Mother Mary: Old Energies Coming Up to Be Released

mary magdalene eraoflightMother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today to give you an update. I know that you are in a place where things look discouraging and chaotic. And it seems to only get worse by the day. And that is true in your reality dear heart. It is because the current energies which are being brought up to the surface for the release purpose. What you see is the reflection of what is being released. The old energies are being brought up and released. They are the old consciousness, and the old human miscreation. They have been buried deeply in the core of Gaia and now they have been dug out. They are leaving the planet as I speak. So try to detach and sit tight dear heart. It is in Divine’s and your best interest that you detach from the releasing of the old energies and be the peace and love you are.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. I know some of our light workers who have been working hard to stay in the heart and performing their Divine duties. Time like now is challenging for many to conducting their divine missions and I understand that. From a human perspective, the human mind has the capacity of pulling you out of your orbit and taking you to where there is a distraction. If you let your mind control you dear heart, your time ahead can be very challenging because things are going to get more chaotic before settling down. So my advice for you is to keep a minimum distractions in your life possible and do your best to stay in the heart center.

Know overall, the Divine plan is working for the divine and we, the Divine is in control. It is just the process that seems very disturbing. But it is only the process. That is all. Please allow yourself to relax and disengage. Let the Divine do the work. Know everything happens for a reason. Just allow and be the peace and calm for the planet and humanity. I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li