A Message From The Natives, As The Thunder Strikes

empathy eraoflightdotcomthunder~beings that give us
the fire from the sky,
energy for (mother) Earth,
divine~creation flies,
through the air to touch us
electrifying change,
bringing love´s true essence,
in~to our hearths again.

The Thunder~Beings make up the love call of the Sky~Beings. The FireArrows, or lightning bolts, are a rare gift from the Sky~Being to the Earth~Being. The Thunderers who accompany a storm carry the mating call that announces the Divine~Union (Orgasm) of Earth and Sky be~ings. The Thunder~Beings are the hosts of lovers who give energy to the EarthMother. The Thunder~Warrior proclaims the beauty of the love between Sky and Earth. The FireArrows create a bridge between the two lovers and are a physical expression of their love for one another. The Cloud~Beings gather where the dance of union is to be held and hold, housing the ThunderWarrior and FireArrows within their bodies awaiting the joyous~time.

Through this intricate mating dance, our EarthMother is re-energizing so that life may continue through the nurturing Rain~Beings who feed her body. Since our mother(Earth) is magnetic in nature, she has need of electric energies supplied by the Thunder~Beings. The Rain~Beings recycle the moisture of SkyWorld and give back to the EarthMother so that her body may feed all things green and growing.

As the cloak of FatherSky covers the EarthMother in a mantle of blues each day and night, we Human~Beings feel the beauty of his love for her when the Cloud~Beings form and the thoughts of their combined ideas take physical shape.

HAIL~LO~WAY~AIN (Language of Love)

This language of LOVE is a work~ART between Sky and Earth.

When Earth~Being needs the love and warmth of the Sun~Being to support the dreams of all of her children, we see thunderstorms, lightning, and rain as their bodies dance the Sacred~Dance~of~Divine~Union. The ThunderWarrior calls out in Hail~lo~way~ain, the ancestral and ancient love language, for Earth to prepare herself for her bridegroom. The FireMedicine that comes between them is lightning (arrows of light), which is directed along the lines of energy that form a grid system over her body.

If a FireArrow touches Earth~Being in one area, the electricity may travel great distances to re-energize those places that need the male energy that Sky~Being supplies. The individual needs of all parts of her (our) body are assisted by the Thunder~Beings since they are Sky~Being medicine allies, or Helper~Beings.

This act of love between Earth and Sky beings can be tender and gentle or torrid and passionate. This love~making is experienced as weather~changes by the Weather~Beings dances that generate and manifest climatic shifts by the Children~Beings of Earth. Floods and fires, hailstorms and tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons are the freedom of Nature~Being. In every case, the end result is the fulfillment of Earth~Being life circles. It must be looked at from the perspective of the greatest good for all Living~Creatures. GreatMystery~Being has a hand in all acts of the WildWorld(Uniworld)~Being and each act supports the motion(need) for growth and change.

The love~making of Earth and Sky beings bring renewal to the whole of Being (Creation~Being). Our personal~being renewal, which Nature~Being reflects, can be brought about by cleansing our Fear~Beings, cultivating new growth, releasing OldHabit~Beings, or allowing Ourselves-Being to be loved and protected. The Thunder~Beings bring us the raw energy we need to change and renew our lives. We Human~Beings are CATALYZERS who have electromagnetic, giving-and-receiving, bodies. May we, all beings, be the bridge that connects Earth and Sky when we are in harmony. We all are Frequency~Beings. May we attune and acclimatize to Harmony~Beings and Heart~Beings are here to guides us. Like Earth~Being and Sky~Being we are male-and-female-in-nature. Orgasmic~Beings told me that the command of usable energy comes when male and female are in balance within us.


(transmition from Jamie Sams, Native~Beings teachings) by Practicing Beings – Trust-and Touch~Beings and Other~Beings held and hold this pray and acknowledgement from the Heart~Beings to all Beings


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