Yeshua: Changes Through You

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Jesus Christ and I have come today to again bless the world, through you my dear brothers and sisters on earth. It is all you people on Earth who will redeem the world’s debt and the debt you carry on your own shoulders. It may seem like a heavy burden, but the burden can become easy as a spring if you feel the strong power of forgiveness. Forgiveness to yourself, to all those who have caused you grief or hurt you in any way. It is lessons, dear ones, lessons that take you higher up in your compassion and understanding of the world you live in. You grow from the footers upwards until you reach the gate of heaven. There, at the threshold, God Himself lifts you into the kingdom of heaven. By that point you have forgiven everything and no debt is on your shoulders anymore. You have a free and pure mind and your heart glows with golden yellow rays of love. The world is no longer evil but it is good and loving. This is where you are heading my beloved friends on Earth, and this is the path that I walk with you now.

A pardon may seem awkward, but a serious pardon can open up new gates, ports that have never seen the light of day. They have been hidden from your eyes because your eyes have only seen old patterns from earlier eras on Earth. It is time now to let the eyes get used to another light, a higher vibration of love and light. They then discover other patterns, finer and more beautiful patterns and they begin to understand that they have looked in the wrong direction. This is when you understand that reality can only change through your own vision. What you see is what you act for, so where is your sight, dear friends. Is it in the power of forgiveness or in the judgment.

Yes, it is you who decides, dear brothers and sisters. My goal is for you to discover the power of forgiveness and lay down all your weapons, for they do not belong to God. God has given you the power of forgiveness so that you can again take the steps that lead you back home to the light and love. God is only love and it is with love that he leads you home. In the world of God only love exists and to enter His kingdom, you need to put all blame and all judgment behind you. To achieve this, you need to have confidence in yourself and the truth that lives within you. Your innermost essence consists of pure and innocent love, created by your Father and it remains untouched, pure and innocent forever. It is your own essence that you should seek, the pure unconditional love, which is part of your Father and part of you, that lies and rests within you. It is well protected and just waiting for you to find it again. The road there can sometimes be tricky and you may encounter some obstacles on your way. These obstacles are there to heal and purify you, so that you release all that does not belong to the qualities of unconditional love. Sometimes the road you walk on can feel difficult and sometimes it can feel easy. The difficult one is usually the most educational and a difficult path can then be replaced by an easier one. It can be like walking in valleys. An easier road is replaced by a heavier and steeper path, and then an exit route that ends with a simpler and more straight path. You have all walked roads, valleys that have been replaced with mountain ranges to later open into an opening of light and peace. Now you are on your way through your last valley. The valley that leads you home to the light and love again.

Thank you for all the experience you have gained. Thank you for all the insights that have come to you. Thank life for what it is, a school that increases the knowledge of yourself and passes on to everything beyond. See life as a gentle hand that slowly pulls you in the right direction. There is a saying that “all roads bear to Rome” but I would say that “all roads bear to God.”, The source of all that exists. Today he calls you to walk by his side again. His calling is widely heard today on Earth. It’s time to go home, my dear brothers and sisters. I will walk by your side until you stand at the gate of heaven again, and there you will again again enter the kingdom of heaven to which you belong.

Your servant and brother, Jesus Christ!

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