Eruption: I Feel The Merging

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

At the core of my being, there is no void. What is there, is a galaxy, a source of eternal and infinite light. And this galaxy’s light expands with each breath I take.

Now this galaxy’s time has arrived for an upliftment. For an explosion, of new creations, new levels of being, and new, higher ways of serving the WHOLE.

The body on the outside trembles as the higher light trickles through the cells. But this is just a little notice. A way to let you know that you must make the changes that are necessary.

I have made many changes. However, from my perspective, not enough. There is always more that one can do.

But with the law of freewill at play, this one has chosen from time to time, to make excuses. By choice, this one has lagged behind. Though others may see my being differently, I cannot help it but think that I should be slightly ahead from where I am at now.

So now there is THE ONE within that has decided to take over the steering wheel. With MY permission of course. As a matter of a fact, with my INVITATION to do so. For the time has arrived.

I keep saying this one, and THE ONE. “This one” is my now consciousness, somewhat slower, and THE ONE is my soul self.

I have always felt the connection, for quite some time the nudges, but I ignored them. The desire for communication, for which I was not always open. But now, now I FEEL THE MERGING. AND THAT I CANNOT IGNORE OR RESIST. FOR THE FEELINGS, THE EXPERIENCE IS INDESCRIBABLE. However, that still does not mean a state of bliss 100% of the time.

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  1. Ed

    I love writing lyrics…And Cheri.. brought in…
    Something that really moved by me deeply…
    Let me know how this goes…thank you…all

    Lost in the clearings
    The creational play loops
    The matrix driving
    Repeating jumping through hoops
    Lingering colors of reality
    The living grid an angel weeps
    Across a sea of eternity
    Reality loops again at my feet
    How can I stand in sadness
    While my heart leaps
    Abject suffering
    Can only a few sleep
    Can only the few eat
    Can only these few repeat
    Repeat the gaze all is not lost
    Not frozen in place
    Separate the wheat from the chaff
    My heart is a time stamp
    Codes of clearing
    Codes of creation
    Having dreams of never ending frustrations
    Lost in my myriads
    Structures of endless illuminations
    Visions of no way out
    Shall we just wait it by out
    We be people shuffling by
    Cubicles doing nothing
    It’s time to fly time to soar
    Time to be you time is you
    Dead creations that never expand
    To change just to exist
    For a moment or two
    In the twinkling of an eye
    The Gaze asks why
    Because The Say is so….

    The Light is my mirror
    The Light is my mirror
    The Light is my mirror

    1. Cheri

      Ed you are such an outstanding music man! The creator within me chimed in through the clearing program just now and said “yes he is” hahahaha! Creation is a beautiful song sung not a fixed structure! Gosh you just powerfully nailed it here as his angels wept a song of a fallen creation! A profane manuscript run by artificial intelligence and fractured consciousness. The gaze is us! The real creators and master singers and alchemists are back in town! We see and feel you so you may know grace once again and we will not abandon until all is healed. Not one living piece of creation is being left behind. You may heal through me without protection or resistance coming from my presence. I am the light that you recognize and harmonize with to heal the song you weep! My reflection is your salvation! Flow flow my beautiful living creation and know no woe! 😘

    1. Michael

      Ed, Thank you for your caring input and thoughts. It makes this wild ride a little less rattling to the senses.
      And Cheri…… once again I knew I would get a Loonnnnnnnnnggg straight answer and love you for that.
      Peace to All.

      1. Cheri

        Hahahahaha! Yes the best I can do to describe entire light packets of info filled with concepts!

        It is so nice that we can share this with each other as we are spread out all over gods green earth and sort of in the world but not of it. It is a creational flow all to itself!

        Love you too Ed! In oneness of purpose team! Let it flooooooooowwwwwwww! πŸ€ͺ😜πŸ₯΄πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž

        1. Ed

          WoWoW Cheri 😘 LOVE…re:959am….
          Thank you so much love and hugs to you… this is so beautifully stated by your most illuminating ❀️ heart….
          And THANK YOU Michael….you started a grand exploration of observation and perspective….sharings of the creative imagination….ALL THAT IS…. LOVE

          Quantum GRACE
          Quantum FLOW
          Quantum EASE

          BRIDGE GRID

          SO BE IT…SO IT IS


  2. Cheri

    Yay team this is the angelic structure healing! You are merging with your blueprints as originally created! We are not at bliss point yet but very close. We merge with parallel lives, collapse them and then merge back into oneness with the creator! Just letting it flow through! Soon the mind control will clear and we will accelerate this process! Thanks for sharing your joy!

      1. Cheri

        Thank you geoffsari! I am getting really sensitive to energies as I download the creator blueprints which is very fun! I have to say your energy is wow! Quite clear and steady and just extremely high vibrational! Not sure where you are from but I really appreciate you contributing your energy and wisdom to this site. I salute you my friend! Things are indeed getting exciting! Right now the Nephilim are clearing through us which holds all the matrix programming. After that comes our omnipresence returning yay! 😘

        1. Michael

          So is the clearing of the matrix programming whats throwing me out of balance? Some days I just want to curl up and go home to feel loved. Fed up with the game that is being played here. Other days I’m in the middle. And then some days I can feel the love all around me. I try to stay positive and at peace in the now but sometimes it feels like something is rotten and smothering me and it stinks. My vibration becomes ” blah ” and it feels like I’m stuck in mud. Today I’m more positive than negative and will focus on staying positive. I always appreciate your feedback and love reading your comments. I have also felt the positive vibe from geoffsari and gravitate to his energy.
          Peace & Love

          1. Cheri

            Copy that Michael! I am feeling the same way. Up and down and yesterday crying which is so unusual at this stage as most of my lower emotions have long since cleared. Now that raw power is clearing we are finding just loads and loads of grief at the core structure. The angelic structure is a living grid of creation that fell into a state of reversal from the designed creational purpose driven by the joy and bliss of serving creation. Not only is there extreme sadness at the percieved separation and abandonment from the godhead but abject suffering that creation has never known. Not only fallen but anti christed because this energy structure was frozen in place when the wheat was infiltrated. All this christ consciousness DNA was time stamped at the fall and stuck in the creational time matrix driving this fixed and linear reality of repeating and non fractalize creational time loops affecting our omnipresence. This is our DNA bliss codes of creation clearing through. The final part of the clearing. Long winded answer as usual but accurate.

            Having deams of never ending frustration, lost in a myriad of endless structures and buildings with no way out. Lost my keys can’t remember where my car is parked. People just shuffling by cubicles filled with people doing nothing. Trapped in dead creations that never expand or change just existing. This is all living consciousness being released and healed through our lightbodies. For my part the soul harvest is almost done! Returning to a fully blissful and harmonic energy structure once again. This is the re-set of reality as I see it! Love you!

            We are the deep feelers which is why we are energy healers. Nothing is more important to the whole than letting this flow through us. It has to be felt to be released molecularly and a ton of us are still asleep or in resistance to the flow and unable to participate. So onward we go with just peeks of momentary transitional bliss until all our omnipresence is restored and reharmonized through our vehicles of light and the creator within us is able to do this rehabilitation through us because we are hanging out in the lowest vibration able to match the fallen creational structure. It’s why we came. It all has to heal to evolve and flow in endless expansion once again 😘

    1. Ed

      Bold As Love”

      Anger, he smiles
      Towering in shiny metallic purple armour
      Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him
      Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground

      Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted
      They quietly understand
      Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready
      But wonder why the fight is on
      But they’re all bold as love, yeah, they’re all bold as love
      Yeah, they’re all bold as love
      Just ask the axis

      My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war
      And ribbons of euphoria
      Orange is young, full of daring
      But very unsteady for the first go round
      My yellow in this case is not so mellow
      In fact I’m trying to say it’s frightened like me
      And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from, eh
      Giving my life to a rainbow like you
      But, I’m eh, yeah, I’m bold as love
      Yeah, yeah
      Well I’m bold, bold as love (hear me talking, girl)
      I’m bold as love
      Just ask the axis (he knows everything)

      === The GODDESS CREATRIX…Too…


      1. Cheri

        Gosh these Hendrix lyrics are amazing! Song about the creational chakras fallen in the purple light of ultraviolet in a shiny metallic machine controlled world! This music we grew up with is so timeless!

        Ed I was just remembering (feeling) a lifetime of the temple dancers known as the Oracles at Delphi. The goddesses (creatrix) who sang the creational structure into 5d before the fall. We were not physical back then but energetic flames who danced together and anchored the law of one energetic structure. This is what we are doing now but in physical bodies yet we hold the three fold rays within our DNA to reanchor this structure! The flames were stolen as the pineal gland of the oracles or goddess creation was infiltrated by the python which ties into the adam and eve and snake temptation. Like the goddesses started weaving a fixed sine wave holding this reality in place. The creational chakras got a reptilian overlay. Of course this is the story of matter and anti matter and getting stuck in a fixed illusion. This angelic avian lightbody I described in my last post of the feathered serpent known as Quetzalcoatl who I experience as the prime creator or christ consciousness through my Mayan DNA. The creators kundalini was hijacked and became a reptilian serpent used to create this false reality. Of course it is all about our omnipresence!

        The soul harvest he is doing through me to release all the soul energy from these false timelines that was holding this reality together through their consciousness is the separation of the wheat from the chaff you so eloquently described in your verse above!

        We are bringing the three fold flames back together to dance and sing creation by completing the 144 circuits of our lightbodies that conduct the 144,000 frequencies of creational light. Keep composing master Ed! You are among resonate family here reflecting back our wholeness within to each other so the structure may heal throughout all dimensions and octaves.

        Love you team! We are finally being able to see through to the other side and feel our coherent brilliance once again!

        My team called this the Atlantian Millennium Proposal which was our plan to project our consciouness back into this matrix and heal it from the inside out. The creator says there are a lot of us on this site as it has an international reach of circuits on the grid and flames we hold to reflect to each other and activate within 😘

        This matrix is so darn dense! We still can’t remember who we are! I still feel like a heavy blob trapped in a meat suit lol!

        Like Micheal said this reality is blah, blah, blah, boooooring! Love you team! Hang tough and let’s get er done and get back to blissfull eternal expansion within fully coherent light once again!