Understanding the Soul’s Journey of Incarnating

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomWhen a soul decides to make its way into third dimensional reality, understand the journey and cycles of life when incarnating.

Who we are, at our core, has been asked for years. Carl Jung spoke of the collective unconsciousness, a piece of us that’s defined by our higher selves or God, and is not the result of our personal experiences. Edgar Cayce spoke of philosophy and reincarnation as he looked at the continuity of spiritual life, from birth to death to rebirth, from a Christian perspective.

A consistent theme across many philosophies and religions is the concept of incarnating. Read on to learn more about incarnating and the Soul’s journey through the universe.

The Soul’s Journey of Incarnating

It’s best to start with some definitions. Keep in mind that the concepts of Soul, Higher Power, God, Birth/Rebirth are all complex and some of our understanding is influenced by our experiences to date.

To fully explore the concept of incarnating takes time and thoughtful meditation.

What Are Souls, Exactly?

Souls can be many things, depending on your perspective. In yogic philosophy, the soul is the piece of Bramha that resides in you. In Christianity, it’s the piece of you that’s born from God.

Souls are consistently believed to be a connection to God or a higher power. They’re connected to a source energy and vibrate at their own unique frequency. Physicists recognize this universal or source energy as the cosmic microwave background. This energy is thought to be the leftover energy from the Big Bang that created the universe. This energy is measurable by modern science and vibrates at a specific frequency, as all things do.

Each individual has their own unique frequency or Soul. Our Soul contains information from our past lives and is affected by our actions in our present lives. In this format, the Soul returns to a physical body with each of our incarnations.

The Incarnation Process

Simply put, the incarnation process is how the soul departs and returns to the physical body. This is the death and birth process of the Soul.

The incarnation process is influenced by the physical world; specifically the Sun, Moon, and Earth movements. Most individuals who study the incarnation process look to the astrological alignments to provide insights.

Many believe that the process of incarnation takes months; 10 to be exact. The Soul is first attracted to the frequency of the physical world at conception and during the following 10 months, begins the process of manifesting itself in a physical form.

Around the time of birth, the Soul and the body become fully integrated. This is part of why some cultures send out baptism invitations to celebrate the new life. The reverse happens at death when the soul leaves the physical body to return to its home with the source energy/God/universe.

The concept of incarnation, birth, death, and the path of the Soul are not new. However, to fully understand the true nature of the universe, open exploration of our own personal histories is necessary.

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