Yeshua: It Is About The Light

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Jesus and I have come today to make you understand that it is not about darkness, but that it is about light. It is the light that is now beginning to illuminate the Earth and it is the light that is glowing into human souls to open up for another sight. That is what is happening on Earth today. This is what affects you all in a pleasant and unpleasant way. The light itself is beautiful, loving, and full of strength and joy. It helps you grow even though it sometimes makes you feel like you’re shrinking. You see the darkness disappear in the shine of light and you are frightened by the darkness. That is why I say it is not about darkness, it is light that is important.

To see is to understand and forgive. To see is to have compassion for oneself and one’s brothers. You are in the same boat and it now hurts back and forth on the lake. However, a clear day rises on the horizon and the boat will be still in the bright light. Ron and Peace will descend upon the world and a new day can begin.

It’s the light you should welcome, dear people on Earth, it’s the light you should turn to, it’s the light you should let your mind and heart light up. It is how light affects you that is important now, not your relationship with darkness. You must let go of the darkness and forgive, the light you will welcome and love. The important thing is that you let the light take as much space in your hearts and bodies as possible. You then prepare the way for the light to illuminate your world. I am the way, the truth and the life, I was the first ray of light that, for a brief moment, illuminated the world. Now many more rays have reached Earth and that is why you are in a shift. Several of you have taken down these rays of light and are now lighting up the world with their compassion and love. There are also more people who are anchoring the light within them and thus they allow light to take a bigger place in the world in which you live.

Mother Earth welcomes all these rays of light as she now prepares for a shift in her consciousness and in her body. It cannot be emphasized enough that it is the light that you should focus on. It is the light that affects you today in many different ways. What looks dark can suddenly turn into something bright. Give the light your greatest attention, see the darkness fly away before your truth, the truth about yourself and the return of light. The dark night is over and a new day has begun to dawn on Earth. Is it not then certain that we should turn to the rays of the morning sun instead of trying to remain in the darkness of the night.

Fill your heart with light and love, fill your mind with joy and joy, for a new age is on Earth, a new time of joy and love. Grab it, experience it, release worry and anxiety and let the light embrace you, comfort you, and show you the way home. That is its goal and it will work at the rate that you allow it to do. You do yourself and each other a great favor if you open to the light now. Don’t hide but be brave now and step out into the light. The light will eventually envelop you in a love bubble and your happiness will be limitless.

I love you, I go with you, I lead you to the truth and the light.

Jesus Sananda.

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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg