Our Emerging New Reality: The Past No Longer Serves Us

waves of light eraoflightdotcomOur entire direction into our New 5th Dimensional Reality is completely through our internal world.  Our physical features were never designed to be more than a physical identity.  Our internal world serves as our constant guide into our physical world!

Who we are today is a mirror reflection of our past conditioning originating from the influences of every thought, emotion, perception, and choice we have ever achieved.

Today, our past will no longer serve us.  Expansion in that direction has hit the wall.  It’s over and done.  We are all within a process of releasing our past conditioning and influences.  We are proceeding into a new experience with Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional world. What now seems like a daily bombardment of chaos and confusion throughout our world is actually a demonstration of our commencement towards ALL CHANGE!  If we are already in acceptance of All Change, we will see the world as it truly is now – that is, humanity is entering into our New 5th Dimensional Reality.

The iconic symbols, systems and structures, and edifices of the past are failing and deteriorating before us!  We need to find our new direction. If we follow the physical pathways of what we have known from our past, mankind too will fail and deteriorate within the restrictive residue of our past thinking and experience.

What our consciousness currently lacks is a Universal Mindset – the understanding and comprehension – and the remembrance – of how we gain the Knowledge and experience for living in Our New Reality! It’s a tall order – especially since most of humanity is still dealing with understanding and comprehending the conceptions of our past Reality – our history. It is also necessary to the overall evolution of humanity into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension!

Is humanity’s understanding and comprehension adapted and open to receive the daily protocol within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension?  Will the next century or two become humanity’s learning period for adopting a Universal Mindset?  In this now moment, it remains too early to tell what humanity will decide. Nevertheless, it IS achievable.

The Soul has a Purpose. The Soul has an intended direction for the Future. Our New Reality is Emerging!  Our New Reality is an experience of Spirit – without Time, Space and Motion.  Our New Reality is the experience of Spirit within our entire Heart and Soul.  Life on Earth is an internal experience, not just a purely physical one!  Humanity is being directed towards an adaptation and expansion phase to ACTIVATE the Soul’s Pathway through the Soul’s Purpose!

As you can see, Dear Ones, there is much chaos and confusion within the world’s Collective Consciousness!   This push/pull and contrast will continue into the next year.  From October 25, 2019 through March 13, 2020 humanity’s alignment to a Universal Mindset for our participation within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be gaining strength and momentum.  Activation of our Soul’s Pathway will be occurring during February and March 2021.

Peace and blessings in Oneness. Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation – Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia. » Source