Archangel Michael: Warriors of Love

archangel michael eraoflightdotcomDearest children of heaven and earth, today will be a day for history books. For the thing that caught our attention is the ghost of someone great, who now ends up in turmoil. So many unanswered questions start to surface and the truth about the lies that are spread will come forth / new voice will emerge. Mankind has been locked in chains for most of the time it knows, but before it prevailed, grace, beauty and wisdom now underground again come to the surface and are made proud. Those who are of the light, who have torn in the chaos, will rise from the ashes of the Phoenix ​​with love and will come to the fore. Emerging from beneath the surface, these warriors of love will begin to show their light and shine with their love all over the globe. They have known for thousands of years that the world in front of them is a great show and that there is a greater vision under the surface of where this world is headed – as it continues in the flow. There is no need to collect property – redistribution will happen, with resources being put into new hands. Managers of opportunity and grace, there are legions of love standing in the watch to begin a new path / new rosarium of love, passion and understanding. Compassion is the word that applies – work that flows into new hands, with resources to satiate the hungry and solve the problems of water scarcity and debris that clean up land and sea, stewards of great mother earth as it was intended.

Holy, holy, holy standing in the light of a brand new dawn. Winds of change sweep up the old and then it’s gone, memories of the chaos you’ve lived in for so long (and when we say “so long” we mean goodbye because in the future spheres your memories will fade and everything that remains becomes unity , cheerfulness and joy), the unknown waters in which you raged, and now you will forever remain in the space of love and grace. No longer maintained by greed and prejudice, anger and hatred. For what emerges from these, most holy, days is another way of living and breathing and showing courage. The truth will emerge from the bottom of the earth’s hollows and all of humanity will breathe out of relief, the show has been an illusion all the time and humanity’s true nature will be revealed to the world. Peace will flow into the hearts of the most hardened men, women and children, and the world will be filled with the most radiant smiles.

The war has been won, the sages of bygone times are now returning, and all the heavens will be restored to the earth. This is what we have been shown. With the hearts of love, the earth will return home, in all its splendor – restored by the hearts that will open on this day when the game is revealed and the truths revealed.

With love and great blessings we stand by you, Your Mother, Your Father and the Legions of Light. This is Archangel Mikael who unites the divide, which brings your hearts into openness and lets love flow into your hearts and minds. For I AM the Angel of Heaven and my sword is the Truth, this is the light of the new dawn and I speak through you. Connecting you to the Spheres of Heaven on earth, the blade of Truth is brought forth as a blanket of love to carry you to the inner dimensions you have dreamed of since you were young. Put the worry aside, put it at the door, the heavens have opened and again allow passage to the higher dimensions, my dear friends. It’s time to wake up from everything you thought you knew, to the higher levels of awareness that come to you. Leave the rest aside, false wisdom, anger and pride, and let the radiant brilliance of peace and joy surround you. It doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong – all worries will be gone. The world has been restored, the magazine has been turned, it has been your story all along. Step on in the dimensions of light and know that your mission has been fulfilled through a brilliant night. Darkness falls, soft and bright, stars around you glow brightly. Illusions have fallen and the restful sleep brings you to the inner spheres where everything will be explained and only memories remain of the world that felt darkness and loved it back to the light – Mother Earth’s warrior who brought her back to the light, the wisdom of love and completed experimentation, for you have earned your angelic wings. It’s time to escape into the scene of your dreams where you can act out everything you can imagine and your world will be filled with splendor and grace, the abundance of the universe and everything it contains that will attract you to sing, dance, and play in the energy of grace. The scene has been set, are you ready to jump?

Your Archangel Mikael and His Infinite Fleet.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen