460,000 Missing Children in the USA Each Year; While the Entire Dinosaur Media Protects Pedophiles

era of light independent newsDo you have any idea how many children go missing in the United States each year? According to GlobalMissingKids.org, 460,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States alone. The number of mind boggling.

Surely some percentage of those children are ultimately found alive and well, but there’s no question that a significant portion of those 460,000 children end up in sex dungeons to be exploited and repeatedly raped by these demons.

Jeffrey Epstein alone — who had widely reported links to the Clintons and other powerful Democrats — reportedly demanded “three orgasms a day” from child sex slaves who were provided to him by the global elite, according to The Sun UK.

At one point, Epstein was gifted three 12-year-old French girls for his birthday. The girls were kidnapped and flown in from France, reports the NY Post, to appease this Democrat-connected pedophile ring mastermind.

What kind of a person hates humanity so much that they would rape multiple young girls (or boys) each day, year after year, while providing these children to the world’s most powerful and wealthy individuals, like Bill Clinton?

Someone who truly hates humanity, most likely because they aren’t human themselves.

The pedophilia now even reaches the halls of the mainstream media as both CBS News and ABC News are now actively defending a pedophile by firing a whistleblower staffer who sought to expose the cover-up.

As Zero Hedge reports, “CBS has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to a candid tape of ABC host Amy Robach complaining that in 2016, the network shelved her scoop on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes…”

The top three broadcast networks are now openly protecting Democrat-linked pedophiles. As this story explains in World Net Daily:

The Epstein case resonates as a shining example of the growing chasm between our society’s elites and everyone else. If the super wealthy and super connected can even get away with raping young girls with almost no punishment, our system is beyond broken.

ABC’s claims that the story didn’t run because of a lack of “corroborating evidence” are hard to accept after the same network chose to run outlandish and completely uncorroborated reports about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, peddled at the time by now disgraced Democratic activist and lawyer Michael Avenatti. There’s no explanation for such disparate treatment besides pure bias.

…we have all three major U.S. television broadcast networks implicated to some degree in covering for rapists…

In Canada, by the way, an estimated 45,000 children are reported missing each year. In Australia, it’s 20,000 children and in the UK, it’s nearly 113,000. Globally, we’re talking about over a million children going missing each year.

According to the International Center for Missing & Exploited children, the number is actually 8 million:

What’s really happening to all these children? It’s gruesome to consider, but many of them end up in the hands of child traffickers who exploit the open borders of the United States to transport kidnapped children to and from the United States.

Why do [some politicians] strongly oppose closing the open border? Is it because it would make their child trafficking operations more difficult and expensive?


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12 Replies to “460,000 Missing Children in the USA Each Year; While the Entire Dinosaur Media Protects Pedophiles”

  1. Sam

    Thank you for this. It’s information that a lot of people, clearly, don’t want to talk about. It’s happening right under our noses. To not believe it’s happening at the rate it is, is to be wilfully ignorant and okay with it. Save the children.

  2. F.U. Trumptard

    What a stupid web page i was looking for real useful information about Americas missing children, but this page is filled with Trumptard B.S. There are pictures of Trump partying with epstein and that woman who was recently arrested for recruiting kids for epstein, but of course you leave that part out and blame democrats… Loser! Let me guess you must also think corona virus is a hoax, police brutality is a hoax, racism is not real, any type of media you dont agree with is fake,

    1. Bruce Kanary

      Dear F.U. Trumptard… now that you inundated us with your sheep intelligence, please feel free to stick your head back into the sand to do some more valuable and impeccable research so you can enlighten the enlightened once again. As long as people like you are around to make your comments, I can stop watching Monte Python re-runs to get through the day.

    2. John john

      So Trump didn’t party and hang out with Epstein. They attended some of the same fxns and Epstein no doubt tried without success to compromise Trump. The left is projecting while being in denial of the truth of the establishment in dc including many republicans.

    3. Fuck you

      And you believe everything they tell you ya fuckin sheep and ya can’t find any type of useful information that actually links up not from homeland security not the fbi or state department. Go cry somewhere else bitch

  3. ibegoodnow

    Thank you for this article. I have done a ton of research on this topic and everything that is being said here is true. Parents need to know where their kids are and especially who they are talking to on the internet! KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE!!! And don’t take anyone’s word for it without doing your own research. There is going to be a major release of info soon that will topple everyone’s world!


  4. David Wolf

    No doubt you mean well and I don’t doubt this crime does occur in some cases by abduction and others when runaways fall to predators, but
    You do more harm to your cause by making unproven allegations against a people based on tabloid newspapers. Epstein was convicted, albeit let of too easily the first time and killed to quickly the second.
    I’m sure your fanaticism drives more people away who otherwise may have supported your cause than you attract, I for one.
    Good luck,
    David Wolf

    1. Mike

      David wolf it is more than tabloids ,flight documents for starters. Joe Biden’s island which was a retired Submarine base which Epstein’s girlfriend told people that’s how they smuggle children via submarine from Epstein’s island from Joe Biden’s island. Pizzagate that went to Congress their codes . It’s not tabloids
      Look it up yourself start with adrenochrome.. Sandra bullock , Chrissy Teigen John legend Tom Hanks David spade Drew Barrymore the list goes on and on..

  5. Kelly

    Facts are FACTS… This bob is a fool… Thank you for caring enough to write about the children…

  6. bob

    Sorry, but this is hatespeak and fear porn to say the least.
    Poor reporting and low vibrational conjecture that proves nothing but is meant to promote more loosh (food) for the controllers.