Q & A with KejRaj: Origins, Currency, Spiritual Gifts

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The following is a series of questions I have received from the readers of EraofLight.com The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view.

Q: Has AA Michael ever incarnated as a human?

A: Oh yes. Fought as a human for the humans, against the dark ones. His love for humanity and Earth is immeasurable.

Q: Thank you so much for all you do! You are greatly appreciated! My question is why are there still “wars” after 3d? Spiritual wars I believe we can call them Examples are The Electric wars, the Galactic wars. How can wars exist if there is higher conciousness? The Law is One.

A: Higher consciousness does not always mean “peaceful” consciousness. The desire to “experiment” is endless. The GFL has a higher consciousness, but their involvement in the Earth Project was a must if this world was to be saved.

These wars, above 3D are only a reality up to 4D. At times, on rare occasions they do occur on 5D. It is simply one side(4d or 5d) wanting to conquer an evolving “perceivable” civilization to them, and you have another side from a higher dimension coming in in an attempt to save the innocent ones.

However, all this is changing. In our galaxy in particular. Also, as it has been said before, duality at the level it was experienced here on 3D Earth is not to be repeated again anywhere else.

Q: Is it true that the black race or africans are the original race? and all the others come from them??

A: Well, for this you just have to ask yourself one question. Why is it that only African Americans make such claims?

It is simple. They just want to be higher on the societal ladder. They want to be heard and seen. That is all.

Q: Hello! Thank you so much for all you do.
—-1. Will there be a solar flash, and will it affect the frequency of all?

A: Yes and yes. Though some are saying the Solar Flash may not be necessary. This just isn’t so. The Solar Flash is imperative if this planet is to cleanse all the remaining residue and ascend in right timing. Things will NOT continue as they are now, or it would take humanity another 100 years or longer.

—-2. Will the Revaluation of currency happen, and will ZIM holders be affected?

A: If we zoom out and look at the entire situation from a higher point of view, something does not add up when you put together the changes that are happening, especially ascension and the gcr.

Allow us to look at one scenario. When the Solar Flash happens, this world is changed forever. Landings will occur within a few days to two weeks at most. All else falls into place. I see no need for money.

—-3. Will any of this happen in our lifetime?

A: I have yet to meet another that speaks with such certainty as I do(hahaha). The answer is yes. Especially the BIG CHANGE, being fully aware that we are 5d beings on 5d Earth, this will happen by the year 2025, the latest.

Q: Kejraj why do we have freewill if creator knew how things would be??

A: You were given freewill on the belief that you would be a responsible creator, and use your gifts and powers in benevolent ways.

Creator sees the self in you, in every aspect. Once more, creator sees the self in you. So all was given to you, including the most special and cherished gift in the Universe, freewill. After many millennia, some souls begun to be interested in the physical planes, and gave into the “desires” of the lower dimensions.

Q: What do you think about religious people and atheists?

A: I don’t think about them.

—-Q: do you talk to any,.. how do you view them?

—-A: Truthfuly I have neutral feelings about them. But from my perspective, not believing in Creator is the same as believing in a judgemental, fearful and vengeful Creator.

Q: Hi Kejraj! My question: I do visualizations, I do mantras/affirmations, I try to meditate, I practice gratitude, forgiveness. Yet, no “tele” or “clair” skills have come online yet for me; I want these God given devine right 6th sense skills for the greatest good for all, for helping myself and others and the deceased to communicate to earth plane, not for selfish power-over-others reasons. Yet nothing progresses, and this hurts my soul (not my ego). What can be done??? G, California, fire zone area (am ok).

A: I think it is hurting your ego. Your soul all ready has all those gifts and powers. Keep doing what you’re doing, you will not be disappointed. Sooner than you think you will begin to notice these gifts becoming a reality in your now.

Q: Why does the health symbol have two snakes?

A: The two supposedly snakes are actually a representation of the dna strands. You notice how at the top there’s a pair of wings. When the dna is fully activated we “become angels”.

Q: Of the people currently awake, can you explain more about our origins? Are we all from higher dimensions and other planets that have reincarnated specifically for Lightwork/ assist planet to ascend?

A: Yes to all your questions. We are “kings” and “queens” in terms of our divine heritage. We have only chosen to forgotten all this so it would not interfere with out duties here on Earth.

Q: Why dont you use social media? I think you should open an instagram page for eraoflight!

A: In the parallel dimension in which I exist, social media does not.

It is of low vibrational energy, and pointless. I did try a couple of times to get “hip” to it, but there was no resonance at all.

Q: What would you do with the Cabal if it was up to you to decide? I know in an article you said to forgive them.??

A: It is true, I did say to forgive them. But this does not mean we allow their low vibrational actions to continue.

If I were the one in command of the Alliance, the Cabal’s reign would have ended prior 2012. They played with humanity for over 12,000 years. Their games should have ended long time ago.

Q: Is Jesus from Sirius?

A: He is from the Pleiades. But came to Earth from Venus.

Q: How many locations on Earth have pyramids?

A: This is difficult, to give an exact number. As there are many areas of Earth that have pyramids under water also.

Every continent has pyramids. Each with ten or more locations. Most have been kept hidden or just simply undiscovered by modern man.

Q: What can you tell us about the Bermuda triangle?

A: Well, for one, these islands were part of Atlantis.

Crystals from the Atlantenean times are contained within and at certain locations on the Islands.

There are also pyramids at the bottom of the sea in this particular area.

Q: What activities can i do in order to grow more?

A: We would assume you speak of spiritual growth here?

Well, it isn’t just what you do but also how you are doing it.

Whatever activity you choose to perform, is it being done with pure intent, with joy? Or are you doing it just to “kill time”?

Writing, painting, even cooking for yourself or others. Going for walks, sharing your time with another, and so on.

For my self, I find the most joy when I am being of service to others. I think that is at the top of the list, if not the number one thing on the list for spiritual growth.

Q: So is earths magnetic field going to flip or not?

A: Yes. It is all ready happening. But it is gradual so as not to cause chaos and loss of life. However, this may change in the coming years.

——-Q: will this affect earths surface?

——A: Again, this too is all ready happening. Only on a lesser scale.

The water levels may rise some more as the ice continues to melt in the North and South Pole. The Earth needs this water to cleanse herself. Just as we do.


20 Replies to “Q & A with KejRaj: Origins, Currency, Spiritual Gifts”

  1. Dorrian Turk

    Good morning,

    Thank you for your perspective. I usually do not comment but as someone who can easily be Identified as African American in society I felt guided to also give perspective.

    As far the “black” race making claims as the 1st race. I have seen that agenda multiple times. Not by just Afro America, but from people of different backgrounds from different countries. Some have bone evidence in Africa they reference, some have egoic theory. I believe their is no “1st race” if we all descended from the galactics, experiments, and mixing of the root races.

    I am not defending Africans or being “black” because i detest color idenity and generalization based on racial aspects. Ive been seeing those types of thoughts and perspectives used to extremely polarize America into social civil war. (Again)

    I appreciate your expression because It gives me the chance to say honestly. When I see assumptions or generalizations about race I feel it can polarize the spiritual community like how our political system is. (Minorities vs whites) or (saviors vs ignorant)

    I will say that most off these spiritual community groups I have encountered dont offer much diversity. It is HARD to find diverse figures in the groups sometimes. Making it harder to identify with minority communities sometimes. Not always true. Just giving perspective from observation.

    My intent is to keep help seed these types of communities and planetary liberation info in “black/ghetto/hood/rap/hip hop/sports/entertainment cultures. Which is already VERY DARK and HIGHLY manipulated towards destructive habits. Trying to build a bridge between things like that and this. I feel if racial topics could be seen more from a neutral perspective then more unity could engage.

    All in all I am not targeting you to change your ways or defending racial identity. I felt what I felt and expressed it.

    Thank you for all you do


    Dorrian Turk

    1. Kieran

      I sense no dark from peter.He was simply challenging ,the validity of these messages .Not accepting blindly ,everything were told ,does not make us a dark being.

    2. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings to You Dorrian! Thank you for your message. And welcome, if you’re new here.

      I think the whole idea of such claims stems from the mainstream evolution theory about man’s origins being in Africa.

      I am not certain about other websites in the spiritual community, but Era of Light actually has quite a few “african american” readers. Some I have interacted with.

      We also have hundreds of readers from the different countries in Africa as well.

      All the light to you!

  2. Archangel Metatron

    Dear friends,

    Peter(?) is either not human or not on the path of light. Beings like that do not seek answers. On the contrary their only one goal is that nobody else have any answers.

    From the early days of the Internet even before it was called the Internet I met people(?) like this online. They thrive with chaos, they enjoy others’ misery. The reason why they do this is not important, they are dark. Don’t believe even one word they say, they are all lies to distract you from your own path. Faith is a fragile thing, it needs to be protected. Our faith is not to the old religions, our faith is to ourselves and the collective of humans like us. Because we are Gods, we are Angels and nothing can change that. When you encounter beings like this do what you would do to mosquitoes. Their life span is seasonal, they are parasites, they can’t do anything else because they can only do this.

    When they hear these kind of words they get excited and come back for more because they think that they have found a source of misery. Little they know is only thing they will get from us is our pity and forgiveness which are like poison for them.

    Pity and forgiveness, nothing else. No anger, no fight, no frustration. Our complete collective pity and forgiveness.

    When you read their messages, think how much you pity them for not seeing the light and forgive them, send them your light.

    Pity, light and forgiveness to all the dark ones.

    AA Metatron

  3. Doug James

    All questions and answers I feel are beneficial. We all know something grand is coming. Many expected the solar flash to happen March 2018. Many qhht sessions pointed to this date. These were coming from higher selves so they shld know but the disclaimer is time isnt real and the situation is fluid. KayRy has been very upfront all truths reside inside us nobody knows the exact date of the flash but anecdotal evidence like schuman resonance, chaos etc do point to it happening soon. I had heard 2020 but again who knows we are all a bit frustrated KayRy was clear he is as well wanting to see definitive changes all can see. Let’s face it we cant awaken people with words programming is too strong. My own siblings wont discuss mandela effect even when I present obvious examples they know have changed I get no replies. They are in denial as this fake 3D matrix is all they know and are afraid to let their ego down and consider they have been wrong about it all.

    KejRaj love this era of light site. Only Source knows when the solar flash will be triggered but as long as we all know it will be.. relax enjoy life now serve others be kind be grateful and stay out of fear.

    Victory of the Light!



  5. R-Dee

    The questions are interesting and the answers are clear and resonate with me very much.

    I am thankful to KejRaj for this blog. Much Love.

  6. 17ncav


    Thank you very much for providing an opportunity for us to have our questions answered. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

    I am so grateful to have found “Era of Light”, this site is #1 for me.


  7. Peter

    I disagree. The perspectives being presented by KejRaj for a long time has just been a lot of guess work. His track record does not suggest his discernment skills are anything other than average.

    It is interesting that he believes himself to have the authority to answer questions like these.

    Disregard these answers or view them as pure entertainment, not something coming from a spiritually more evolved person.

    That is what these self-proclaimed gurus want you to believe.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Peter!

      Perhaps you are a new follower or reader od this blog. For I have countless times stated I am no more than any other. I never claimed to be a guru or gave myself other titles. Also, in every article I write I state at the top that the information expressed is that of my perspective. And I think everyone that reads this page is aware of this. Perhaps your comment is unnecessary, and should be disregarded or labeled as spam?

      1. Peter

        Greetings KejRaj!

        A lot of assumptions in your reply, do you want me to point out all the times when your perspective have been way off?

        I can do that because I have been around for quite some time. I just wanted to point out to your readers to take everything you say with a grain of salt.

        Having a disclaimer does not mean your perspective is valid, it only means you have an excuse when it does not turn out the way you said it would.

        I stand by my post KejRaj, go back and read all your posts and then ask yourself with total honesty if you really have the discernment skills to guide anyone else.


      1. Michael

        Thank You for your comment AA. You made me laugh and I could feel the Love. Big smile to you and of course Love sent to Peter.
        Peace to all.

        1. Peter

          Thank you for sending me love AA Metatron and Michael!

          I am not afraid to stand up against empty promises and big spiritual egos, just like you did the other day when complaining about the lack of anything manifesting.

          Close your eyes AA Metatron and ask your guides again if I am dark or if I am providing a perspective many are avoiding to address because of fear.


      2. Peter

        That is btw a very judgmental reply only meant to ridicule me.

        The spiritual community is full of people claiming to be archangels, reincarnations of Jesus or some other historically significant person. It does not matter what spiritual path you take, you will meet them, desperately claiming to be significant as individuals.

        This kind of identification is based in separation, in wanting to be a little bit better than everyone else.

        What is your real name AA Metatron? And why don’t you reply to the things I’m addressing instead of claiming I am representative the dark?




  8. Mark

    A minister friend a few years back said that the greatest service one can give is to genuinely be who you are and share your gifts. Service to others is but one way to share, not the ultimate way. All ways are the perfect way.

  9. Archangel Metatron

    Good questions and even better answers!

    One difference I will make is the prediction about 2025. My deadline is 2023. It is related the number of the Source 27. You can read more on that here http://bit.ly/aware27

    My kind thanks to Kejraj for his love energy poured into his work.

    AA Metatron