Fox News Guest Talking About Military Dogs Blurts Out ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’

free world news eraoflightdotcomIn light of a dog reportedly helping to take out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a former Navy SEAL was invited onto Fox News to discuss military dogs. The interview took an unexpected turn when Mike Ritland, a K-9 trainer and the founder of Warrior Dog Foundation, blurted out “Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Ritland appeared on on Watters’ World on Saturday, leaving host Steve Watters with a smirk on his face before uttering, “Thank you for that commentary.”

Last week Trump tweeted a “declassified” photo of the dog he claims captured and killed al-Baghdadi. The dog was reportedly injured during the ordeal in which no U.S. service members were hurt or killed.

With an increase in discussion of military dogs as a results of the president’s tweet, Ritland asked Watters if he could “throw a PSA out real quick.”

The former Navy SEAL then told viewers to use caution if seeking to adopt a military dog who has completed its service:

“The remarkable nature of these dogs and them being highlighted in the news creates a huge demand by people that frankly shouldn’t have them.

If you see the coverage and you decide ‘I want one of these dogs,’ either buy a fully trained and finished dog from a professional or just don’t get one at all… and Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Fox News made headlines last week when Dr. Michael Baden, the private pathologist and former New York City chief medical examiner who observed Epstein’s autopsy, publicly disputed Barbara Sampson’s official declaration that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, trigging an increase in memes saying the same.


» Source » By Emma Fiala