Archangel Michael: New Wave Of Starchildren Incarnates On Earth

lightworker eraoflightdotcomA new wave of Star Children incarnates on Earth. The Blue Star Children, dearest Light Workers. It gives us the greatest joy to share with you the news of a new wave of Star Children coming to the Planet with the new energies. These beings have entered the planetary energy field and being birthed at this time as the newest wave of Crystal Children, their coming has been as part of the increased radiance and light that has surrounded the Earth since the 11 hours, 11 minutes, 11 seconds Star Gate.

Their presence has assisted also in the increased acceleration of the EARTH’S MERKABA FIELD. Individuals have also felt the increased velocity in their own MERKABA FIELDS as they experience the process of Vibrational entrainment with these incoming star seeds and their higher levels of consciousness. The Blue Star Children have waited until this moment to incarnate on the Planet. They have waited until the Paradise Grid was in Place and a large group of Light Workers have moved through to the 9th DIMENSION to hold the Christ Consciousness Grid.

Once these two factors were in place the Blue Star Children were able to incarnate to do their special work. They will be born at the 9th DIMENSIONAL level of consciousness and they will ANCHOR their material incarnation into the PARADISE GRID.

Children of the BLUE STAR, the energy and color harmonic on which these children incarnate is a Ray of intense Sapphire Blue. But within this Sapphire Ray are also flashes of white diamond light, it is like blue lightning a fiery cosmic energy of a very high vibration.

Those of you who have been able to feel their energy have felt dizziness and spaceyness and experienced a detoxification as your bodies have entrained to the vibration of these incoming souls as they HELP to lift the Planet further on her Ascension journey. What makes these new children unique and wonderful as well is that their soul templates derive from the SIRIUS Star System. And they bring a new Template to Earth that will carry the seeds of further HUMAN SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION and growth in the New Earth.

Yes, dearest souls, even now as the new Earth is birthing, the higher dimensions are heartful of ensuring that humanity continues to evolve and grow through the Octaves of Light. The Blue Star Children carry within themselves the seeds of life on an Octave of experience that begins with the 9th dimension, the place where most of you will have completed your ascension journey.

The Blue Star Children stand poised to continue the journey towards the Light, but this will not be for many generations as yet, for these children will be SEEDS in what they bring will be shared with all of Earth’s Christed population. Holding Peace and bringing vitality initially, the Blue Star Children will incarnate across all communities, but they will seek especially to incarnate into indigenous communities or to parents who have close ties to indigenous communities. The reason for this is that their 1st! part of their work is to revitalize and reenergize the indigenous traditions of Earth.

As these children incarnate into these communities, their presence will be like BLUE LIGHTNING. There will be such a current of vitality in their presence that will transform and energize the traditions and wisdom’s of the indigenous peoples. They themselves will honor these traditions and accord them with great respect. This is necessary so that the new Earth population will learn to accept and honor the Earth wisdom of the Indigenous communities once again and that these communities shake off any feelings of exploitation and INADEQUACY and Once again honor the Source wisdom in their traditions and rituals.

Initially also, these children will be ANCHOR Points for the energy of PEACE!!!!!!! ❤🌎

Their very presence will radiate Peace and Calm. Those of you who have felt their vibration recently, have also noticed how sensitive you feel and how connected to the flow of your heart’s feelings. This is the energy of the Blue Star Children, they will be immensely powerful but it will be the power of absolute integrity and alignment with higher principles. They will be completely aligned with the energy of the Heart and with the Light of Source from their birth. And they will never lose that higher connection. They will be powerful, but they will also be very gentle. Their very gentleness will create that space of Peace with which you will come to recognize them. So, dearest Light Workers, in the midst of all the turmoil and change and challenges of this special time, welcome the Children of the LIGHTNING BLUE RAY to your Planet. (3:33 pm)


Commentary from Jessica
(Moral of the story, hold more babies!! 😊😊 Love them, Protect them, Guide them with LOVE. They need all of that from us. We are all THEIR parents as they have also been ours. I love you FAMILY, Mother and Fathers. Thank you immensely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Love Always, J.)