Sagittarius Season

astrology update eraoflightdotcomThe Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd at 9:58 AM EST. Now we enter the season of expansion and new possibilities. Nothing is proven, but the hope of what could be is paramount. “Potential” is the key word.

This sign is about exploration and humour; we keep moving forward because we do not allow the seriousness of events to weigh us down. However, issues of right/wrong and truth/wisdom are approached with passion or fanaticism. Humour does not mean that big- picture issues are discounted. Optimism needs a direction, and that can run the gamut from open-minded curiosity about everything to radical crusades designed to convert everyone.

Will certain legal or political “truths” emerge during the Sagittarius season? Perhaps. With Sag, truth is often woven into a very convincing story.

But overall, the energy of this Jupiter -ruled sign is about bigger and better. Things have a tendency to increase and self-control flies out the window. But it’s always fun to tap into this energy if you want to celebrate and look forward to the future. And having something to look forward to is essential for progress.

Here are the aspects the Sagittarius Sun will make.

Nov 26th: New Moon (4°)

Dec 12th: Full Moon in Gemini (19°)

The Sun will enter Capricorn On December 21st.

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