Opening To 5D Love

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomThere is perhaps no feeling quite like that of suddenly experiencing your heart bursting open to a Love that fills your entire being and streams out to everyone and everything around you. Your chest feels warm and expanded, pulsating with vibrant energy. And all mind chatter ceases, as you continue experiencing this extraordinary transformation of your being.

If you’ve ever had this experience, you have likely found that the energy rushing through you is so great, tears fill your eyes. You may even dissolve into sobs of joy and gratitude.

Such an experience can be so intense, you can feel as if you are made of nothing but Love. It doesn’t matter for whom you feel the Love; it’s the Love itself pouring through you that fills you with joy and exhilaration. And you experience the immense power of this Love; you recognize it as perhaps the most powerful force in the universe.

Spiritual Love vs. Emotional Love

It can sometimes be confusing that this kind of transcendent Love emanates from the same heart in which very harsh and painful emotions can also exist. How can this be?

We all actually have two energetic aspects of ourselves that have been called the “heart”. The first is our emotional heart, the one most people recognize. It’s the one that can experience emotional love, but also can feel all emotions, including those of a lower vibration, such as hatred, fear, jealousy, and grief. This heart, of course, is the one that needs healing.

The other heart – the one we could call the Sacred Heart, the Spiritual Heart, or the Higher Heart – is actually a center within your being that has little to do with dark emotions.

Located just above your emotional heart, it is a complex configuration of higher energies and is where you experience spiritual Love, one of the primary qualities of your Soul. It has been called the “portal” to the Soul; and, once you become aware of it, it can indeed feel like a doorway to this higher aspect of yourself.

Emotional Love

However, the kind of Love you experience in your Sacred Heart is not the ordinary kind of love that most people living in 3D consciousness know about. In the Third Dimension, love has many different meanings for people.

But it is probably safe to say that the word refers to an emotion that generally feels really good; yet, depending on how emotionally and spiritually mature a person is, it is often mixed and confused with a sense of need, emotional desire, and/or lust.

It is also an emotion that is conditional; at times, it can even switch instantly into hatred. The experience of being “in love” is especially fraught with sensations of desire, need and lust, and usually with a hope of finally feeling loved and desired.

Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love is quite different. Even aside from intense heart-opening experiences as described above, spiritual Love doesn’t much resemble the feeling of an emotion. Although a powerful emotional element can accompany it, spiritual Love actually is not an emotion; it is a quality of the Soul that naturally appears as an expression of this higher aspect of you. As such, it is totally unconditional in its expression.

When you experience spiritual Love toward a person, it simply is. There is nothing the person can do or say that will ever change it, because you are relating to them as a Soul, rather than as a personality.

You may not choose to allow them to express certain behaviors toward you, or even wish to spend time with them; but, no matter what they may do, you continue to love them, just as they are. You understand that, like everyone, they are doing their very best with how spiritually or psychologically awake they happen to be.

In the Fifth Dimension, this is the kind of Love you will be experiencing toward everyone and every living creature. This 5D Love will be natural, with no conditions. No matter what is occurring, compassion, understanding and empathy will be present.

Accessing your Sacred Heart

Experiencing spiritual Love in your Sacred Heart is an important step in preparing you to enter the Fifth Dimension. But, if you’re feeling closed down and separate, it can sometimes be very difficult to experience it.

In order to fully enter your Sacred Heart and experience the profound Love residing there, it is generally necessary to first pass through your emotional heart. But to do so, this heart needs to be free of low-dimensional energies. Your emotional heart cannot be closed and full of fear or anger, as these emotions will block you in trying to enter your Sacred Heart.

So, if you are experiencing heavy emotions, it’s important to first learn how to open your emotional heart to love. This can be challenging, as it can be painful to fully meet scary emotions that create so much suffering. You feel a natural resistance, a fear of getting overwhelmed by them. You just want them gone.

Healing Your Emotional Heart

To heal your emotional heart of heavy emotions such as grief, sorrow, and hurt, you must be open to allowing them to rise to the surface in your awareness and meet them with compassion.

Before attempting to immediately release or change them, you need to be willing to fully experience them and accept them without judgment. In essence, your heart first needs to break, before it can fully mend and heal.

You may have noticed at times that when a sensation of deep love begins to fill you for someone, you initially experience a sense of your heart painfully breaking. Before you begin feeling the love, you surprisingly feel overwhelming grief or sorrow arising. For this reason, you might immediately want to close down, not realizing this is a preliminary step for you to experience the opening of your emotional heart.

At the same time, when you do feel deep grief arising, it’s important to not fall into the third-dimensional tendency of feeling self-pity. Instead, you can choose to just consciously allow the sensation of heartbreak and be with yourself compassionately, as waves of sorrow pass through you.

In doing this, you will discover that, right behind this sorrow, is the Love you have so desperately longed for, along with an enormous sense of relief and gratitude. You realize that the Love that Source has for you has always been there; you’ve just somehow blocked it. And you become aware of the pain you have caused yourself in holding back your own Love for yourself. As the painful energy that has been locked up in your emotional heart is released, you may find yourself alternately crying and laughing.

With this release can then come a profound opening into the Sacred Heart and a sense of spiritual ecstasy that is part of your spiritual nature. And, with the discharge of negative energy from your emotional heart, you will find that your Soul can then enter more fully into your body and be experienced.

Breathing the Pain Out

Facing and releasing pain from your emotional heart can be an intense process. If it feels too difficult to do alone, it may be helpful to seek professional help with this. However, there are simple techniques you can try on your own that can help you to gently release painful emotions.

One of those is a type of meditation that involves the breath. You begin by taking some continuous deep breaths, in and out, from your emotional heart. With each in-breath, draw in divine Love from Source; with each out-breath, breathe out the heavy emotions. Or, you can breathe in the Love and then visualize it circling back around and re-entering your heart.

This practice can greatly loosen and release heavy emotions. At some point, you can feel into your Sacred Heart and experience there the warmth of the abiding Love that has begun flowing into your entire being.

However you manage to clear heavy energies from your emotional heart, you will find you again have access to the profound mysteries of your Sacred Heart. If you maintain a conscious focus on this Heart, you begin to naturally radiate Love wherever you go, and eventually you experience yourself as Love, itself. And, with this consciousness, you become a healing Presence to all around you and to the world.


» Source » Vidya Frazier