Ivo of Vega: Abundance

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: So I’m trying to eat lunch and Ivo is talking to me. I was figuring out what I know about abundance and apparently I’m a beginner but there are some things. One: It’s about vibration. Raise your vibration, increase your abundance.

Two: A negative attitude, hating others for their money, being jealous of what others have, complaining about how broke you are – all work against you. Those are lower vibrational habits that have to be dispensed with. You don’t have to love everyone who’s rich but don’t hate them anyway.

Then Ivo drops this truth bomb and I’ll let him explain.

Ivo: I was telling you, my love, that you are following your parents’ examples. Your father was a compulsive spender who would spend his $20 your mother would give him every Saturday afternoon. It was his way of indulging and blowing off steam.

Me: His allowance. I used to laugh at him. He was a hoarder and came back with loads of bowling balls and golf clubs!

Ivo: He was indeed. He was a compulsive spender. You were as well, however giving up sugar has curtailed your habit.

Ivo: Your mother was the pinch penny, and she amassed a small fortune saving and scrimping all her life. She fed you vegetables all the time because this is the dutch diet but they are also cheap.

Me: Yes. Good ol’ potatos. I still love them.

Ivo: So you had two extremes to take your example from, my love. You either had compulsive spending modeled for you, or compulsive saving. Neither is abundant thinking.

Me: No.

Ivo: Abundance is being in the flow. There is a flow of love and your being in it, aligning with it, is what keeps you abundant.

Me: That sounds like some hippy guru stuff, Ivo. Did you get left in the 60s?

Ivo: You did at times, my love. They are simply speaking the truth. Abundance is a frequency and it is finding that frequency and remaining in it.

Me: So how does my financial situation relate to my parents’?

Ivo: You are becoming a scrimper and saver. You spend wisely for the most part. You realize you do not have it to squander, however this is not abundant thinking. Scrimping is fear-based behaviour.

Your behaviour must come from self love, not from fear of lack. The fact that you have experienced much lack in your life has created the situations that you experienced as poverty. There are times that you created wealth for yourself as well.

Me: I worked steady jobs.

Ivo: Which is the system and that is not the way either. So we will leave those out.

Me: Okay. So I was self employed at times.

Ivo: Doing what you loved – graphic design.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: You were full of confidence and you knew you would do this. And you did.

Me: So that’s a clue. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to go and work for themselves, does it?

Ivo: Since your system is meant to keep you in lack, I would say that self employment is a good way to go for lightworkers – as long as they keep themselves in that abundant flow.

Me: Okay. I’m hearing sitars playing… Timothy Leary….

Ivo: Laugh if you must, my dear, they were speaking the truth.

For lightworkers, their parents’ model is not necessarily the model to follow – that is my point. It was the model of a human living in the Matrix system, however your job is NOT to do this. Your job as a lightworker is to learn to live within the Universal system of Love.

Me: Got it!

Ivo: Athena told you “Abundance is Love,” did she not?

Me: Yes. She did the other night.

Ivo: The work is to continue to view your reaction around money since that is the symbol of abundance on your planet. Also to view your reaction to yourself. Any unloving thoughts must be countered with a thought of love.

My dear, you do not have a 20 year old body, and you are not in the best shape, however you have a heart of gold, and I told you to look at your heart when you criticize your body. Remember as well that saying, “I am fat” is making you fat. Saying “I am healthy” is a good affirmation. Affirm the good even if it does not appear to be present.

Me: Right.

Ivo: Your attitude towards yourself and what you feel you deserve in life is important. Anything that stands in your way must be loved and it will disappear. Fat shaming, feeling you’re not as good as the rich people, comparing yourself to the rich people, thinking that others are living wonderful lives because they appear to be doing so – you do not know what goes on inside their minds. Many people put up appearances. All this societal junk thinking must be removed. Having parents that put you down because it suited their power over others agenda must be loved and forgiven.

You are abundant. It is to be accepting of this.It is to know this within your heart. Your journey of abundance is one of the self. It has nothing to do with what others have or who they are. It is an inner journey.

As you receive our messages you put yourself in a receptive mode to let the messages come through, so you should be in a receptive mode for your good.

It would be a good exercise for those requiring money or abundance to come to them, to sit in a receptive position and to be open to your good. Clear your mind of thoughts and ask for your good. This is receptive and so you must be. Connect with it through being the receptor. Understand that prime creator is the benefactor.

Continue to repeat this exercise to put yourself into the mindset more easily.

Another habit you have, my love, is one of being self sufficient. You believe that “you can do it.” Alone, with no assistance and entirely on your own merit, you have set out to prove to the world and to your mother, that you are capable. This is a reaction to her putdowns, my love. For starters.

How has that worked for you?


Ivo: All beings – all humans – are connected into groups where the greater good is focused upon. And so should you be. You are a group consciousness, and you are conscious. Individuality is granted for learning purposes however, you are part of a group and when that group incarnates it is to assist the other group members. That is where the expression “the greater good” has come from and it refers to group consciousness.

You all, as lightbeings, but earthlings as well, have a group of generally unseen beings that you came to rely upon. However, the veil of amnesia has cut you off from us and we have had to work in the background to aid you. Many are unfamiliar with how that aid would appear. There are many writings on using the intuition and how to understand non-telepathic messages from guides and other assistants on your internet. We have a video channeled by Adama on using your intuition.

The problem with earthlings is they have predominantly relied upon their intellect and overridden their intuition. This is third dimensional thinking which does not get you very far considering you are a multi-dimensional consciousness. You are multidimensional so now you must learn to live as one.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are my inspiration, your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music notwithstanding.

Me: LOL I was planning on bringing my CD collection to Vega.

Ivo: You will find music there more suitable to your higher vibration. I can’t get no satisfaction will be left upon earth.



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