Isis: Feminine Power Returns

goddess isis eraoflightdotcomOh my sisters, it is now that we rise from the ashes and take back our greatness. Our feminine goddess powers that we spread around the world in the pieces of soul we left behind. In the masculine unbalanced struggles, where we had to forget our feminine subtle, force and pick up the masculine warriors in us, to survive.

But sisters, the time is at hand when feminine power returns, returns to earth and we goddesses regain our loving power and strength, in the tender, in the great feminine stillness, and powerful creation.

Now is the time to release the masks and veils of what we have never been and again ascend to our feminine beauty and greatness, to our goddess-self.

And from here let the children of the masculine again rest in our secure arms, where they finally get the chance to take back their powers and restore the masculine balance to the earth.

There is a reason why the feminine force is leading the ascent on earth, it is this that is meant to help the masculine force to once again attain its greatness.

And in the final dance between the masculine and the feminine, together we will lead humanity and the earth home.

With all my divine love, my sisters, call yourselves again, through the pure voice of your heart and see you again born as the goddess you are and always have been.

With my hand outstretched, I take your hand in mine, my goddess sister, I am here for you.

/ Isis.

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» Source » Channel: Angel Skog