Ashtar Command and Yeshua: Ground and Guard the Light

ashtar eraoflightdotcomGreetings, family and friends of the light. This is Ashtar on board the New Jerusalem. We are patrolling your skies with love, with tender care, asserting our presence with love and the power of it. For we are here on divine mission, as are you. We are here to ground and guard the light, as are you, light bearers of the way. And so we offer you encouragement this day.

Numerous earthquakes have been witnessed and experienced upon Gaia in this time, for her actions are an outward expression of the inner quaking of humanity’s rise and fall of the dimensions. Gratefully we can say that now you are rising, which we see, moment by moment. We see more of you choosing the light, choosing love, choosing peace. For you are here to ground the peace, the light, the love of the Mother and Father of All Things. Be comforted.

I am Ashtar speaking from the deck of the New Jerusalem. Many of you have children and family members on this ship. You are indeed our family from the stars and we are here to gather you home. But there is much work to be done in this most intimate of nows, when the world, the pressures seem to be squeezing you tight from all sides. You feel as if you are in a pressure cooker but truly you are being birthed into the new. For the old ways must be squeezed away, removed, left behind, as a snake sheds its skin, as a grasshopper molts out of its old shell to expand into the new.

You are molting into the new, my friends. You are gloriously beautiful once again. Although we have always seen you as beautiful, for many of you who remember more intimately your galactic body, you have missed it, and this we see and respect. You will be able to have control over your aging process with ease and grace. With great beauty and power you will be able to lovingly direct and command your cells to do your bidding. This is why your thoughts, your habits are so very important, as is the fuel that you put inside your precious bodies. May we suggest you open yourselves up to yet more light. Create your own special meditations and ask us to join in with you. Joint other meditations around the globe and become one of solidarity of purpose. We stand united. We see you, we love you. I am Ashtar of the New Jerusalem. Over and out.

Hello friends! I am your Yeshi, here with Ashtar standing at the bridge. What a stunning view. Gaia is gleaming. Yes, we are joking and laughing, for there is much joy here in the ships and soon there will be more reasons to be joyful on the ground as more of the unveiling occurs. But remember friends that joy is a choice. It is a constant state of wonderment, of being, of feeling intimately loved and cared for in all situations by your heavenly Mother and Father. That is why we can say we are one. For we are all lovingly made, crafted, formed and adored by the same Source of all things. You are heaven’s treasure, embodied. Just as my life was lived as a gift to the others so too is your body, your energy, your life a gift to the ascension process to benefit the others.

I am your Yeshua. Just as in the days of my time Jerusalem remains troubled. Let us send it light. Let us send the 33rd parallel tremendous light and love and heal Gaia once and for all. For the light within beckons to expand, and Gaia’s light is expanding. Humanity must catch up and is catching up. You will see many troubled souls during your days who will be soothed by your light. Your presence is a balm to this world and such a joy to behold. I am your Yeshua. Be at peace, brothers and sisters. Be one in me and in each other. Ground the light, weave the codes, dance the dance. Become the awakened Christ. I am your Yeshua. Peace.


» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl