Angel Messages: The Timeless Will Eclipse The Timebound

angel messages eraoflightdotcomYour thoughts make the world you look upon. Stated more accurately, the thoughts you choose to believe make the world you look upon. Two sets of thoughts are always available to you. You hear the thoughts you value. When you realize that stressful thought is not valuable to you, you allow yourself to hear the thoughts of Truth.

If  you allow thoughts of Truth to take over, what you look upon will reflect Truth back to you. True thoughts bring the certainty that no one can be truly harmed, and no one can truly harm another. This certainty allows you to relax into safety of the guidance that leads you through and out of the world you made with thought.

Despite the fantasy made by thoughts, creation of what is Real continues unabated, unharmed, and untouched by the fantasies of harm being enacted here. You are not wrong to enact fantasies of harm and death. Believing that this experience means that you and others have done wrong is what keeps you enmeshed in the guidance of stressful thought. Allowing stressful thought to guide keeps you in the fantasy, and you see others as there with you and as subject to the harm that is enacted in it.

What you are cannot be wrong. What others are cannot be wrong. Believing that a being can be wrong keeps the being believing in a character that can do wrong, that can condemn, that can condemn others. Suffering is your signal to stop fantasizing, to remember your Safety, to allow that Safety to guide you in every moment. You are not able to hear the thoughts of Safety when you are busily engaged in a struggle to achieve egoic goals.

When you stop to listen to what is True, you can allow your world to become a reflection of this constant extension of pure Love. You can allow your world to become a reflection of ease, worthiness and abundance. It all starts with thought. Believing that current conditions are real gives them a solidity that seems difficult to budge. Seeing conditions as fantasy made by thought imbues them with a flexibility that is compatible with the miracle. See no limits, and live in a world where the miracle can do its healing work.

It’s up to you. You can’t stop healing, but you can delay it by seeings limits as true and solid. In this world, you can block that perception of unabated creation, unceasing extension of love, in order to have another experience. Once you realize that this other experience is suffering, you become willing to set it down. You don’t fight for achievements anymore, because achievements are seen as a struggle against the flow of Love. Becoming willing to flow with Love, you become open to the thoughts of Truth and Safety that guide you into the ease of knowing that you are always supported, always worthy of complete support.

Even though you don’t actually have a back because you have never been a body, we’ve got your back in this fantasy of one. We stand here to remind you of what you are and always have been–our equal–so you can trust this urge to let go of your shackles and to allow the timeless to eclipse the timebound in your sight. We feel your gratitude, and we thank you for your willingness.


» Source » Channel: Jules Miel