Coming Home to Your Divinity

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomThe culture we have all been exposed to has taught us some very “heady” things. It has forced us to question, doubt, and seek answers for absolutely everything we have experienced. We learned that as children we did not know anything much at all and that someone else out there does.

You were taught that if you wanted to get on in the world you had better find out what you needed to know and then convince others in some way that you knew and that they needed you for what you knew. And if you could not do this then you learned the next best thing and that was how to fake it and at least partially convince yourself that you were not a fake.

Our schools, our community, our government, our law, our businesses, religion, and our science required of us to be a “genuine” fake. And we learned that as long as we had a “good” reason for thinking what we did and how things worked then we might have some semblance of happiness.

“If I know why, and can explain to others then I will get from others the approval of myself that I so crave. I may even feel worthy and loved”
We became analytical monsters who could cleverly justify anything logically “rationally”. And we all know what happened.

The monster began to devour us. In our way of analysing everything (mind games) we made everything profane. We extracted the life out of the sacred and thus allowed our connection to All That Is to fade almost to oblivion.

In an ultimate fit of madness we set an implicit rule and made it politically incorrect to speak of anything that was fantastic, feminine, mystical, godlike, Divine, or even subjective. God was dead and the only things left were a feeling of numbness, the reality of biological determinism, and a myth that we had some ultimate control over life even though we felt helpless.

So as we are rising to the truth of the game we have played, we are having to take back the essence of everything we are “within”. And the difficulty has been the monkey mind that has, for each of us, continually raised the thousand and one doubts behind everything we have experienced. It has even duped us into believing that in order for us to make a transformation then we need to know and mentally understand what we are doing.

Another gesture which is tempting you into more profane making games.
The so called “spiritual” community is littered with fake games and fraud claims that are so cleverly camouflaged (hidden in the self deception of desperation) that only those who truly listen to their inner prompting (their Heartmind) can discern their own profanity.
But we are in the process of the transformation coming to a close through putting back the life (Light) into everything, Putting back our truth feeling into what we have allowed in ourselves to be sucked dry, through analysis and the one-sided point of view it maintains.

So in order for us make a full claim to our authentic being the simple answer we have realised is to put back the Love we hid from ourselves and from the world.
To reveal the profane as sacred again. To know what will continue and what will fade into the nothingness from which it came.

This to me is why a strong sense of “walking in a sacred manner” is at the core of my Knowing, my Love. It is as a marker and a guide to my own truth. It is both a part of and consequence of finding our authenticity and connection to everything in this world. It is the reclaiming of our own Divinity and the recognition and ownership of the Divinity of All That It Is (Source, God…..I AM THAT I AM).

It is in the personal choice to reclaim, through Love, the Absolute Divinity of every blade of grass. Everything, but everything becomes precious.
It is in the conscious and fully embraced acceptance that with every breath, we are taking into ourselves and from within ourselves the Divine Power and Truth of Creation and Creating.

How Truly Precious You Are.

I So Love You!