Earth Intelligence Report For November 2019

world news eraoflightdotcomThe compartment of your governmental branches is now entering a state of great flux. There is a current rearrangement that is taking place within the western and eastern levels of modernized government that will continue to shift deeply within enabling new foundation-based leaders that will exercise the expulsion of all tyrannical operation that have been operational for many decades. This will lead into continual arrests and apprehensions of criminal organizations that have led a powerful agenda-based empire leading to mistreatment of innocent individuals, complete disassociation of truthful events that can benefit humanity technologically, educationally, and economically. This massive sweeping of inner cleansing shall continue to become enabled and operated throughout the remainder of your 2019 year and in the early half of your 2020 year.

You will see the dismantling of these public figures relating to political and financial leadership operatives that shall be removed from power very quietly. There will be many on your planet who will be unaware that these individuals are being removed from their chosen positions. Your Earth is experiencing a deep cleansing cycle that will further the people of your planet to become in alignment to a protesting/retaliation against archaic governmental, political, economic, sociological agendas that will be coming an end. The western world will be one of the last areas on your planet that will further engage in this form of collective protest. The rest of the countries across the world shall continue these protests/retaliations against corrupt authority that shall eventually spread to the west in this fashion.

There are a variety of collapsing timelines taking place that are completely abolishing many forms of false flag operations pertaining to what you would know as inner terrorist attacks. The information pertaining to the fatality of the leader that you would term as ISIS relates to a deeper figurative expression that is also closing the doors to proxy military forces that were staging manufactured operations for these shadow agencies and secret societies. The diminishing of the false flags shall continue, yet there are still remnants of the opposition that create these tactics. However, the operations to dismantle these agenda-based false-flag operations are increasing at a much higher level. The anticipation towards any hostility is met ahead of time to ensure that these attacks to create political, governmental and economical movement are foiled.

Beyond your world, there is also task forces that are assisting in the deconstruction of specific monitoring facilities beyond your Earth, upon your moon, upon other celestial bodies such as Mars and the moon of Mars known as Phobos. These main operation centers are being cleansed of former operatives that worked in alignment with your Earth opposition. It is leading to a new administration that shall work together with specific leaders of your planet who are chosen representing specific levels of governmental, economical and sociological authority. This will lead into the imprinting of a new wave of thinking. Increased health technology. Increased environment and clean energy technology that shall improve your planet.

The dismantling of your fiat currency system. The integration of new alternative monetary systems that shall lead to the end of interest or fiat amounts. This has already been shared to take place in the earlier times of your next decade.

Through these changes taking place throughout the world, it is important that you are seeing these changes, they are not affecting you with anger or fear or hostility. Realize these changes are necessary to shift your world toward a new alignment so that you and your people can work towards organic, grass-root systems as you witness this transition of dismantling pertaining to old systems destined to fall. Work with your innovations. Work with your community. Share what is harmonious to one another as you now begin to build strong foundations that overshadow old foundations simply designed to serve the corrupt.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.