Healing the Feminine & the Masculine

twin flames eraoflightdotcomWe are in a powerful time of transformation and change as our consciousness shifts from one paradigm and into another. This process has been initiated by the cosmic cycles which govern our universe. These cycles ebb and flow impacting not only our human consciousness but the consciousness of the entire planet. The growth, development and evolution of humanity’s consciousness is dependent on these cycles and intimately connected to them via the Earth itself. It has been discovered that one of these significant cycles ends and begins every 13,000 years when a sacred event occurs to shift and evolve the consciousness on the planet. This event is governed by a larger galactic transformation which impacts and transforms our entire universe.  We are currently in the midst of this galactic shift which has initiated a time of great purification and transformation.

With this shift in consciousness the guiding energy behind humanity’s growth and development changes. In the past we have had either the feminine or the masculine energy guiding humanity’s evolution and in these past 12,000 plus years the masculine energy has been guiding our growth. As a result, we are now living in a society which is dominated and shaped according to the masculine form of thought and structure.  Much of this is seen as negative and destructive however, it has been an important part of our evolutionary journey and a necessary aspect of humanity’s growth. To see it as negative or wrong is to limit the wisdom, the gifts and the abilities the masculine has brought to our world.  Nonetheless, things are now changing, and the feminine and masculine energies are being called to join together in guiding humanity forward, and we, as individuals, are being pushed to heal and unite these two energies within ourselves.

With the initiation of a new cycle and the need for unity and balance, the feminine energy has been awakening from her slumber and must now balance her power with the masculine. This is key to the future of the human race as the balancing of the feminine and masculine power is what will facilitate humanity’s survival.  For this to occur the feminine and masculine must begin to operate as equals in all spheres of life with neither one dominating the other. Both are being called to operate as one to create a new, balance and functional way of being.  But for this to occur balance needs to be initiated within us individually before it is able to manifest in our external world.

For the future development of humanity, it is essential that both woman and men begin a process of healing to stabilize their core energies and balance those energies within themselves. The emotional wounding of both woman and men needs to be addressed. The unconscious beliefs we hold around power and these energies needs to be cleared.  And balance between the inner feminine and the inner masculine restored.

In my work I have come to understand that these energies are developed during particular cycles in our childhood. The energy of the feminine is developed during the ages of 7 to 14. The energy of the masculine is developed during the ages of 14 to 21. In these cycles we unconsciously develop and define our inner feminine and inner masculine energies based on the experiences, examples and conditioning of our families, cultures, societies and religions. As a result, most of us carry the energy of a disempowered feminine and a wounded masculine which only encourages the creations of a disempowered and dysfunctional society.

To recreate our world and a functional, empowered society we must heal these wounded and damaged aspects within us. We must look at that those development cycles and clear the programming and patterning of our own inner feminine and masculine. We must embark on a journey of healing to uncover and release the unconscious ideas and beliefs we have taken on during those formative years. We must find new ways to reconnect with and rebalance these core energies. When we do so we will be able to live as equals and to accept unconditionally ourselves and all others.  Then we will know and trust that all is as it should be.  We will discover that resistance is no longer necessary and fighting an invalid reaction.  Life then assumes a different expression which enables us to consciously live out our soul’s purpose. We are able to choose love over fear and thus remain in a purer state of consciousness.

This shift is a process and we are only really in the beginning stages. It is important to remember that change cannot be avoided and what we are experiencing in these profound times is a manifestation of what which is in need of healing and transformation. Whether this be within our world or within ourselves it is up to us to heal, change and move forward.


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