Judas Iskariot: Moving Towards The Light

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I see that it is full of life on Earth today. People move towards the light just like Mother Earth. They have begun to catch the sun’s rays of wisdom and love. They have begun to take the first steps in changing the world they live in. The change that has already started within themselves. These changes have now begun to manifest themselves on Earth. Here and there on Earth, light has had a strong hold and a strong influence in the country in which they live.

People are constantly moving towards the light like a large rocking mass. Their longing and love can be reflected in their eyes, and there is nothing now that can make them take a step back. When wisdom takes love in hand, great things can happen, and that is exactly what is happening on your planet. Don’t be alarmed if it looks dark, because the light is just behind ready to take the place of darkness. Darkness must now leave Earth and the hearts of men.

Light has made its entrance on Earth and it has come to a stop this time. Light affects everything that exists on Earth today and it expands more and more as it is received. The earth has opened several portals to let in the light and you are part of them. When you allow light to anchor in your body, you help Mother Earth to let in the light on Earth. Everything is a collaboration and everything belongs together. You unite and create new opportunities for the Earth and yourself to grow in wisdom and love.

Sure, it’s growing, it’s growing so it’s cracking on Earth today. Humans are changing at a rate that has never happened before in the history of the Earth. It affects you, dear Earthlings, you get tired and exhausted, a little lost in a life that is constantly evolving. Your collective consciousness is changing yourselves, and this can sometimes be difficult to absorb. There are many people who resist, but they must soon release the helm and be followed in the flow, because the current is strong and can not be resisted for as long as possible. Many people have let go of the rudder and let themselves follow the current, and this in turn affects the strength to become stronger and harder to resist.

I would advise all people today to follow their own rhythm, the stream of energy that works within you. You make your own journey easier by listening to yourself and the messages you can get there. It is in the resistance that the worry exists, but it is also where you can obtain your freedom. The freedom to leave things that no longer benefit you, e.g. preconceived opinions about yourself and others that you believe are better or worse than you have. All that can be seen with a different clarity today if you just allow the truth to emerge. It is in one’s consciousness that one can choose the best path for oneself and it naturally affects others who are followers to you. Seeing everything from greater clarity brings light, wisdom and love to both yourself and consequently to the world in which you live. It will open up new opportunities in your life and thus also in the lives of others.

Be grateful for the possibility that you can now become whole within yourselves, and be able to unlock the door to a new world of love of wisdom. You stand at the gate with the key in your hand, insert it into the lock and turn. What happens then is more than you could wish for in your wildest dreams. The light that flows towards you cannot be described in words.

See the light, feel the love, hear the wisdom

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg