Mary Magdalene: Different Experiences

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Maria Magdalena and I am happy to be here today. The earth and the people have a special place in my heart. It is so much you go through, so many experiences that are added to new experiences, and that ultimately gives you the insight that leads to greater clarity in the life you live on Earth.

Some moments on Earth can be very heavy while others may feel light, depending on what challenge you have taken on you and what results it has given you. If you have met a difficult challenge and gained new insights, the road feels a little easier for a while. You may then take on some lighter challenges and life goes a bit more in waves without any hefty peaks or valleys like in a stormy sea.

It has stormed some of the Earth during the last century, and it has raised a lot of thought for a large part of the Earth’s population. Many more are fighting for peace and they are doing so peacefully. They are not always met with understanding, but fear takes over from others who somehow feel threatened by these peaceful enthusiasts.

Yes, the Earth is facing evolution and it can vary in many people and peoples, or should we perhaps tell countries, how the new energy of peace and love is received. All of you who want peace, fill your hearts with peace and let it become the dominant feeling in meeting other people. Light and love are stronger than darkness and fear, so keep the feeling and thought of light and peace within you. You then do the Earth and the people a great service. You are paving the way for the bright future that is and remains the goal of the Earth and people.

It may feel a little heavy on some days, but then let the thought go to what you love most and then let the peace fill your inner self again. You are your own light and many bright lights are needed to light up the world. Your world will then receive another shimmer, which gives you another hope, and a great joy can then fill your hearts. The joy is spread, dear ones, it has light energies and it brings with it even more hope and love.

Today is a day when you should laugh and be happy.

Today is a day when you send hope and joy to your fellow beings.

Today is a day when you fill your hearts with love and let it spread to everything that is.

Today, light has regained its hold on Earth

It is time to embrace the light and release the fear that has ruled us for so long. Fear does not need to control us anymore. You do not need to invite or hold it. You can opt it out and instead let peace and love take a bigger place in your life. You have an opportunity to choose now, and it is when you understand it that your life can take a completely different turn. I know that life is full of choices and I know it is sometimes difficult to make the best choice for ourselves. Stop and listen in before you make your decision. You have the leadership within you, the intuition on Earth is stronger today, and it is increasing in step with your true choices.

I join you and help you take the steps that are the true and right steps for you. You have many around you who whisper and show in different ways, which steps are best for you right now. Obey your intuition and let the heart and brain help you make the right decision. A true certainty then rises in your inner life and you have more opportunity to make the right decision. You usually only need a little still and you have the answer in your heart.

I know you.

I believe in you.

I love you.

Mary Magdalene!

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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg