Everything is Moving Towards Unity

we are one love eraoflightThere is no longer any waiting, it’s here, that “time” has arrived and yet as we know it was always here, in the now, we have known for sometime what was heading in, we knew how it was going to work, we experienced it as we worked “it” through our physical everything and now it’s moving through to be Seen throughout our entire race

There is no turning back, the choices have been set and we only need to go into the subconscious drivers to know how the path will present.

The unity codes began working through the spectrum we surf here back in June, the new template fully installed and innerstood just as the Full Moon came in and became the reality, fully NOW, and how this looks and feels is there is no longer imbalance, anywhere, there is nothing less than perfection in every single movement we now make.

The I Know banks are on closure, and within them the I Know’s begin to rush around, spinning in a skull sized collider, smashing the I knows to create wormholes for the I knows who are ready to become the I Am.

These Galactic energies, the celestial map all emanating guiding us into a huge quantum leap sized healing to allow us to release all that had been held in our cellular memory for specifically the past 5GeneRAYtions, as those rays we received are now entirely defunct, those last 5Gens hold beliefs rooted in fear that must now be fully released as we move into the next decade and solar cycle.

It’s time to see that nothing requires “fixing” it’s not actually broke, whatever appears distorted is asking for you to understand you through its reflections and then it’s asking to be dismissed, leave, gone, but it cannot do this until the data has been extracted.

Our evidence if required is in the wisdom that is now creating form, we are evolving which means growth, expansion and this works as frequency which ultimately has no care for the mind attachments and beliefs held about the world, about friends and family, about places and spaces, it doesn’t care for the details of how you currently perceive things such as loyalty, love (attachment and codependency) how nice he or she is, or how much you think you want that goal, it’s not about you, in fact it’s all about letting go of the you that holds these and it’s creating opportunities for you to experience the freedom and magic that happens once it’s all shed from the being.

Everything is moving towards unity and to face the other way would be to experience a serious amount of G Force, we will see many choose to give up, and however that choice is perceived it must be respected, a soul urge to eject and dissolve the karma through the pain and suffering programming held.

These energies are requesting that the Masculine within us all stops and begins to allow the merger from within, the life force of the masculine aligned with the feminine allowing the guidance to be received and acted upon accordingly. A dialogue that has been ignored and suppressed powerfully over these past 5Gens.

This clearing incorporates through the human eyes such brutality, such ignorance, look back at history over these last 500 years, the witches, a huge program install that took women from being in the dark, hidden, kept in the patriarchal training to being set on fire, drowned and squashed to death by huge rocks.

These wounds still exist in all until this is cleared, only they are held within a wounded masculine energy that doesn’t know how to process and only seeks to avoid and escape.

The Divine Feminine within our heart simply retreated from all the distortion, it learned to hide in a safe place, protected and decided to lay dormant and allow all to play out until the Awakening Alarm sounded.

“She” has been attempting to make contact for some time now, specifically since the anchoring of the 5th field during the previous solar minimum, connecting with our masculine force, urging him to listen, to come home, to take some time to heal and allow her guidance to now be heard. She, the “she” within us all is the ONLY one that has the wisdom to heal this, and she knows how the mind has been intoxicated with the junk that the free willed masculine has been collecting up whilst she layed dormant, the attachments made, the blind choices, and the constant chasing of the dragon called happiness, another drug another addiction and more instability.

So our manifestation is everything about 5Gen, the 5th field, the speed and power of light that if we align to will power up an entirely new light filled race. The frequency is unconditional love and it’s super strong, strong enough now it’s been anchored through the gatekeepers to dissolve the fear right in front of our very eyes, physical manifestations at rapid speed and the only way to continue to rise with this power of light is to continue to release the old and move with, to continue to choose the new, to take those leap’s and to trust that guidance within.

Listening to the Divine Feminine and her wisdom, bring home the Masculine and allow him to heal, allow him to trust her whispers and through this we experience the merger of the Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine, a conscious being, a living breathing Soul, bringing heaven on Earth.

Days as they pass now are likely to be filled with a ridiculous amount of data for each to navigate and experience their detailed reality exactly how is required, to teach the power keys of observation and choice and to continue to show up, light up areas that the communication is distorted or where the line is down, those unifying now are aware of how observant they now must be to the whispers within, the urge to push still pops out and then reminded to relax, slow it down and flow with the movement, taking the turns and picking up the data as we go.

Next week we move into a higher creative force, which will bring light and growth to the seeds we are now setting, and burn out the seeds that were not planted correctly or cared for. A huge influx of MOVE energy is about to enter and we shall receive a much more expanded view from there.

Take the leaps…..it’s what we asked for

Sending so much light to the A Gift from Gaia spectrum, we all have a choice to BE A Gift from Gaia by showing up in our most compassionate, kind and caring selves, let’s share our light with the truths of how this works and we do this by staying in our truth, our frequency and we behave as the Divine Being we are, supporting SOULy the process of our evolution and INjoying the experience of the Gift of harmony we were promised we could find here

Mission complete….to discover there was no mission.


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