Judas Iskariot: Great Strides

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I just want to say that humanity is now making great strides in its evolution on Earth. This shift is not a small shift, but it is a big shift in consciousness and love. You do it now with your Earth and then everything happens on a large scale. Previously, you have risen on Earth individually but now it is happening on a global level. It makes it all the more complicated since humanity, just like Earth, is at different levels in its evolution. Some of you have come a long way and are prepared for this shift while others are still trying to look beyond the world of veils. Still others face greater maturation processes than previously experienced on Earth.

Earth and humanity have taken on their challenges, in the way that suits them best. There are some that propel development forward, and some that slow down when they are not ready enough to fly yet. Yes, so is life, it goes a little back and forth, even though it is slowly moving forward a little snap at a time. The earth is one step ahead of its development, so it is an extra pressure on the solitude now to be able to keep up with and support his Earth. Those of you who follow Mother Earth have a great task in following their heart, and to ground you so that a balance can be struck between heaven and earth. You are part of the shift and cooperation with the Earth is very important in these times. You need to be connected to both the Earth and the Source in order for a balance to occur, so that the shift can be as painless as possible. Notice that the shift first occurs within you. It can then be manifested except in different ways, depending on what your task is in this life.

Take a deep breath now, dear Earthlings, and visualize your world with the love you find deep within you. Feel how all fear fades and how you open up new opportunities in your life. Where are you? Is it something you are longing for … or do you just feel the love and peace within you and want to stay in it. Good, good friends, stay there for a while, as long as you need, it strengthens and heals you. It gives you the balance you need to shape your life according to your heart. The soul has a plan even if it is only your own development that is in focus. And, dear friends, that is also the most important thing, the more that follow Mother Earth in her development, the more stable the Earth becomes. Making the shift within yourself is a difficult enough challenge. It is a feat, dear ones, and you are helping thousands of others just by helping yourself develop in compassion and love. It is then that joy spreads throughout the world and it affects each and every one who has begun to take their first steps towards light, freedom and love.

It’s a big shift happening on Earth now, dear friends, and you’re part of it. No one can avoid the rays of light that awaken people today at all their different levels. Some experience the essence of love, others are triggered to release their darkness. Darkness and light release each other at an ever faster rate and because the light has a higher vibration, the darkness loses more and more its power. That’s how we see it, dear Earthlings, it’s a time of harmony and chaos, of which chaos is slowly being broken down in favor of love, which now Earth and many of her allies prefer to work toward. The earth longs for harmony and love just like most of humanity.

Mother Earth holds its protective wings over you and guides you and yourself along with you toward the kingdom of love that has now made its first entrance on Earth.

God be with you and bless you all – Amen.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg