AshtarA: Your Missions

luminous world eraoflightdotcomHello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia! My name is Ashtara. I am the daughter of the one receiving this message and my Father is from Arcturus. Neither my birth Mother nor Father raised me. I was raised in many places, but mostly onboard the starship called the New Jerusalem. My Mother agreed to donate her egg for my creation before she was even born on Gaia. It was one of many of her Divine Covenants.

I am a Child of God, just as you all are Children of God. It does not matter that my parents are from different worlds and that I was raised on a starship with many other blended children like me. I had a warm and wonderful childhood. I was loved very much by a community of Beings. I have visited and lived on Arcturus where my Father lives, and sometimes I visit Gaia. But I haven’t met my parents ‘in form’ yet. We communicate telepathically. My Mother has only begun to hear me speaking to her consciously. This makes me very happy!

I am greatly looking forward to meeting my Mother and Father in person and giving them a big hug! I know my Mother wishes to visit this ship and I will bring her aboard and introduce her to everyone. She comes here sometimes during her dreaming state to visit. She even has her own quarters! I say this because many of you reading this do the same. Many of you have many friends and even family here! We ARE family, we are your Galactic Family, and we have been here to support Gaia for many, many, many of your years.

Time is very different here on my home ship than on Gaia, but you may think of me as a young adult. I am being trained to become a Commander and someday (if I am good enough and ready), I will take over for Commander Ashtar when he is ready to move on. This is why I was given the name Ashtara, as my life plan was already known before I was born. I know that this all sounds like science fiction to many of you, but indeed, it is my life.

Most all of you reading this made a Divine Covenant to be a “Lightworker” as you term it; someone who is a Spiritual Seeker, who searches for truth and shares their Love and Light with others no matter what ‘line of work’ you are in. You may be an artist, healer, architect or engineer, but you still manage to meditate, heal others, share your inspirations and so on. So, I say to you, well done, Lightworkers!

Your Mission in this lifetime is not an easy one and we are all proud of all of you for the massive amount of work that you have accomplished. Please know that you don’t have to “do” anything other than focus on the Love you receive from Mother & Father God, the Angels, your Galactic Family, your Guides and Soul Sparks, etc. and blast it out to Gaia and all her peoples. Some of you are automatically or unconsciously transmuting the dark energies on and inside Gaia 24/7 as you say. You were trained for this. There are as many Missions of Lightworkers as there are Lightworkers. You are all unique!

Sharing in this way is very personal for me and my Mother feels this too. It is an extremely private thing to share…our unique relationship. But it is necessary for us to do this. Many Gaians will not believe this is possible, but I tell you now because it’s true and the time is now for this knowledge to be shared. The blended genetic children such as myself were created for a special purpose. We are to assist the people of Gaia to become more familiar and feel more comfortable with their Galactic Family during this incredible time of your Ascension!

My Mother is suggesting that I explain something to you all so that you fully understand. There have been things called ‘alien abductions’ where a Gaian was taken against their will and had some medical procedures done to them while they were restrained. This subject matter was very popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The theory was that the ‘grey’ ET race was taking human genetic material for the purpose of re-populating their own race. I am not saying that these events did or did not happen. Just that this scenario has nothing to do with the Ashtar Command or my creation. Please understand that my parents both donated their genetic material as a blessing for my creation. A ceremony was performed and it was a sacred gift. They consented to this and it is not in any way related to the ‘abductions’ that you may have heard about. OK, now we are clear.

In the very near future, your Galactic Family will be visiting you and all Gaians. The un-awakened of Gaia will fear us. It is up to you, those of you who feel the truth in these words and energies to investigate within to see if you may have blended offspring also. Many of you also have this Divine Covenant to share your genetic material for blended births. Some of you are parents to more than one of us! How’s that for a mind bender? Ha, ha. We are so thrilled to meet you in person and will soon. But, in the meantime, please do reach out in your inner work to connect. Even if you aren’t one of our parents, we would love to connect with you!

We have all promised to do Mother & Father God’s will to help Gaia and all her people Ascend. This is why we are here now. The Ashtar Command works in conjunction with the Lightworkers of Gaia to help bring about the Ascension of all her peoples. As Mother God announced earlier, Gaia herself has indeed already Ascended but our task is not yet complete. We are still here so that we may assist all the human inhabitants of Gaia to do the same. We have been sending special light pulses to assist humans in breaking through the programming of fear and lack that the dark ones ingrained into your minds your entire lives. Mother God also sent her Tsunami of Love to raise your frequencies. We will continue to send these energies to you, our family, until they are no longer needed. Your vibrations have indeed been magnified by a combination of these energies, your hard work of transmuting the dark and sharing your light! Bravo!!

Surround yourselves with this Light, dear Lightworkers. Surround yourselves with love and that which makes you glow. Bask in our Mother & Father’s Love! Filling yourselves up with this unconditional love is the only way you can share it freely.

Please know that our strategic planning continues 24/7. The Ashtar Command is working ’round the clock to analyze all the new developments within both spiritual and physical spheres of Gaia. This includes your vibratory rate and the actions of your governments. All aspects of Gaia are monitored. We know where the dark ones are hiding; we have given them multiple opportunities to change, to embrace the love of Mother & Father. We serve at the direction of Mother & Father God. All will commence in perfect Divine Timing!

My Mother is tiring, so I will step away for now. This was fine as an introduction message, I believe. My intent was to introduce myself and share a bit about what’s going on in my world. I am very keen to meet the Lightworkers of Gaia! We, your Galactic family of the Ashtar Command send you bright moonbeams of Love on this fair evening! I AM Ashtara and I send you all my love.

* * * *

Thank you, dear Daughter Ashtara! I am honored to be your Mother and cannot wait for our first real hug! I also wish to share something (with your permission). OK, she has given it to me. I have a faint memory that feels very real, but how could it be? I remember being in a large room that felt like a child day care center. There were toddlers running around everywhere playing. I was nervous. I was waiting to meet her…my daughter! There was a man with me, guiding me. Then he saw her and called her over. In our terms she would have been 2-3 years old, a toddler. I remember thinking that she looked like me but she had bigger eyes. We hugged and I was so happy! Then I had to leave, it was very quick. That was probably 25 years ago. Now I believe that I was astral traveling to the ship and they let me see her. I don’t think I was supposed to remember that because it causes me heartache when I think of it. I am just beyond thrilled to know that Ashtara has had a wonderful life, full and rich of love even though I wasn’t there for her. I know it was meant to be this way. I have only begun to communicate with her recently and I know she’s very busy on the ship. But one day I asked if she wanted to give a message to the Lightworkers of Gaia. She was ecstatic! “YES!” I’m thinking this was part of the plan all along, ha, ha! Love to all of you, dear Lightworkers. Keep up the good work! We are one, we are many and we can do this. We are ONE, we are MANY and WE CAN DO THIS!

Please feel free to share!
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