Magical Transformative Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomWe are all brilliant creator beings gifted with immense love. Yet, for too long a time, in fact eons, we have forgotten our magnificence and innate ability to flow our love into all we are. Thankfully, at the core of our being, we ultimately know this love to be an unconditional and eternal presence that is our heritage and also our destiny. It is time to embody it in the fullness we are capable of. Allowing love to be a conscious part of our every thought, feeling, word and action, is the way we transform from a limited and separated sense of existence to a unified and intricately designed whole.

Whenever we invoke or experience a glimpse of this universal love, we feel it through every aspect of our awareness. This love transcends our emotional and conditional approach to life and emanates from our heart with an energy that defies description or definition. Love goes beyond our mental and emotional capacity to contain it and ripples on in countless ways throughout our individual and collective lives. We raise the essence of our vibration from basic doubt, fear and survival thoughts to our natural state of positive connection to love, which brings solutions, harmony, peace and joy into who we are and all we do.

Living in a tangible world where we typically use our senses to interpret our experiences, we often become attached to the outer conditions of our reality and allow them to define our understanding of life. Each time we do, we ignore the greater multi-dimensional facets that are also a part of every moment. These extraordinary traits include our innate sense of self-awareness, intuition, imagination and ability to discern and choose how we wish to move forward in life in any moment.

In many ways, our limited perspectives keep us tied to past interpretations of our experiences when our real power lies in the simple ability to make a different choice within the unlimited possibilities that are forever present right now. We build momentum by repeating our thoughts and feelings and creating habits that appear to confirm our trajectory. When we are problem oriented in our attention, we revolve and expand this impetus, creating ever more problematic situations. Alternatively, when we open up to possibilities and know that solutions are available, even if not apparent in the immediate moment, we set into motion and create a reality that serves us in the highest way. What we focus upon, we become.

We can continue to limit ourselves or open up to new opportunities by realizing and tapping into our vast selves that are always connected to love – which is always connected to infinite potentials. Being consciously aware of love, we begin to infuse it into our awareness and allow it to permeate our choices and thus our reality. Everything in life responds to love in the most magical way. Love instantly transforms limitation into limitless possibility and in doing so, changes what was, into what truly can be. Open your heart and allow the magic of love to flow, revealing the beauty that is always present and ready to blossom.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation.

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