Focusing Your Mind During Chaos; Role of Your Spiritual Heart

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomWe’re now sitting in a powerful and intense cycle of Scorpio energy – bringing to the surface emotions and power plays of both a personal and societal nature. Simultaneously, this energy can catalyze revelations and surprises beneficial for your spiritual path. A key challenge in accessing these benefits is being able to focus your mind during chaos. Continue reading to better understand this challenge and the role of your spiritual heart in accessing clarity before taking action.


As a reminder, we live in unprecedented times. This requires regular updating of approaches for navigating the world. As the chaos of society’s massive overhaul unfolds we are learning to adapt more quickly than our ancestors could.

This speedy adaptation is essential and it’s an ongoing thing for each of us. I mention this so you can come back to context of the big picture. We are conditioned to compare things with what happened before, and what we did before.

That linear perspective is not only unworkable for living as quantum beings, but it won’t support us in adapting with increasing quickness to this modern form of chaos. We must be flexible, open, and available for shifting on a dime!

Don’t let that scare you. Your life is purposeful, not accidental. It’s important to remember this daily. Trust that you will be intuitively shown what you need to evolve. Stay present. Meditate and do your spiritual practice daily. Inquire within as much or more than you inquire in your outside world.

Spiritual Heart Wisdom

Deep within you is your enlightened spiritual heart. It can help you see the truth of things. It can help you bring your focus back to what’s important when you start worrying or ruminating. It knows what’s good for you – on a spiritual level – beyond what your human eyes can see. When you get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what you need to engage with on a daily basis – your spiritual heart can help you come back to yourself and what’s essential in the moment.

Energies to Watch

During the remainder of October and into November are some key energies to watch.

Scorpio New Moon – October 27-28: This moon is likely to catalyze very deep feelings. Extremely old wounds may arise surprisingly after you see a longtime friend or view something online. Emotions may be on the surface in all kinds of conversations, reflecting upset with happenstance. To benefit most, apply your spiritual tools and take time daily to go within and be still.

Mercury Retrograde – October 31-November 20: The most obvious impact is communications, sometimes leading to missed meetings or misunderstandings about what was said. During an intense time like we have now, cycles like retrogrades tend to feel amplified. Do your best to be calm. One day at a time, staying present to yourself and your inner guidance about how to respond.

Moving Into November: As we begin November you may notice more hidden information coming to light regarding things that were hidden. These certainly will be societal in nature, but we’re all personally impacted.

Consider this: Oftentimes our conditioned self will suppress information it doesn’t want to see or deal with. It’s like a protective shield. In these times of radical changes, the sheer momentum of so much shifting in the outer world can dismantle that shield. All of a sudden, it seems, we can see something about ourselves that we couldn’t access before. These self-realizations can be just what we needed to break out of our self-imposed protection – becoming more free and able to shine our light.


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