Benjamin Fulford Full Report: War On The Queen

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomThe battle for the Planet Earth has heated up again as mass-murdering Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted, while U.S. President Donald Trump declares war on Queen Elizabeth.

Economic and information warfare between the U.S. and China is heating up too, especially over Asian gold and the recent American lithium grab in Bolivia.

This is part of the ongoing battle for control of the international financial system raging between the Gnostic Illuminati and an alliance of Asian and European royals.

Let us first look at the battle for control of the Anglo-Saxon world that is flaring between Trump and the British Empire.

Here Pentagon sources say, “Trump is declaring war on the Queen not just for spying and trying to remove him from power, but also for pedophilia, murder, and other heinous crimes of the royal family.”

British royal family sources are saying that while traditionally they try to keep a stiff upper lip and stay above the fray, they are seriously thinking of hiring lawyers to sue for libel over recent such allegations against them.

The public battle is centered around Prince Andrew and his connections to pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein and an alleged affair with a 17-year-old girl.

“Pedophile Prince Andrew or “randy Andy” is so toxic he has been or is about to be dumped by British Telecom (BT), Standard Chartered, Barclays, Stelios Philantropic Foundation, Bosch, Cisco, Aon, Salesforce, TV Azteca, Inmarsat, KPMG, AstraZeneca, Air Asia, Woodside Petroleum, and even Chinese companies like the Bank of China, the China Construction Bank,, Tencent, and the Li Ka Shing Foundation,” the Pentagon sources say.

The Queen has also publicly dismissed Andrew from all official royal activities.

A European royal close to the Queen said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the affair seriously damages the Monarchy. The Queen is no longer in supreme control of the Monarchy and Court of Saint James. For insiders it is really very serious now.”

The real battle, of course, is over control of the Anglo-Saxon navies, agree Pentagon and MI6 sources.

Here, “the Trump purge began with the firing of Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer for insubordination, and may be followed by Obama flag officer holdovers, as ‘the Donald’ has won the loyalty of warfighters and special ops forces needed to take down the Zionists and the deep state,” Pentagon sources say.

MI6 sources, for their part, say, “There seems to be a lot of infighting now and attempts to strip the Queen of things like the CIA, U.S. DOD, etc., so this latest fiasco may be an expression of all this.”

In a sign of just how serious a battle this is, the Pentagon sources say that “Since Vice-Admiral Andrew won’t be extradited and may hide behind diplomatic immunity, he may be renditioned by the U.S. military, since the Queen is also Commander in Chief of UK forces.”

Needless to say, such an operation would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

The battle to control the U.S. and UK navies is also just one aspect of the bigger battle for control of the financial system.

Trump is on the warpath against the European and Asian royals because they are about to stage “a simultaneous recalibration of of the Forex and sovereign debt markets globally“, according to European royals.

Trump is trying to counteract this by pursuing the $ 29 trillion Indonesian gold fraud committed by the Federal Reserve Board at the time of the Lehman crisis, according to CIA sources in Asia.

According to the CIA, “During the financial crisis, the New York Fed received unprecedented powers from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC, to provide more than $ 29 trillion in electronically-produced money to rescue Wall Street.

A significant portion of the $ 29 trillion has been channeled into the support of many central banks around the world. “

In his counter-attack “Trump’s next step is to make the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed by [then President] John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno in Geneva in November 1963 a reality.

Trump can use Executive Order Eleven Pen to rewrite Executive Order 11110 or a change, allowing the Treasury to issue the new US dollar.

This could be the restart of the US dollar as Trump leaves the Federal Reserve debt to the real owners – the Zionist Khazarian Cabal,” says the CIA.

The European royal continued, “If that is the amount of information received from the CIA, we still have a long way to go.

Individual nation states like America would obviously be prevented from being alone because the whole thing is inherently dependent on each other. However, it is planned to switch from fiat to asset-backed [currency]. This part is right, yes.“

This could be the reboot of the US dollar, as Trump leaves the Federal Reserve’s debt to the actual owners – the Khazarian Zionist cabal – says the CIA.

The European king said: “If this is the amount of information received from the CIA, we still have a long way to go.

Individual nation states like America would obviously be prevented from being alone because the whole is inherently interdependent.

However, it is planned to switch from fiat to asset-backed [currency]. This part is correct, yes.

Meanwhile, according to Pentagon sources, Trump is also attacking Wall Street.

After the failed IPOs of WeWork, Lyft and Uber, greedy Wall Street can’t make much money from Aramco’s pump-and-dump IPO because its top dogs like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, along with Boeing, are facing criminal investigations against the DOJ, General Electric and other corporate criminals, the sources say.

Saudi Aramco is, of course, the key to supporting the Rockefeller Petrodollar.

In this context, Pentagon sources say: “The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Russian oil company Lukoil and Malaysian oil company Petronas reject Aramco and derive other pensions like the Japan Pension Investment Fund and state-owned oil companies like Rosneft, PetroChina, Sinopec, Gazprom, Petrobras and Pertamina will follow.

Trump has also seized Japan’s $1.5 trillion national pension fund to keep the US government alive in Asia, according to CIA sources.

For this reason, the fund did not disclose how it allocated its assets for the quarter ending September, when the US government needed money to pay its bills. billion-second-quarter-profit-gives-less-details-during-the-decision-new-portfolio-idUSKBN1XB3NY

Where’s the real money that all the Japanese have worked for all these years?

When the market collapses because it is very close to it, all computer records go.

I assume that this is almost the same for all state pension funds.

The game is almost over, the CIA source explained the situation.

The other thing the Trump troops are doing is arresting and killing political enemies or imprisoning them.

So, as far as we can tell, all the recent appearances of Barack Obama, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and so on are therefore very serious. Computer graphics.

It’s getting harder and harder to say, but if you look at the 1:13 to 1:15 second marker in this video of a recent television appearance by Nancy Pelosi, for example, you can tell from her eyes that she’s a computer woman.

Generated image:

The attacks go both ways. Trump ally Benjamin Netanyahu was finally indicted last week for corruption. Pentagon sources say he’s trying to negotiate a plea deal by threatening to tell the world what he knows about Fukushima’s mass murder attempt on Japan.

Moreover, Trump’s lawyer and ally Rudolph Giuliani has publicly said that he may be killed, but has insurance.

Probably he is talking about what he knows about September 11 since he was mayor of New York at the time of September 11 attacks.

Then, of course, earlier this month there was an attempt to poison Trump, as several alternative news agencies reported. The interesting thing about this fight between the Gnostic Illuminati and their husband Trump against the kings of the world is that they both seem to be supporting the creation of a meritocratic-staffed planning agency for the future.

Russian President Vladimir Putin came out publicly last week saying that the system based on future planning agencies developed by Japan and Singapore and now used by China is superior.

The overall performance of the Chinese economy is much more efficient than that of other major economies, including American ones, Putin told VTB Capital Investment Forum RUSSIA CALLING! On Wednesday.

I think that this to a large extent causes the concern of our U.S. friends and explains the restrictions that have been imposed on China, Putin said.

According to Putin, the key to China’s success was a unique symbiosis between central planning and market economy.


The White Dragon Society has long promoted the creation of a planning agency for the future of the world that mimics and improves on Putin’s vaunted Asian central planning / market hybrid model.

If such an agency were established with an annual budget of $1 trillion or more, it could end poverty and stop environmental degradation within months.

It could then consult with the people of the world on how to turn this planet into the paradise it is meant to be.

The agency could also monitor a transition from swords to plowshares of the military-industrial complex.

It could then cause an expansion of human and earthly life into the universe.

Instead of ruling the planet on the current Western system of eternal conflict, we can start making love, not war.

Remember, the battle of evolution is not won by the lion who fights and risks injury or death – it is won by the lion who is back in his cave and loves himself.


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  1. Ed


    Quantum LOVE

  2. flazak

    I’m not convinced on the Pelosi glitch, it is more likely an artifact of compression in an unfortunate spot so we would need the uncompressed raw footage. However it is a glitch in a fun way because she is clearly a corrupt politician who is a mafia/underworld asset.

      1. journalistethics dotcom

        His posts are worth reading because there is usually at least one link or idea that is interesting and worth considering. Once you realize that he writes from the point of the British pedovore crime family, his posts, that never name sources specifically, are easy to define. Apart from that, he keeps advocating a new agency that is run by the same human trafficking inbred mafia crime families, which benefit his status as a member of the Commonwealth Empire, that gain power from his father’s ambassadorships. Telling the lion to get back in the cave is code word for asking a brave warrior to become a coward and surrender to the satanic pedovore kings of the planet. Aint going to happen. Always a pleasure to read the weekly post. I wouldn’t pay for it.

    1. David B

      There are several film analysts who claim that slit-like “reptilian pupils” and inadvertent lip-licking (similar to lizards flicking their tongues) are unconsciously-automatic responses to genetic dna prints that human dna traits do not possess. Humans do lick their lips consciously to aerate their breathing pathways and to expel proper pronunciation of words within a colder environment or perhaps to think cautiously before a lie is carefully exclaimed. A reptilian/ hybrid human has no real conscience and will perform according to its handlers’ commands. The original human dna strand was composed of 4 complex strands, but was engineered down to 2. Many accounts exist of entertainment groupies who have physically witnessed their entertainment stars transform into other beings: eye pupils flickering into slit-like reptilian shapes, reptilian scales gradually being exposed on their features or a deeper voice and volume being witnessed that is not within their normal speaking range, while being briskly pushed away from cameras and cell phones by agents and handlers. Their charging mechanism can break down in public view and quick measures are required to explain away the repeated twisting-
      turning head, abnormal responses to reporters questions, unusual jerking motions of hands or exaggerated twitching facial expressions. To explain away that it would be more likely an artifact of compression or a glitch of camera lighting is dismissing other plausible excuses that would require a further understanding of what is capable in today’s biological science of genetic replication, a science that can be understood more so at a distance than what msm would actually admit exists. Hints of cloning can be seen in film, tv and current animal husbandry research.

      1. Tommy Fields

        I see these beings “shift” often and mostly other’s cannot perceive what I do. One such “Shifter” is Pastor Craig Groshel of Life Mega Church. He “Shifted” or “Glitched” out 3 years ago during X-mas mass in front of hundreds of people. He was also being broadcast through the B.I.B.L.E. App around the planet to millions of viewers. Not one single person saw what I did but he “Shifted” into a full on, head to toe, Reptilian, Lizard, Draconian being for a millisecond. I looked around the auditorium to see if anyone else saw what I did and everyone was in a hypnotic, dazed, brainwashed state of being. Te whole mass was just staring forward with a blank stare. Really really weird stuff! These churches are set up all throughout the midwest here as I live in Oklahoma city. One each side of the stage are giant screens that project lyrics to songs for the masses to sing along with. The text of lyrics is over laid on top of a subliminal CGI like brainwashing moving and changing spiral imaging. It is very very hypnotizing. These church’s are in OK, TX, NM, CO, ARK, and these are just the one’s I am aware of. All these church’s have band’s that are very active within the church and communities which in turn hooks the people to these screen’s. The Pastor Craig film’s his thing on Friday’s and on Sunday’s it is broadcast to all location’s with the band’s leading the charge. I am Indigo and I have this ability to see all this stuff but nobody listens to me. If you are really interested in seeing some of these bodily functions happening and being uncontrollable, go check out the drummer for the band Metallica. Talk about a “LIZARD” tick….
        Happy Thanksgiving everyone. God Bless you all…..

  3. Eugene F Carney

    I would not associate Communist China with anything but selling toxic waste made by slaves and wanting my organs to sell on the market for those whom have been poisoned. The iron-fisted rule of all autocrats must end if the world is to be free and at peace.WWG1WGA!

    1. flazak

      Yes the Uyghur re-education camps show us the true nature of the CCP. It is not good. Conserve these groups and tribes rather than erase them by force, let them grow and evolve organically whilst enforcing common sense laws derived from the commandments, simple, sensible laws.

    2. Doug James

      Satanist Netanyahu is Trump ally? What to believe.. do all accounts get erased? How does an RV happen? Gold really isnt scarce as Russian scientists proved lead to gold is possible .. replicators and free energy will transform world but it is all to ascend to 5D earth as this 3D version gets cleansed by massive tsunamis so we really dont fix or repair this 3D version from what I understand.