responsible for sponsoring the most unaccountable, venal, and power-crazed government on Earth.

This is all because you have manipulated and breached both your own trust obligations with respect to the Municipal United States Government, and also worked in collusion with the British Monarch as the Trustee and Overseer of the British Territorial that is —Commonwealth— Government, to operate the Territorial United States Government in breach of trust, too.

As we all know, the British Monarch is obligated to work for you as your Overseer for all your Commonwealth interests.

So you, Francis, are responsible for both circumstances and own both the Municipal and Territorial Governments. Unless you can fight against yourself, you can forget about having a nice cozy little civil war among your employees on our shores.

The entire world will know what you are doing. It won’t look good. And what American would knowingly participate in such a farce in detriment to their own country and people?

Now we come to the issue of “the Republic” and your further attempts to manipulate and retain control via another sleight of hand and more verbal deceit. Most Americans have been conditioned by the wildly improper promotion of the “The Pledge of Allegiance” to assume the existence of “a” Republic — but when we look at the history, what do we find?

The only “Republic” is the Municipal United States Government — the same venal, out of control, reprehensible, piece-of-shit Roman-style oligarchy you have been running here for the past 150 years.

So you have arranged via a “Chinese” Elder to loan the vermin inhabiting our capitol city $80 billion dollars. Strange, that is the same exact amount that certain Chinese Generals received as a bribe to get them to sell their people into the same kind of slavery you have engineered here.

Those same Chinese Generals have since been captured and killed and amazingly, their money has ended up in “the” Republic Treasury.

Miracles abound.

You are being called out and on the carpet, Francis. The evil you have sustained and nurtured, together with the pagan worship of Mammon and Baal, is exposed. Your shameful and secretive promotion of “Freemasonry” — the worship of Mammon and Baal in the modern day — is also exposed.

The corruption of the Church has spilled out and runneth over into the halls of the United Nations, too. Here are all these good Catholics, supporting you and thinking you are such a wonderful man, and yet, just look at what you have done and what you have been involved in?

Plots to murder Donald Trump? To remove him from office? To put Mike Pence, a known child molester, in charge? And then remove him, and put another shill in place? Come on! Wake up! Earth to Francis! Earth to the Joint Chiefs!

The bankers and Galli (attorneys) and the corporations are the ones that have to be “sacrificed” and all the actual assets returned to the people they belong to. Now. Without any more scheming and without any more deceit and without any more mafiosi-style “reasoning”.

Listen to the angel on your shoulder. Do you think that the Living God is dead? That everything you have done here is not known?

It’s all known and it has to be accounted for. I have asked Our Father to forgive you, but punch you in the nose. Maybe that is what it takes to wake you up, and the members of the Curia, too.

The Municipal Government “Republic” is not our government and never has been. It has always been a foreign subcontractor and that is all that it can ever be.

Your Municipal United States Government — what you are misleadingly called “the” Republic and attempting to confuse with the actual government owed to this country — has functioned as a foreign and enemy government operating in gross Breach of Trust; and this is occurring at the same time that everyone is pledged and promised to uphold our Constitutions and to protect the States and People “from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.

We are calling you out, Francis, under both Ecclesiastical and Roman Civil Law, and we find you extremely wanting.

You have failed your duty to liquidate the offending crime syndicates under Ecclesiastical Law; instead, you turned the liquidation of the UNITED STATES, INC. into a mockery and opportunity to enrich your cronies instead of punishing those responsible for this criminality. You allowed the same criminals to take profits that don’t belong to them, and turn right around, spawn a new corporation, and skate on as if nothing happened. Shame on you all forever.

And now you are failing and avoiding your obligation under the Roman Civil Law as well.

We are not deceived, Francis. Hear that? This is the third time we’ve said it in the presence of God and Man. We see the fraud. We object to it. We have the political status, standing, and jurisdiction to do so, and we are coming right down your throat and speaking a language you can understand:


“Where truth is, fiction of law does not exist.”

EX-DOLO-MALO-NON-ORITUR-ACTION. “An action does not arise from fraud.”

We, the Lawful Officers of The United States of America, the States and People who are Parties to and owed all three (3) Constitutions are standing here before the entire world demanding that you, Francis, and the Roman Curia, obey your own laws.

Either obey the Ecclesiastical and Roman Civil Law, both, or be accounted as common criminals, fraud artists, dishonorable men and outlaws having no excuse for your Bad Faith and Breach of Trust against The United States of America, the States, and the People of this country.

Cease and desist your immoral and unlawful and illegal activities on our shores. Stop misdirecting and abusing our military. Stop lying. Stop evading. Stop your efforts to deceive people into adopting your Municipal Government under False Pretenses — that is, by confusing Americans and pretending to be the actual Lawful Government of The United States of America— our civilian government of the people, by the people, and for the people that we are owed.

We may have fallen asleep, but we are here now. Our States are Assembled. And we have the drop on you, in front of the whole world.

Those members of the military who have offered to harm Donald Trump must be corrected. Those bankers who have “blocked” our access to our actual assets also need to be corrected. In fact, your entire operation, top to bottom and front to back and side to side, needs to be corrected and fundamentally reformed.

We suggest that you get out of our way and concentrate on your own actual housekeeping which has been long neglected. Confess your sins against the Living God and pray.

Admit that the Municipal United States Government, which you are trying to re-brand as “the” Republic is nothing but the same old corrupt and nasty organization you have been running out of the District of Columbia for the past 150 years, and which is nothing but a run-amok subcontractor of our actual government, The United States of America— to which you and the Queen both owe Good Faith Service.

Boot the Central Banks in the butt, get the records cleaned up, open our accounts and re-task the IRS to process the claims of the people of this country; instead of stealing from us, you are now going to accept Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges and you are going to recognize the Exemption of our people from all “federal income taxes”, all federal citizenship obligations including all mortgages, and all Territorial and Municipal Codes and Statutes. You are going to convert all improper registrations of babies and other private property back into simple public records. You are going to return and convert all land titles into patents and return them to the lawful owners.

You are going to do all this without a lot of fanfare. You are also going to get the fiscal ducks in order and return our accounts to our control and to the control of The United States of America without any further delay or evasion.

You, Unfaithful Stewards, have failed one time too often. Make haste. Your True Master has come. Don’t let him catch you still engaged in serving Mammon.

This is what you owe and this is what you are going to pay.


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5 Replies to “Anna Von Reitz: Calling Out Pope Francis and “the Republic””

  1. geoffsari

    When Yeshua said, “I am the Way the Truth and the life.”. He simply meant, him being an example, and not for us to see him as our saviour, as modern Christian religion portrays him to be.

    Having to worship and praise another, simply takes the power away from the individual if the individual does not does not do the same as well. The same can be said, love others as you love yourself, but not to the point where you don’t recognize your own creative ability. The bible verse of “We were created in his (Creators) image”, simply implies we are creators ourselves individually and together collectively.

    This perhaps is the most fundamental aspect of religion that is construed or misleading. Many negative entities can surely use this opportunity to pose themselves as the Savior in order to deceive and this is one reason I think mainstream religion needs to be dissolved, especially Christianity.

    The second coming of Christ is from within, and is more to do with a Christ consciousness rather than an external representation of Christ, who in all respect is a loving brother and co-creator as an individual. We therefore, should show compassion and love to thyself as well as to others, because all is one and one is all regardless of what dimension life may exist.

  2. Doug James

    All Relogions have controlled. Yeshua didn’t die for any sins..he was killed.because he was a threat to the Jewish priests controlling the people but also to.demonstrate his light body to the apostles to prove he and us are infinite beings of light. Sin is a tool to control us consciously. Vibration will go down of you sin thus you cant ascend. We judge ourselves. Anna not sure about here..have heard both sides.. papacy is dark the RCC is dark..most followers are not awake to see the control and darkness. I was once one.

  3. Era Of Light

    He has no fear of GOD JESUS forgives ,when you sin against the HOLY SPIRIT(Mother Of GOD)it is unforgiven.He and others have to be held accountable now and removed and is the fake church of Christ the real whore.Mary Magdline is not the whore that the Catholic Church didn’t edit out of the Bible about her teachings of and being the 13th disciple of YESHUA and her teachings on intimacy for woman and man to learn that she shared with YESHUA for the world to learn but instead the Catholic Church has kept her teachings hidden and has replaced it with their views of sexual relations .Between man and woman .Mary Magdalene is THE TRUE AND AUTHENTIC CHURCH OF HER LOVE YESHUA CHRIST.And yes YESHUA died for our sins is not the only reason and finally Ascended this year Finally YESHUA and MARY are together He took back his Church.And my boyfriend’s back and your gonna be sorry(I couldn’t resist it’s a joke you know the song)Anyways Babalyn has fallen .Come away from her the great whore has been judged.Double are her rewards.ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Ellis)Copyright©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved/Stay away from my daughter Satan don’t come to hurt her today

  4. Ed



    ….Love form/from Ed….

  5. Ed


    Politics = Poly Tricks
    Democracy = DEMOnstration of CRAZY
    Republic = Re Turn To The Public



    NOW= No Other Way

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