Princess Diana: Truth Excavated

gaia portal eraoflightdotcomI’m Princess Diana. I am glad that everything is now drawn up in the Light. Everything about the English “king / queen house” is now being highlighted and thus also the truth about what happened to me will be excavated to the surface.

I did as best I could to change the world. The time was not in, the power and control over me was already too great when I tried to free myself.

I eventually realized that the width of the constellation of power, of the spider’s web of power over the earth. It pains me that my son was nailed into this, but the choice was his own. However, it is never too late to confess their mistakes, big or small and stand up for the Truth. We are all equally loved, which we realize when we are ready to understand it.

Beloved Friends on Earth, I am happy with the work you do. Now is the time for the BIG CHANGE. I am with you from my position, sending you ALL Light and Love.

Diana. with the former title “princess”.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla