Judas Iskariot: The Light Within

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I wonder how many of you are seeking the light within. How many of you have discovered flashes of light that flow from your heart every now and then. I also wonder if you are looking for them again and trying to keep them, or if you are hiding them because you dare not come into the light. The light is revealing and it shows all the flaws we carry. However, we all carry on flaws until the light has shone brightly, and we have let go of all the old that has been lying and hindered us, to move forward in our development in the light path that has now been prescribed for us. A development that leads us to a greater insight, a greater understanding of life, ourselves, and our fellow human beings. These light rays glow relentlessly on us until we open up and allow ourselves to be led into the light. The light gives us peace and harmony, it shows a different picture of reality than the one you have become accustomed to seeing. As we look through the light, we enter into a fuller world, a world that receives a glimmer of love, and you see and understand where you are going, and who is coming with you.

It’s time to go to the light, dear children, the light within you that transforms everything old into new. A new rebirth begins at the very moment you choose to follow the light and lets it lead you to the gate of eternity of light and love. It’s time to leave the darker zone of your life to enter a brighter zone of expectation, hope and joy. It is only a short step away. There is no reason to hesitate, for your life can only get better when you have the courage to meet yourself in the light of light. Behind your illusory disguise awaits a child of light. That child is you, dear Earthlings, Expectation and joy shine in your eyes. Laughter and tears replace each other, because now you have found home. You have found your “I”, your “Self” and it feels like time has stood still and so it is in a way. Use your inner child to find what you are looking for, it will show you the way home to yourself.

Take the first step today and then move on to the next and next … until you reach the goal of peace and love. It is when your mind and heart are filled with peace and love that you are at home with yourself and the light that burns within you. You have probably experienced it many times and renamed it in your still moments. It is a good start and some steps have been taken so that you can find this peace and love. The challenge now is to try to keep it in your daily life. Small portions of peace and love that will slowly transition to larger and larger portions of peace and love. Eventually, this state of mind will become a major part of your daily life. You live in peace with yourself and those you meet on your way. The peace that you radiate is passed on to your fellow human beings and it in turn affects their state of mind, a spark that ignites within them, and which now has a chance to flare up, a change is happening or is about to happen, which in turn will affect their everyday lives and the people they meet on their way.

This is important, dear Earthlings, the more people who seek and find their inner peace, the more peaceful the world becomes. It is so simple but can still seem so difficult. Your Father shines with his peace within you and whoever seeks will find, for it is said and so it is written. Search now, dear Earthlings, some must start to show the way to others, you all have a task in this. You all have someone who follows … and so it is.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg